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Home Liberalism Threatens the Rights of Women and Minorities

Liberalism Threatens the Rights of Women and Minorities

It's an ugly reality, but it is a fact. In European nations, Australia, Israel and soon in the United States-- liberalism is the main engine for undermining the rights of women, many ethnic minorities and even gays, the very groups liberals have built their reputation on protecting.

The out of control support for Muslim immigration and Muslim rights continues to endanger everyone else, including Muslim women whose complaints to police about domestic violence have been repeatedly ignored and dismissed in notorious cases in England and Australia and elsewhere as well.

The socialist utopias in waiting that have been built up across the West were meant to promote ideals such as tolerance and co-existence, but today all that means is celebrating the Hijab and police respecting the No Go neighbors populated by Muslims and holding teaching sessions on Muslim customs and of course hiring more Muslim officers who can then tell the battered Muslim women who stop in to go back to their husbands.

It's not exactly what tolerance was supposed to mean, but it is the price of applying tolerance to ideologies rather than people. By making Islam inseparable from Muslims, Western countries wind up paying the price for tolerating Islam by also having to tolerate all the ugly things that Islam brings with it.

You can of course tolerate Islam, but if you do you must also learn to tolerate the rapes, the mutilations, the discrimination against the handicapped, the occasional church and synagogue burning and organized gangs operating out of Mosques. And that's exactly what many judges and police have chosen to do. If tolerance is the watchword, they'll tolerate the hell out of it and that means good luck getting your complaint heard.

When a female executive in London was found battered and half-naked on the sidewalk after being raped by an unlicensed cab driver, the police marched her to a cab and made her pay the fare home. That's the new policing under the new crescent and star where a sizable portion of the population thinks it has a right to kill in the name of Islam and doesn't even view rape as a crime.

It's the same reality that the fortified Jewish synagogues and centers of England live in. It's the same reality that African, Sikh, Indian and other immigrants in England live in, as they find themselves preyed upon by Muslims. While the government and the media insist on trumpeting the virtues of Islam, like Gestapo photographers describing the glories of concentration camp life in Thereisenstadt, a shadow falls over every place where a sizable Muslim population gathers.

Muslim organizations remain adept at co-opting the language of civil rights even as their very agenda destroys the civil rights of everyone else. The same Mosques that politicians invariably visit to apologize for Islamophobia and learn more about Islam, are the very same places that serve as fountainheads for preachers spewing hate, bigotry and incitement to violence against women, Jews and non-Muslims in general.

Muslims have learned that they don't need to build their own countries, they just need to move in to ours and reproduce in sufficent number to take it over. The same Europeans who had trouble believing that most arabs in Israel are actually foreigners who immigrant in the early part of the 20th century, are now catching the live show in their own countries. Not that they should have needed it with the example of Constantinople slash Istanbul right next door. Or Cyprus.

As Muslim populations grow, they begin to naturally act like conquerors and that means imposing their culture, their customs and their law. It means gang rapes in France and Sweden, vandalized Jewish cemeteries in England and shooting attacks in the United States. In short it means war and like all wars the people on the front lines are those who live closest to them and are quite often the minorities that liberalism was supposed to protect.

The Democratic primary in the United States was a symbolic demonstration of what happens when Feminism meets Islamism. The bodies of women lying in hospital beds are far more graphic ones. While liberals still prefer to live in a fantasy world in which the biggest threats to civil rights come from White Christians, Muslims are busy destroying that fairy tale one victim at a time.

The average Muslim has a belief system as hateful and bigoted as the worst Klansman. The difference is that there are a handful of Klansmen and millions of Muslims. And the Muslims aren't being shunned as social lepers.

If a liberal can imagine the consequences of importing hundreds of thousands of white supremacists a year, then all he needs to do is change the color of their skin and some specifics about their ideology to understand what's going on across First World nations and why Islam threatens the civil rights of everyone.


  1. Anonymous4/8/08

    Ref: "female executive in London was found battered":
    Even though I don't agree with the behavior of the police, I don't understand the connection between this case and the rest of the article.

  2. Michele a liberalized society fails to protect it's women as in England now, Sweden, Norway,etc?
    Women are attacked, rapes are up by tremendous numbers because of a liberal attitude toward what has turned out to be, in reality, an enemy population which is being given tolerance and rights above and beyond that of the indigenous population.

    Liberal thinking today is mental illness. No clear, sane, rational thinking society would allow such attacks to go on without stern repercussions.
    In France and England , Sweden and Norway there are "no=go" zones where cars are torched, people killed and police fear to go.
    Normal thinkers do not tolerate this.
    Normal minded people do not allow their female population to be intimidated, murdered, maimed and tortured for sexually perverted ideas or raped with impunity.

    I am sure the woman is happy you don't agree with the police's behavior but this is the behavior of todays leftist liberals who bend over backward to aid those who would destroy them from within.

  3. Given time and increasing power this sort of outrage will become increasingly common. Surely but slowly Sharia Law will seep into American culture to some degree or another--Because we will tolerate it.

  4. Anonymous4/8/08

    I agree that today's Muslims are disliked by everybody. The media comments after observing the Muslim people and I felt the same after reading this article that it was wrote keeping the Muslim people in mind. But if you stop observing the Muslim people and if you concentrate on the books of Islam, I am sure that you will have different thought. Hope this note may help you as a different source to think.

  5. to avoid confusing, note that the above Sultan is not me

    as for looking at the holy books of Islam, first of all a belief systen is looked at in practice not in theory

    second of all everything discussed in the article is found in the muslim holy books, whether in the koran or hadith

  6. So the police weren't able to tell she was raped? What? They were retards? How many active brain cells does it take to recognise a rape victim? .000005? or less?

  7. Anonymous4/8/08

    SK-Glad you clarified your point.
    I can not understand why the feminist and minorities are so silent-they think they are exempt?

  8. I agree that Islamism is a problem in Europe. I agree that liberalism has tolerated it, and needs to stop.

    I agree absolutely that "Muslim women whose complaints to police about domestic violence have been repeatedly ignored and dismissed in notorious cases in England and Australia and elsewhere as well."

    However, I agree with Michelle about the rape story you link to. I don't see how the rape of this woman or the atrocious police response has anything to do with liberalism or Islam.

    This incident, unless I'm missing something, has nothing to do with the topic of the rest of the post, and only adds to the sense of paranoia that the post has the danger of tipping towards.

    The police and criminal justice system in the UK have never dealt well with rape. Often, the presumption has been that the woman was involved in consensual sex, especially if she was drunk, or that she was inventing the charges. Very few rapes were prosecuted. In recent years, precisely because of liberalism, the police have become better and better at dealing with rape, responding to victims more sensitively, taking accusations more seriously.

    I repeat: this has nothing to do with Islam.

    As for the rest of your claims, I cannot comment on the rest of Europe, as I have not travelled too much in Holland or France in recent years. But I know England well. There are very, very few, if any "no go areas". In the de-industrialised North of England, there are a tiny number of neighbourhoods where Muslim people are the overwhelming majority, but to say these are "no go areas" is massive exaggeration.

    How many instances can you point to of Muslim officers telling women to go back to their husbands? I think this almost never happens, if at all. The number of Muslim officers is still tiny, and most Muslim police are very assimilated; if there are Islamist police in the UK, I doubt they are in triple, or even double, figures.

    Our shuls have been barricaded as long as I can remember: the town I grew up in had a negligible Muslim population, but in the 1980s we had heavy security due to far right attacks.

    Muslims don't act like conquerers anywhere in the UK. In parts of East London, teenage boys throw their weight around, as Italian or whatever ethnicity boys do in urban areas, and it is true that they are the targets of Islamist radicalisation, but this is a far cry from acting like conquerers.

    Have a sense of proportion!

  9. England isn't really suffering from a no go area problem yet the way that France is, but that's a matter of population which itself is only a matter of time. I don't recall the post however discussing No Go areas in England.

    There have been a number of news stories on Muslim offers blocking aid for abused women, e.g.


  10. Anonymous12/8/08

    Is it only liberalism in the West that threatens women? Because I suspect the women in Saudi Arabia (and elsewhere in the region) could do with a bit more liberalism, rather than less. The men too, for that matter. Especially guest workers from places like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who are exploited on a daily basis. Aren't conservative (reactionary) regimes in these countries keeping these people down?

  11. I was speaking of the West, but a liberal regime in Saudi Arabia would promptly be replaced by one even worse than the current

  12. Sultan,

    I've stumbled across this article, and couldn't help but notice how Bob's comment from above is being 'put into proportion' a couple of years later.
    Whenever someone identifies a social trend, the first (and easiest) reaction is to deny it and tell him to calm down.
    Until the house start burning down, and then sometimes it's too late to reverse the course.

    As for the rape story, the code words 'Unlicensed Cab Driver' speak louder than any mention of the ethnicity of the rapist, or if he even was a cab driver.

  13. Ragnar Danneskjold14/10/13

    Mr./Ms. Lemon, your explanation has been succinctly made in Robert Frost's quote,
    “A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.”

    Cheers, Ragnar D.


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