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Tiny Minority of Extremists - The Evasion of Accountability

When the Allies finally beat down Germany's defenses after a long bloody war and marched through a realm of death, the confrontation was rather anticlimactic as it turned out that only "A Tiny Minority of Extremists" had been responsible for the whole thing. And somehow that "A Tiny Minority of Extremists" had unleashed a global war on the world, in which none of the German participants besides a small handful of high ranking Nazi party members were accountable.

The same farce repeated itself in Japan as once again "A Tiny Minority of Extremists" was responsible for the whole thing. On both sides of the world, war criminal after war criminal was freed and not held accountable. The populations which had supported and conducted the conquest and mass extermination of entire populations in the name of their master race ideologies were treated as equally the victims.

That same farce today plays itself out with Islam which too has supposedly been hijacked by that same "Tiny Minority of Extremists" which certainly seems to get around a lot, having migrated now to somewhere in the Middle East. We are told repeatedly not to blame Muslims, just as we were told during WW2 not to blame the German people. Never mind the polls showing that most Muslims support or justify some form of terrorism, clearly they've been misled and the only way to set them right is to spend a few more billions on foreign aid to them.

The whole premise of the "Tiny Minority of Extremists" is a sham and has always been a sham. A tiny minority of extremists can conceivably carry out a few terrorist attacks. But it isn't a few terrorist attacks that we are dealing with and Al Queda is not the sum total of terrorism. For over a thousand years, Islam has carried out multiple genocides, it has oppressed and enslaved non-Muslims-- and it continues to do so to this very day.

Muslims have mastered not just the general concept of Goebbels' Big Lie technique but its specific application, the claim of constant victimization. When Germany was building up its army, it's only because it felt threatened by England and France. When the Nazis took power, it was only because Germans felt oppressed by the injustices of their defeat in WW1. When Synagogues were being burned, it was only because Germans were economically disadvantaged. When Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, it was only because now the Sudeten Germans were being oppressed. When Germany invaded Poland, why it was only because Poland had attacked Germany first.

The core of the Big Lie is to always claim to be the victim first and to blame your worst atrocities on someone else.

9/11? Oh that was only because America has troops in Saudi Arabia. 7/11? Because Britain has troops in Iran. Car burnings in Paris? That's because of French racism. Rapes in Sweden? That's because the infidel women disrespect Muslim culture by walking around without their Burqas on. Four decades of terrorism? Western foreign policy. Armenian genocide? They were plotting against us. A thousand years of invading, killing and forcibly converting non-Muslims? But they started it!

The common denominator of course is that someone else is always to blame for Muslim atrocities. Even Muslim condemnations of terror typically come with that same disclaimer. "Yes we reject Bin Laden, but American foreign policy blah blah..."

The Palestinian Fraud has been Muslim propaganda's greatest triumph, to turn their own attempted genocide into a perpetual sense of victimization. We rejected the UN compromise and tried to wipe out a few million Jews and all we got was this refugee camp and this keychain.

But it's par for the course in what passes for dialogue with the Muslim world. The fusion of the perpetual sense of victimization with the "Tiny Minority of Extremists" meme means that the same self-nullifying excuse always comes up.

1. Terrorism is the product of a tiny minority of extremists

2. Terrorism only exists because Muslims are constantly being victimized

The blackmail inherent in this train of thought is that the only way to prevent the Vast Majority of Moderate Muslims from grabbing their scimitars and suicide bombing belts and going on a killing spree, is with large doses of appeasement. And that indeed is the policy proposal that repeatedly comes up. Buy off the "Moderate Muslims" to isolate that mythical "Tiny Minority of Extremists".

Rather than dealing with terrorism, the Muslim world time and time again funds it, playing Divide and Conquer by trying to make distinctions between "legitimate" and "illegitimate" terrorism, depending on who their audience is. Speaking to American audiences, they will treat terrorism against America as illegitimate and terrorism against Israel as legitimate. Speaking to British audiences, they will treat terrorism against America and Israel as legitimate and terrorism against Britain as illegitimate. Speaking to French audiences, they will treat terrorism against America, England and Israel as legitimate, but not French targets. And so on and so forth.
Rather than turning its back on terrorism, the Muslim world profits from terrorism, employing the blackmail inherent in the whole "A Tiny Minority of Extremists" sham to bleed Western nations for concessions, at home and abroad. But "A Tiny Minority of Extremists" does not start global wars or carry out mass murder. A tiny minority can't do that, it takes a large majority to support and fund them. Which is exactly what international Muslim terrorism has.

From Muslim country to Muslim country, blaspheming Islam carries the death penalty and terrorist groups have secure bases. "A Tiny Minority of Extremists" isn't simply a lie, it's a poisonous shepherd's pie with intimidation wrapped in victimization. "Pay us off or we'll really get mad" is the message of the moderate hucksters even as their foundations send millions back to buy bomb belts in London, Kabul, Baghdad and Ramallah.

Behind the "Tiny Minority of Extremists" lie is the same evasion of accountability that was behind Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and Soviet Russia. There is no tiny minority of extremists since extremism in Islam is defined on a sliding scale. The more assertive terrorists are simply doing what most Muslims support and fund.


  1. Yes and current research in Austria and Germany found that the common man in vast numbers in those nations participated fully with the decisions of hitler including on the "final solution" and not just a minority at all.
    Certainly many Europeans were more than willing to throw Jews 'under the bus'.

  2. Anonymous19/6/08

    The evasion of responsibility is rampant in schools and other areas in our culture. It's always somebody else's problem-victimization. Conservatives support the individual and liberal are only about the collective. Nothing gets done with that belief.Thanks for the keen insight.

  3. A more correct conclusion is ;
    A growing number of reawakened 7th Century, almost conquered the world Moslems,see a weakened West and retreating,surrendering and appeasing Israel,now know that their time has come for world domination.
    These folks are extremely determined while we are not.

    Heads up NY,Toronto !

    Hezbollah Poised to Strike?

    Interesting how the U.S. and Canada know who these Hezbollah terrorists are and where they live and do not arrest them ?
    I guess since they only target Jews, why arrest them , just follow them once in a while ?

  4. The way the media spins it you'd think Hitler went individually door to door killing Jews on his own and the majority of Germany were innocent and not a single one participated through their actions or inactions.

    Same to with Islamic terrorists. They keep claiming this tiny majority hijacked their "peaceful" religion yet were is the outraged protests against terrorism?

    Can you imagine the reverse? If one or even a small group of Jews were involved in a terrorist attack? Every Jew in the world would be protesting and outraged that they did it in the name of Judaism and Hashem.

  5. Anonymous20/6/08


  6. Marcel--I'm in Buffalo not too far from the Peace Bridge. I'm praying there won't be any trouble in either NY or Toronto.

    Shabbat Shalom Sultan :)


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