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Obama's Rape Joke Hypocrisy

Obama supporters have been playing up the so-called scandal of Claytie Williams, a fundraiser for McCain making a joke about rape 18 years ago. McCain has already canceled the fundraiser but the furor refuses to die down.

This is all the more obscenely hypocritical, not just because of Al Franken's own rape jokes, which have come up during his Senate candidacy, but because Obama has had no problems taking lots of money from Hollywood figures who have regularly mocked the subject of rape and rape victims.

Let's take Seth MacFarlane for starters. As the creator and executive producer of Family Guy, MacFarlane has presided over a TV series that has regularly been criticized for its rape jokes, general contempt for women, racism and anti-semitism and mocked rape victims, such as in the following scene.

--Material should be considered inappropriate for just about everyone--

MacFarlane, like a lot of Hollywood people is a sizable Democratic party donor, having donated a 1000 dollars to Obama's campaign, 3300 to Lautenberg and tens of thousands of dollars to the Democratic party over the last few years.

Daniel Palladino, a co-executive producer on Family Guy donated 2300 dollars to Obama.

It's safe to assume that Obama, who hypocritically attacked McCain over this, won't be returning MacFarlane's donation. And there are of course no shortage of similar examples throughout Hollywood.

Unlike Claytie Williams, MacFarlane's comedy didn't happen 18 years ago, but is an ongoing thing, and one that has a significant impact on American culture and the perception of women.

But of course the entire Claytie Williams scandal was an attempt by the Obama campaign to show itself as pro-woman, itself a pathetic hoax, from a candidate whose supporters routinely trafficked in sexist attacks.


  1. Sad.
    Democrat party is the party of the American "erev rav". So..

  2. Family Guy is trash, so I wouldn't rule out a possible voice appearance by Mr. Harvard Obama in a pathetic attempt to reach out to trailer trash constituents.

    Do you watch Family Guy and follow up questions on its portrayl of women would be a nice You Tube question for the next debate.

  3. Anonymous22/6/08

    The Family Guy is trash of the 1st magnitude. Just terrible stuff. Despite that, it's ridiculous to compare anything in that show to making the comments of Claytie Williams, which were the classic "If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it". I'll try and help you understand it, MacFarlane deals with fictional characters in a fictional milieu, and in this setting, some characters do horrible things. Claytie Williams told rape victims to enjoy it. In addition, Claytie Williams was not someone who donated money to McCain's campaign (as MacFarlane did for Obama), but the figurehead of a large fundraiser.

    It's not hypocrisy if the comparison is illegitmate.

  4. it's not ridiculous, no

    both claytie and macfarlane were/are cracking jokes. Neither were addressing or specifying actual rape victims. They did treat rape as a joke and viewed rape victims with contempt

    the difference was the Claytie remark happened 18 years ago, the MacFarlane material is ongoing

  5. Anonymous22/6/08

    I have to disagree. As offensive as MacFarlane is, nothing compares to "If it's (rape is) inevitable, just relax and enjoy it".

    And, as stated, Claytie Williams was the figurehead of a large fundraiser, while MacFarlane is one of 1.5 million donors.

  6. how many people did claytie williams' joke influence vs how many teenage males and young adults who watch Family Guy every week?

  7. Anonymous23/6/08

    Fine, you want to get into the "impact" of a cartoon vs the republican candidate for governor of Texas, I'm sure more young men today are influenced by "Family Guy". Does MacFarlane's cartoon claim that women "enjoy" rape or portrays any aspect of rape in a positive light? Certainly your examples, while patently offensive, do not demonstrate this.

    My main point here is that comparing a fundraiser having campaign events featuring the candidate is NOT comparable to one of 1,500,000 donors, and to claim hypocrisy and sexism based on one donor (or two or ten or one thousand) is absurd. You're comparing apples and hand grenades. If Obama is showing up at MacFarlane organized/headlined fundraisers, then I would agree with hypocrisy, but your comparison is beyond strained.

  8. There are worse examples on the series than what was posted, beyond what a search for clips on YouTube that haven't been taken down will turn up... and the show has been criticized for it by rape victims groups

    Claytie Williams' comments and MacFarlane's comedy are both repulsive. I think we can agree on that. Debating which is more repulsive is a dead end.

  9. Anonymous24/6/08

    Agreed, but I still say the charge of hypocrisy is ridiculous given the impact each has on the campaign:

    MacFarlane=none - no personal appearances, no meeting with the candidate, no influence whatsoever.
    Claytie Williams=some - personal appearance, responsible for bundling money (a la W's "pioneers").

  10. Anonymous26/6/08


    Thanks for the information on Family Guy. It has political as well as family life implications for me.


  11. Raped in May here are my many opinions, victim here speaking out! And Thank you Sultan

    Victoria Placeo



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