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Socialism and Anti-Semitism

Can you name the country where the government controlled media repeatedly spreads antisemitic invective and cites The Protocols of the Elder of Zion? A country where a third of the Jewish population has emigrated and the exodus continues? A country whose governments carries out raids against Synagogues for "subversive activity" and whose advisers accuse Jews of plotting to take over the country?

Finally a country whose government or rather dictatorship is widely supported by liberals in the United States and Europe.

No it's not located in the Middle East, but in South America. The country of course is Venezuela and like the antisemitic agenda of their fellow Marxist Sandinistas, Hugo Chavez's "Jewish Problem" demonstrates that leftist antisemitism has very little to do with the existence of Israel or any so-called oppression of the Palestinian Arabs.

The Marxist and leftist hatred for Jews long predates the modern State of Israel. In fact it goes back to Marx himself, who despite having Jewish ancestry, hated Jews all the more.

When Marx wrote, "Money is the jealous god of Israel, beside which no other god may exist... The Jew has emancipated himself in a Jewish manner, not only because he has acquired financial power, but also because, through him and also apart from him, money has become a world power and the practical Jewish spirit has become the practical spirit of the Christian nations. The Jews have emancipated themselves insofar as the Christians have become Jews", he was setting forth the antisemitic viewpoint of Marxism that continues to this day.

This is the sort of rabid antisemitic ravings most people would expect to see in a copy of Mein Kampf, but Marxism and National Socialism are two faces of the same coin and Marx and Hitler were both conceiving of a new vision for Germany. One that demonized the Jews as evil bankers and hoarders, obstacles to a true socialist or national socialist state.

When Chavez speaks about Jews, he reflects the same Marxist stereotype and obsession with the Jews as the financial rulers of the world or in particular Venezuela; "The world has enough for everybody, but it happened that some minorities—the descendants of those who crucified Christ... took possession of the riches of the world."

Declaiming against Jewish wealth is of course an old stereotype, but takes on a particular meaning for socialists whose goal is the expropriation of wealth and property into the hands of a socialist state.

To socialists, Jewish success and ability is our original sin. Where liberals claim to be motivated by a desire to bring equality by removing social discrimination, the reality is that this is never meant to actually work. Discrimination is meant to be an endless treadmill, escape from which can only be achieved through socialism and government control. Jews however have been the most notable exception, succeeding widely in the arts, commerce, industry, medicine, law, politics and a hundred other professions, despite social discrimination.

Jews are an embarrassment for the prophets of socialism, because Jews disprove its fondest premise, that only government control can insure equality and justice. Is it any wonder then that socialists tend to hate the Jews?

Modern socialist antisemitism justifies itself through Israel, but it has little to do with Israel. Socialists celebrated Israel in 1948 when they thought it would be a socialist beachhead in the Middle East. Instead Israel embraced free market reforms and become one of the world's biggest sources of medical, technological and agricultural development. Israel's GDP ranks with that of Western Europe. Israel's median household income is just behind Australia and ahead of Ireland and Hong Kong.

Is it any wonder that the socialists which once looked hopefully to Israel now despise it, rant against it, boycott it and repeat the vilest slanders they can find? They are merely following in the footsteps of Karl Marx, who saw Jewish economic vitality as a threat to his socialist vision. Anti-Semitism is not the socialism of fools, as Bebel said, instead socialism is irrevocably chained to antisemitism, whether in Germany or England or beyond.

Socialists traffic in antisemitism, not because of Israel, but because they resent Jews and because it is a cheap source of bigoted populism, in Venezuela for Chavez or in the UK for George Galloway or in America for Cynthia McKinney, current Presidential nominee of the Green Party.

Many will retort by pointing out that a great number of socialists were and are Jewish. What of it?

Torquemada, chief instigator of the Spanish Inquisition, was descended from Jews. Even Ferdinand and Isabella had Jewish blood. Many of those who burned Jews at the stake in the Spanish Inquisition, like Marx or Adam Shapiro of ISM, were of Jewish descent. Before they too were burned, more often than not.

The same pattern played itself out in the USSR as the Yevesktsia, the Jewish Section, carried out purges of Jews, eradicating religious and Zionist figures, for their masters in the Kremlin, until it was their turn to go before the firing squad. It has played itself out numerous times over and over again, from Convents to Kapos and will continue playing itself out in the future.

The common denominator is that such people living under a value system that despises Jewishness, choose to side with the enemy and adopting his value system are at their eagerest to persecute and kill other Jews. It matters little whether they convert to Catholicism or Communism, the mental phenomenon is the same. And it is not limited to Jews alone, as can be seen with the rise of Dhimmism in Europe and America.

Such people are of course no more "Jews" in any meaningful sense than the American Taliban Johnny Walker was an American. They are simply people who happened to be born a certain way and under the burden of their own self-hatred went to war against their own people.

Leftist antisemitism is not a Jewish burden, it is the socialist burden. It is driven by the socialist distaste for the individual, for individual accomplishment and striving, out of tune with the collective. For that is what Jews ultimately are. The madness of socialism is the madness of crowds, of a great voice howling at a mob and pointing a well manicured finger at a Jew and proclaiming, "There is your enemy."

That voice has been howling for a long time now. When the Green Party chooses someone like Cynthia McKinney as their standard bearer, they are making a statement. A statement about successful minority groups in America, the Jews and Asian-Indians whom McKinney rabidly hates. When Latin American Marxists scapegoat Jews and Chinese, they took are making a statement. And it is a statement that the left vocally cheers on.

The ugly reality behind socialism is that it is an ideology by slavemasters in search of slaves. Those who naturally need socialism are easy recruits. Those who do not will be demonized and made to feel guilty because they work hard for a living and succeed at it. They will be accused of being greedy, privileged, entitled and oppressors. Some in turn will join the socialists' ranks or pay them off out of guilt. And so antisemitism pays for the socialists and will pay again.

In Venezuela, in the UK. In Paris and Seattle. In Bolivia and Nicaragua. In Georgia and Harlem. Socialism continues to be linked to Antisemitism. Not because of Israel. But because of their hatred of Jews and hatred of the individual and lust for power over mankind.


  1. Chavez has buddied up with Ahmadinejad. 'Nuff said.

  2. Anonymous21/7/08

    With the way that America is allowing illegals to cast a vote, it will be sooner than later that Socialism takes over America.

    When people are used to hand outs and having government take care of them, Socialism is inevitable.

    If Obama becomes president, his change will be a Socialist America.

  3. Anonymous21/7/08

    The illegals and Obamas of this nation want a welfare state so they don't have to work.

  4. Anonymous21/7/08


    ...as we see from this sycophant who uses the "K" word to describe Jews

    And we see that when Ms. McKinney lets her forked tongue slip, she publically admits to being a Socialist!
    ...found here...

    And the NYSlimes is "in the tank" for O'Bummer.

    How is it that a country like Columbia, surrounded by Socialist wolves, can stand up to them so clearly, boldly and effectively, while the USA, without whose efforts in South America, the whole region would be socialist by now, is so full of Leftists and so close to falling prey to them?

  5. Will48. thank you correction made

  6. Anonymous8/11/09

    I sweated out all the liberal kool aid after a nauseating 4 years of post secondary socialist indoctrination. Socialist demonizing of anything contrary to the official dogma is similar to the use of shaming employed by women to manipulate sons,husbands and the like, I.E game theory. Maybe thats pointing out the obvious, great article nonetheless.


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