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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Russian Gov Appointed Muslim and Russian Orthodox Clerics Call for Jihad against the West

The heads of Russian government appointed religious organizations, the State's official Russian Orthodox dioceses and the Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate are ramping up the campaign against the West.

First Talgat Tadzhuddin, head of the Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate, a Communist era appointee loyal to Putin, called for a mutual Russian-Orthodox Muslim Jihad against the West.

A prominent Muslim preacher in Russia, Talgat Tadzhuddin, calling themselves the Supreme mufti of Russia, on Friday called on Muslims and Orthodox "to come together in a single-orthodox Islamic jihad against the empire of Satan", which in his opinion, is the United States.

Believes Tadzhuddin, anti-Western position of Russia, expressed in the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, leading to an early loss of American influence in the international arena than "Muslims should take advantage of all countries."

"Now, in alliance with Moscow, we have all the chances to repay for all the suffering that the Americans have brought the Islamic world,"

Keep in mind against that Talgat Tadzhuddin is not just some Imam mouthing off, he's a government appointee, much like those in Saudi Arabia. The Russian government may occasionally disclaim what he says for political reasons, such as his call for war against the USA over Iraq in 2003, but he's following the covert agenda of the Russian government in everything that he says.

This mutual religious Jihad against the West of course reflects the ongoing Russian government policy of arming and training Muslim terrorists and regimes in order to destroy Western allied governments, particularly in the Middle East. Naturally the Russian-Muslim alliance is cynical on both sides, as Russia is actively engaged in suppressing a Muslim insurgency in Chechnya with its own "loyal" Muslim units, not to mention its backing of the Armenians in Nagorny Karabakh, and any Muslim alliance with Russia is just as duplicitous.

But the push for integrating a religious component into this alliance marks another front in the ideological war.

The government controlled Russian Orthodox establishment meanwhile is continuing its usual Jihad against the West

Deputy Head of Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Protopresbyter Vsevolod Chaplin on Friday called on Russian authorities to strictly uphold the particular path of development and Russia to build military power.

"We need to be strong, including militarily, have the will and ability to stop any encroachment on our way of life, our interests in the world, our ability to influence the processes taking place in the world" - quoted the cleric newspaper Izvestia.

In his opinion, Russia should "offer its own path of historical development" and also the surrounding peoples.

Chaplin not explained what the specifics of this road, but expressed the view that the path of Western civilization - is "a vector, leading to nowhere."

All of this is the usual party line. Now if you're wondering what External Church Relations involve, the Russian Orthodox Church has been engaged in a longstanding campaign to root out Baptists and Pentecostal Christians, groups that were traditionally illegal in Russia, not to mention new groups such as Mormons and Mennonites, along with the usual antisemitism that includes the traditional claims about Jews drinking blood.

Behind this is the Russian government's drive to centralize religious expression in Russia under its own government controlled religious agencies. As part of this agenda, comes the persecution of non-Russian Orthodox Christians and their delegitimization as Western cults and foreign spies.

The Serbsky Institute, a traditional government facility used to delegitize, imprison and torture dissidents, has joined in as well, as I wrote a week ago, in defining non-Russian Orthodox denominations as agents of a foreign conspiracy.

Moscow’s Serbsky Institute, notorious in Soviet times for its criminal use of psychiatry and drugs against dissidents, is now playing an important role in the Russian government’s efforts to combat the spread of religious sects.

Tula oblast Deputy Governor Nikolai Kalinin opened the conference by observing that „the activity of destructive sets has not been taken under control by either the traditional culture-forming religions or by state structures.” And he suggested that it was time for the two to work together to counter this threat.

The main address to the meeting, which was hosted by the local health department and the St. John Society of Orthodox Doctors, was given by the Serbsky Institute’s Professor Fedor Kondratyev. His comments, summed up by the paper, deserve attention because of the light they shed on how Moscow may approach what it clearly sees as the sectarian challenge.

Kondratyev said that the influx of sectarian activists into Russia from abroad increased dramatically in the 1990s, but he argued that the purposes of this influx had not changed:

„This is one of the most effective measures of the struggle of the West against the powerful Russian state. Hitler already wrote that there ought to be a sect in every Siberian village in order that Slavs not have any spiritual unity.”

Some of the sects in Russia today are „camouflaged” as Christian while others are openly „satanist,” he added. But both, he suggested „are directed against the state, society, the family, and the personality.”

Stenyaev said that in Tula oblast the sectarian threat now includes hundreds if not thousands of people in four communities of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 12 communities of Pentecostals, and a variety of smaller religious groups, ranging from Mormons to the Roma to representatives of Oriental religions. Perhaps significantly, he did not mention the Wahhabis or any other Muslim groups.

Significantly of course because Muslim groups in Russia are already government controlled and therefore legitimate.

The Putin regime is centralizing religion under government control. Those religions not under government control are by definition "spies" and "foreign agents", just as they were under the USSR.

(That centralization has reached the Jewish community with a quiet campaign of intimidation and takeover of Russia's and Eastern Europe's Jewish institutions by a Chabad backed group led by Rabbi Berel Lazar.)

Putin's KGB run oligarchy is of course no more religious than Stalin's was, but exploits government controlled religious institutions to support the government and spread hate against the enemies of Russia. A telling sign is the Arctic mission that marks attempts to seize a chunk of the Canadian arctic being accompanied by an Archbishop who delivered the following remark.

This is yet another evidence of favorable cooperation of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Army. There was a time when Russian Orthodoxy, Russian priests blessed warriors for the battle for faith, their people and Motherland. And now, Russian warriors help our priests to reach almost inaccessible locations to bring the word of God "to the end of the world".

All this is significant in the general sense because the integration of religion and nationalism is an explosive mixture, as Islamism has shown us, with a state controlled Church blessing Putin's expansionism, leading a campaign against non-Orthodox Christians in Russia and the West in general, not to mention of course Georgia and Eastern Europe.

It is however also significant in the local sense as Russia's increasingly threatening posture toward Ukraine combined with its use of Clerics to conduct Russian government propaganda, sets the stage for another split in the Russian Orthodox church, many of whose parishes are actually based in the Ukraine.

The fusion of religion and state with expansionist aims in Russia is itself a powder keg, as the Putin regime attempts to fill the ideological void left by Communism with a State Controlled Church.


  1. wow dig the crazy hats on those dudes!

    Well you can't have a church , synagogue or mosque in Russia unless the secret police are your clergymen. Thats just how it is.

    So Jew, Muslim, Christian in Russia? All of them are Commie bad guys.

  2. Marcel, your comment has yet to be published. But as I an admin on sultan knish and can see it before its published I just want to add my two cents to you now.

    For a "christian" man who loves to preach your religion you seem not to have learnt that you should not call someone "fool" or "worthless" as the penalty is very awful.
    Your opinions would be taken with more respect if they were themselves more respectful and kind.
    They are , however, self righteous and sanctimonious.
    And since no one moderates my comments, I am happy to have my say to you.

  3. Anonymous8/9/08


    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have been speaking about Islam and it's dangers to the western world for years now. I feel it is important to wake people up to the reality of what is going on and the dangers of the Islamic and Russian world.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. thank you, people do need to wake up before the balance of power shifts irreversibly

  5. Anonymous8/9/08

    Doesn't it remind you of the pact the Russians signed with the nazis (imach shmam) to avert an attack? And what was the end?
    Feeding the crocodile won't help them let's hope they will be eaten first.

  6. Anonymous8/9/08

    With all the warnings, like those consistently published by Sultan, the world is in a coma and won't wake up until its way too late. A pickle we are in. At any rate, keep up the excellent articles Sultan. (Good job Lemon)

  7. the world may not, but if individuals do, that is already a lot

  8. So priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into the Kremlin, and...

  9. Anonymous8/9/08

    For Putin et al to form links to radical Islam is beyond insane. I mean they are fighting each other in Chtchnia, so how can they make friends in Moscow? It is like your story several months ago about feeding the wild animals until you yourself are eatten.

    B. Franklin said it best, united we stand and divided we fall. The only hope of defending civilization is for all non-Muslims to stand together.

  10. Anonymous8/9/08

    Your issue concerning the Chabad Rabbi is interesting. I would suspect that Putin will get rid of him at an opportune time. Must likely the payoff for the Rabbi friendship will be to allow the true Jews to emigrate from those areas under Russian control. Perhaps that is why the Rabbi seems to be doing Putin’s bidding. It is possible but unlikely that the Rabbi would want to subject Jews to another iron curtain. I mean that would be against everything that Chabad stands for. (Maybe that is part of the Prophesied in-gathering?)

  11. Russia was backing Arab and Islamic terrorist groups for a while, so not too surprising and a war on one front and an alliance on another isn't all that unusual either, so long as it's not with the same people

    as for Chabad, yes I'm sure there's a schedule for being taken care of, for now it's part of building influence and maintaining control

    the KGB also tended to front clergy who were 'blackmailable'. I have no idea if that's the case here.

  12. While America is busy with the upcoming election, Russia is rising. And now this unholy alliance!

  13. I can't stop giggling at the hats in the top photo.
    Those guys look like elaborate cookie jars. Too funny and even more hysterical is that they take themselves seriously while wearing those ridiculous get ups.

    Is it me or does Putin's tie seem to always have a life of it's own.

  14. For the longest time I had no idea that the Russian Orthodox Church was a state church, so I was quite suspicious when Putin (?) suddendly allowed the church to bury the bodies of the Czar and his murdered family.

    That seemed to warm him to a lot of Russian Orthodox at the time, which I thought suspicious. After decades he suddenly decides to allow the murdered family a proper burial.

    I'd be suspicious now of anything Putin allows in the name of religion. I wouldn't trust him.

    If Russia is allowing more Jews to make aliyah I'd also be suspicious. He's just trying to endear himself to Israel the way Gaydamak did (and for a while I thought he was the good guy genuinely trying to help the kids in Sderot with respites and tent cities).

    Maybe I've heard too many homilies in my lifetime about the evils of Russia, Communisim (the whole evil north country thing) but this new alliance and atheist Russia being open to religion is suspicious as hell.

    If Jews have an opportunity to get out of there they should before Putin drops the other shoe on them.

  15. The Russian royal family was not buried after decades though. They were only comparatively recently found. As soon as they were found and forensics performed, which of necessity took time to confirm who the bodies might be, they were buried in formal Orthodox services.
    This was at the time of Boris Yeltzin, not Putin.
    That was July 1998.
    Yeltzin attended the ceremonies in what he called an act of national repentance.

  16. Putin is trying to lure back jews who emigrated to Israel, at the same time sending alone an emigration that includes a hefty chunk of compromised people and agents

    Putin's people are positioning him as a new czar in image at least

  17. Davod2/9/11

    I wonder how our (US) reset intelligence agencies are analyzing this.



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