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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Draft Dodging Traitor Pat Buchanan Accuses McCain of Treason

Pat Buchanan continues to exemplify a race to the very bottom, allying with a racist cult to seize power at the Reform Party, heading up a Magazine funded by a racist and convicted drug smuggler and now penning a column accusing John McCain's adviser of treason and by extension McCain himself of treason for supporting Georgia. The column is titled "None Dare Call it Treason".

This is beneath contempt from Pat Buchanan who as I've demonstrated earlier has spent years agitating on behalf of Russia and arguing that Putin should be able to invade any country he likes.

Georgia is not an enemy of the United States. Putin's Russia is. If anyone is a traitor it's Pat Buchanan.

For the man who takes the side of Nazi Germany over England and America, the side of Saddam over America, the side of Russia over America to open up his vile yap and accuse McCain's campaign of treason is beyond despicable.

McCain served in Vietnam. Pat Buchanan dodged the draft by claiming to have Arthritis at the tender age of 22. This hasn't stopped Buchanan from ranting year after year about spilling blood and the cost of war, as if he had any experience on the battlefield. But accusing the campaign of a genuine patriot and POW who actually served his country of treason and double loyalties, while Paddy couldn't go because his feet hurt, is a new low even for the Hitler loving Buchanan.

The man who called Adolf Hitler a "Soldier's Soldier" and penned the following sentence in an article entitled Get Out of Putin's Face...

But if we wish to befriend Russia—and America has no more vital interest —we must try to see the world as Putin sees it.

...does not get to call anyone else a traitor. He simply does not. If he had any shred of decency beneath that facade of arrogant smugness, he would keep his mouth shut, yet the worst traitors are those who go around accusing everyone else of treason.

Benedict Arnold justified himself by calling George Washington a traitor for not negotiating with the British and coming to a reasonable compromise with the British before the "mighty and unstoppable" British army destroyed the American cause.

Lindbergh went around calling everyone who wanted to stop Hitler a traitor and accusing them of dual loyalties, even as he himself kept a second family in Germany.

Pat Buchanan has profited from their example. A draft dodger accusing a veteran of the Hanoi Hilton of treason is beyond and beneath contempt.

While John McCain was serving in Vietnam, Pat Buchanan had successfully dodged the draft and was living the easy college life.

When the Gulf War came around, Pat Buchanan accused Jews of sending off others to die while not serving. Jews have always served with distinction in the United States Armed Forces, Pat Buchanan never has.

Now Buchanan is ranting that McCain is controlled via his adviser by Georgia and is bent on sending off "our sons" to die for Georgia. Who exactly is our sons? Pat Buchanan has no children and will never have any children, as can be guessed from his "arthritis", Reiter's syndrome which is linked to a specific type of behavior that often involves hand signals under bathroom stalls.

John McCain's son meanwhile is serving in Iraq. It would be McCain's son at risk in any war, not Buchanan's.

Pat Buchanan's despicable rhetoric is typical of the sort of coward who refuses to serve his country but hurls dirt on those who do. Pat Buchanan has reinvented himself as an anti-war activist and in doing so passes up no chance to smear America in the service of America's enemies, like Vladimir Putin.

When it comes to Russia, Pat Buchanan shows his yellow belly, whining...

What does McCain think we would accomplish – other than a new parading of our moral superiority – by so public an insult to Putin and Russia as a Bush boycott of the St. Petersburg summit? Do we not have enough trouble in this world, do we not have enough people hating us and Bush that we have to get into Putin's face and antagonize the largest nation on earth and a co-equal nuclear power?

When it comes to bashing America though, Pat Buchanan, like every anti-war scoundrel finds his courage

What Ron Paul was addressing was the question of what turned the allies we aided into haters of the United States. Was it the fact that they discovered we have freedom of speech or separation of church and state? Do they hate us because of who we are? Or do they hate us because of what we do?

Osama bin Laden in his declaration of war in the 1990s said it was U.S. troops on the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia, U.S. bombing and sanctions of a crushed Iraqi people, and U.S. support of Israel's persecution of the Palestinians that were the reasons he and his mujahideen were declaring war on us.

But of course when Pat Buchanan advances Osama Bin Laden's argument or calls him an ally, that isn't "treason". But McCain supporting Georgia's right to exist is.

Nor is it treason when Buchanan calls Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "pardon" of the British sailors he kidnapped "magnanimous"

The Easter pardon by Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the 15 British sailors and Marines, seized by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in waters off the Iraqi coast two weeks ago, ends the crisis. And as the beaming smile of President Ahmadinejad while he graciously accepted apologies from the sailors and Marines testifies, there is no doubt as to who won the showdown.

What was that line about treason again? Buchanan exemplifies it time and time again, celebrating America's enemies and denouncing America and yet having the unbelievable gall to pen an article accusing the McCain campaign of treason. Par for the course for a draft dodger turned hawk turned anti-war activist and going from the men's room stalls to a "family values" campaign or a man who assaulted a police officer lecturing on law and order.

The problem is not that Pat Buchanan is contemptible. He has done and said enough things to hang himself metaphorically a dozen times over. The problem is that he continues to be featured at such conservative outlets as Town Hall and Human Events and on FOX News and in the media which insists on treating a man currently hawking a book arguing against WW2 as some sort of credible voice in the media, when he belongs and is right up there with David Irving and Hutton Gibson.

Pat Buchanan is treason manifest, not simply treason to country, but treason to any and every ideal and idea whose bandwagon he clambered on the back off, only to leap off again when his self-interest kicked in. His own background in the media gives him a free pass from the media which practices the Long White Line of Silence when it comes to offenses and misdemeanors of his own. And too many conservatives are willing to do the same. No matter how many lines Buchanan crosses there will always be a warm spot reserved for him.


  1. Buchanan is shameless.

    He's not fit to lick McCain's boots.


    Shavua tov, Sultan :)

  2. no he's not, and shavua tov

  3. Well good post. It is all too true.

  4. Anonymous24/8/08

    Pat Pukecannon is the Right's Al Sharpton.



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