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British Diplomatic Perfidy in Hebron in Support of ArabTerrorism

The British press has been widely trumpeting a "settler attacked on a car full of British diplomats" as another example of "brutal settler violence". Reading sentences such as that you might get the impression that settlers had launched some sort of missiles or opened fire or done something. The reality of what actually happened is much uglier, for the British Foreign Office.

The British Foreign Office funds left wing and pro-terrorist Israeli groups which work to disrupt checkpoints, aid terrorists and harass Jewish residents living in Israel. The British Foreign Office also uses diplomatic vehicles which are not subject to inspection to smuggle their pet activists past Israeli checkpoints into areas where they can stage protests and disruptions and network with their terrorist allies.

The "Settler Attack" involved a number of Jewish Hebron residents who had grown sick of this to try and block an armored car containing British diplomats and their left wing activists in protest against the British Foreign Office's actions.

The "Settler Attack" and now I'll quote from the Times smear article itself, consisted of the following.
The diplomats, who were traveling in an armoured car, were trying to leave the city through the large settlement of Kiryat Arba, close to the city centre, when a settler’s car pulled in front of them, blocking their way, a British diplomatic source told The Times.

A “well known settler trouble-maker” then jumped out and started kicking the vehicle, the source said. The British diplomats reversed and tried to leave the scene, but the settler jumped in his car and again pulled in front of them and started thumping and kicking the vehicle. Another group of settlers refused to open the gates to Kiryat Arba to prevent the British vehicle from entering.
So in essence the "Settler violence" consisted of one man kicking an armored car and several others who refused to open the gates for it. As "violence" goes, this ranks on the scale of minor irritation. If the British senior diplomats in the car would like to see some violence, they might try being a Jewish resident of Hebron or any majority Muslim territory who face daily murder attempts by the BFO's "poor persecuted" Palestinian Arabs.

(The Times of course can't be bothered to get the man's name, though he's actually a major figure, let alone interview him or anyone on the other side of the story.) 

In the Times article there are open admissions that the "Senior Diplomats" were ferrying left wing activists past Israeli checkpoints and that the British Foreign Office funds anti-Israel and pro-Terrorist left wing activists across Israel in the first place.

The attack came as British officials were being given a tour by Breaking the Silence, a British-funded organisation led by former Israeli soldiers who have served in the city – home to the tombs of several Biblical patriarchs – and who have become angered by the violence of the settlers.

Israeli human rights groups who monitor Hebron warn that settler violence has been increasing in recent weeks, partly as a result of the chaos within the Israeli government and partly because one of the Israeli human rights groups, B’Tselem – which also receives British Foreign Office funding – has distributed around 100 video cameras to Palestinians to document the violence, mainly by settlers but also by the Israeli security forces.
Filtering out the usual propaganda that casts Israel as evil and the Arabs as innocent victims, we have open admissions that the British Foreign Office is funding anti-Israel groups that do their best to undermine Israeli security, harass Israeli soldiers and agitate against security measures that prevent real violence, the sort of violence that leaves buses filled with Jews torn and shredded into bloody pieces that volunteers spend hours collecting for burial, not a lone man kicking an armored car.

Is it any wonder that Jewish residents of Hebron are outraged at the tactics of the British Foreign Office? If Israel was funding Pro-IRA groups in England, I'm sure the British Foreign Office would have something to say about it. If Israeli diplomatic vehicles in the UK were used to ferry anti-government protesters past security, I'm sure the British Foreign Office would take appropriate action.

The British diplomatic interference in Israeli politics is outrageous, all the more so when that interference is aimed at undermining Israel's ability to stop terrorism and at ethnically cleansing Jewish residents, both of which are the goals of B'Tselem.

Every time checkpoints go down, terrorism increases. The British Foreign Office's funding of left wing groups with the goal of dismantling Israeli security is nothing more than the murder of Jews by proxy. That is the naked truth.

The Foreign Office has no place in funding anti-government activity in a democratic country and if it insists on acting as if Israel is one of its colonies, the day may come when its diplomats face more in protest than a man kicking impotently at an armored car.

The real story is not "Settler Violence" but the perfidy of the Senior diplomats at the British Foreign Office, who have abused diplomatic privileges and are conducting a covert war within Israel against the Israeli army and the people it protects.


  1. well, Britain is riding the back of a beast right now , the EU.
    And before long will end up inside and dying.
    None of this goes unrewarded.

  2. Anonymous12/8/08

    The actions of my government bring shame upon the whole country. Unsurprising because the Foreign Office has been trying to undo the Balfour Declaration ever since it was made.

  3. I give England 10 years. The EU will have done it's devastation by then.

    I think the US will fall by then too. Especially if the evil muzlim gets in the white house (and changes it's colour and the flag that flies by it.)

  4. well these same tactics are and will be used against england and america too

  5. From a concerned gentile:

    If the Zionists are really serious about saving modern Israel, then they should perhaps take a page from the early days of the Haganah. Modern warfare almost certainly dictates a 5th column, anyway. When something isn't working (the Knesset), scrape it for something that does.

    Forget the British. At crunch time, they always seem to lean in the Arab Palestinian's favor. With friends like them, who needs enemies?

    Israel needs a charismatic leader, one who reflects, and projects the true soul of the Jew. To get such a leader, he must be selected, preferably by age ten, and nurtured to become a man of destiny, Israel's destiny. The Zionists must be prepared to stand with him in the battle ahead.

    Is such a scenario possible? Who knows? But if Israel continues to let itself become a pawn in the Arabist's game, then the last chance at a piece of real estate for the Jews in the foreseeable future slips away.

    I have no dog in this fight, but would just like to see the Israelites prevail, mainly because somewhere deep inside the Chosen People, the soul of the world resides, waiting to manifest.

  6. I just read the entire Times "article" if it can even be called that--more propoganda than even the most liberal of editorials. Not a single quote. And attributing the trouble making settler remark without citing the source...irresponsible. That really bugs me.

    Not a single diplomat or "settler" identified by name.

    You nailed it right on the head. Britian is funding a covert war.

    I'm sure along with the cameras the organization provided editing equipment and instructions.

  7. How about the constant attacks on Jews in Hebron by blood-thirsty Arabs? But who cares about that? Let's hear some real news like Paris Hiltion's presidential spoofs.

    There will be no remnant of Edom left.

  8. Funny, I had lunch with one of the diplomats in the car a few days later. He, and the three others, paid so I enjoyed the meal.

  9. And that's after being declared a persona non grata on embassy grounds. See here


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