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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Liberalism's Death Narrative for Western Civilization

There are no easy answers to suicide, to understanding why someone chooses to take his own life. It is even more difficult to understand mass suicide, or the collective action of entire societies and civilizations marching like lemmings off the cliff and leaping down to shatter on the rocks of barbarism below.

Yet there may be one element at the heart of the problem, liberalism.

For decades the academic, religious and political elites of Israel, Europe and America have done their best to convince the citizens of their countries that they are the problem, that their greed, their warmongering and their very lives are a boot on the back of the oppressed peoples of the third world.

Environmentalism was the final nail in the coffin as the leftist ideologies now proclaimed that not only was our very existence oppressing the third world, but even the planet itself. Everything we do from buying a new telephone to driving to work to opening up a can of soda is a scar on the earth, a death warrant for an African baby and another rung down the ladder for a nearly extinct species.

What the left was really doing was convincing the people of civilized nations that they had no right to exist.

It was a process that the Nazis had perfect, but where they had directed their death drive outward, the left directed it inward as a weapon against the survival of the so-called capitalist first world nations, whether in the service of social revolution or a Soviet takeover. The Soviet Union is gone and revolution is a long shot but the weapon is only picking up speed and its ultimate aim is the death of the civilized world by mass suicide.

It is not a mass suicide that consists of people leaping off buildings or drinking poison inside their apartments. It is instead slower and more insidious. You can see its mark in the falling birth rates, in the vanishing towns of Europe, in dispirited national morale and rising rates of third world immigration. They all carry the smell of death as much as the burning pyres of corpses from the Black Plague ever did.

The stench of liberalism's death narrative for civilization is everywhere, in its academic texts, its books, plays and films, its music and its politics. Stripped of the layers of outrage and fuzzy goodwill, beneath liberalism lies the abyss.

The life of a civilization rests in its own self-image and liberalism has turned that self-image into a grinning skull. It is little wonder that the civilized countries are slowly destroying themselves having been convinced that they have no right to exist.

All the values that civilization needs to survive have been upended. Survival has been transformed into murder, self-defense into fascism, freedom into tyranny and pride into hate. Liberalism's death narrative has tainted the basic values of civilization labeling them all poisonous and instead exchanging them with candy coated sweets that are fatally poisonous.

Understanding this is the key to resisting it by understanding the message we must broadcast in its place. Liberalism broadcasts a call to death, the nullification of life, euthanasia for civilizations past their prime, abortion for those just being born. We must broadcast a call to life and vigor, to reclaim the values that allow a civilization to live and reject liberalism's tainted politically correct replacements.

From national self-defense to patriotism to broadening our frontiers to gaining confidence in our destiny to self-reliance and self-determination over bureaucracy, socialism and globalism, these are the values we must reclaim to not only defeat terrorism and liberalism, but to gain a future that is on the verge of slipping away.


  1. Tanakh says, "can two walk together unless they be agreed?".
    The western nations all have a common thing: two nations existing in one place. Two minds in one house, or in one womb..they cannot co-exist for long.

    America, Europe and Israel are experiencing this now with those who do not belong coming to the forefront for now.

  2. when i wonder if there is one healthy mind left in the world, i turn to this blog.

    always cuts right to the heart of the matter.


  3. I don't know that there can be such a thing as a healthy mind in a sick culture, but I try to do my part

    thank you for reading

  4. Anonymous6/10/08

    I remember when COMMON SENSE was the rule and everything outside of it rejected or at least considered with careful examination. Today you turn into a bigot to hold onto values that prevailed throughout time.

  5. Anonymous7/10/08

    Agreed! Call to life and vigor...so important in this day and age. This is where faith comes into action.
    Thanks for a great piece.



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