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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obamda, Sexism, Racism and the Far Shore

The man with a thousand faces and identities and contradictory campaign promises.

It's another Friday and Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination officially bringing the party to a new low. The closest historical examples might involve some sort of alternative universe where Charles Lindbergh ran for President and won a party nomination or General McClellan running during the Civil War on a Copperhead peace platform.

The media meanwhile has managed to pry its attention away long enough from covering Britney Spears to embrace Obama as a media hyped celebrity, as corrupt, vacuous and drug riddled as any of the celebrites who so enthusiastically endorse him.

At the New Statesman and the New York Times, there are discussions of the role that sexism played in the media's war on Hillary Clinton.

It’s a cultural moment that Andrew Stephen, writing with an outsider’s eye for the British magazine the New Statesman last month, characterized as a time of “gloating, unshackled sexism of the ugliest kind.” A moment in which things like the formation of a Hillary-bashing political action group, “Citizens United Not Timid,” a “South Park” episode featuring a nuclear weapon hidden in Clinton’s vagina, and Internet sales of a Hillary Clinton nutcracker with shark-like teeth between her legs, passed largely without mainstream media notice, largely, perhaps, because some of the key gatekeepers of mainstream opinion were so busy coming up with various iterations of the nutcracker theme themselves.

I would however say that it's less about sexism and more about the "Permission to Hate" that liberals reserve for themselves. The reality is that Black men who run afoul of the political liberal elite are treated with open racism, Jews with open antisemitism and women with open sexism.

Having declared themselves the defenders of political correctness, like all moral leaders, liberals also give themselves permission to hypocritically violate their own moral strictures. The flip side of self-righteousness is license. It's why the greatest sexual purists often turn out to be the greatest sexual perverts, religious leaders turn out to be atheists in all but name and those so staunchly in favor of everyone's rights, care about no one's rights at all and have nothing but contempt for the people they protect.

Many women with shock are now realizing just how disposable they are to the very same people they thought were in the business of protecting their rights, who turn out to only have the deepest hatred and contempt for them.

But that shouldn't come as a surprise. In fact it's really nothing new. Race has always trumped gender for liberals and on the liberal totem pole, women rank somewhere above gays but well below most racial minorities, excepting Jews and Asians who are somewhere well at the bottom.

Many Jews have slowly been coming to that same realization about the Democratic party and many remember that the Democratic party treated Senator Lieberman the same way it treated Hillary Clinton, as it determined to purge itself of conservative Democrats. The lesson of course is that we are all disposable in the end unless we stand up for ourselves.

At Canada Free Press, Gerd Treuhaft rounds up the state of England today with mass crowding, early adulthood and late retirement.

ENGLAND looks certain to become the most crowded major nation in Europe as a result of a massive influx of migrants.

We now lie in third place in the table behind squashed Malta and packed Holland. But soaring immigration means England could soon rise up the table. The 2005 figures revealed show that there were 387 people per square kilometer in England.

But this figure rose last year to 390. And the Office of National Statistics expects it to soar to 464 by 2031. Almost 70% of England’s population boom is a result of immigration. A large share of the rest comes from high birth rates among immigrants.

BRITISH cities are losing their identity because of a flood of migrants, the Government has admitted. Immigration Minister Liam Byrne was speaking at a House of Lords Inquiry into the impact the growing numbers are having. He said “The pace of change has been deeply unsettling.” There are deep concerns about lack of integration in some cities.

BRITISH youngsters are growing up faster than ever with their childhood ending at the age of 11. More than half of 11 parents allow their offspring to dye their hair or wear make-up by the time they are aged 14. And mums and dads told the surveycarried out by Random House Children’s Books- became “young adults” at the age of 11. Author Jaqueline Wilson 62 said..” Children act like adults at an alarmingly early age..

PEOPLE may have to go on working into their 80s as a combination of lack of savings , rising living costs and the demise of final salary pension schemes takes its toll/Pensions provider Friends Provident says many people face poverty stricken retirement. “ “If people want to enjoy old age they have to act quickly, otherwise they will have to retire five, 10 or 15 years later than today’s pensioners, if they can even afford to retire at all..” said Chris Bellers , pensions technical manager at friends. Over 10 million people in the private sector save nothing into a pension. Basic state pensions in Britain are among the worst in Europe

Via Lemon Lime Moon it's OBAMDA.

In the Blogsphere, Jill Stanek has her own take and a roundup on the Michelle Obama 'Whitey' tape rumor

As I've stated before, my red flag on the "whitey" rumor has been that no news organizations have gotten hold of the tape. Johnson may say it is being held under lock and key for a last round knockout attempt, but there can't only be one outside copy in the entire world.

So in the end, seeing will be believing.

My own take on the matter is that such a tape could hypothetically exist. Does it exist, we have no real way of knowing, since there's obviously something to gain from spreading the rumor that it does. On the other hand spreading the rumor is also a well known part of the process of seeding the ground for an actual release. The bottom line is that

1. Such a tape of Michelle Obama might exist and it is close to what has been described

2. Such a tape may not exist

3. Such a tape may exist but its contents have been highly overstated

A key piece of evidence above and beyond the actual Whitey tape would be the transcript mentioned by Larry

So the campaign created a would-be transcript of the video it says doesn’t exist. In the Obama campaign produced transcript Michelle says “why’d he” instead of “whitey.” Very clever. Then the campaign sent this transcript to key Obamaton bloggers to circulate. And the campaign sent it to the donors to prevent them from having a nervous breakdown.

If such a transcript does indeed exist, it's the smoking gun that suggests the Obama is trying to prepare the ground for disclaiming such a tape. While I haven't seen such a transcript, Pro-Obama bloggers have indeed run stories claiming that the tape actually says "Why'd He" for example from the Booman Tribune. Booman does not state his source for the claim, which would render the idea that it's an Obama campaign plant plausible.

This creates the Ron Paul newsletter effect as on the one front the campaign issues non-denials about any such tape and on the other claims that it says Why'd He.

Via IsraPundit, Melanie Philips, Are American Jews the equivalent of chickens voting for Shabbat?

Samurai Mohel smacks down Uri L'Tzedek

At the Jewish Press, Tsafrir Ronen has written another part of his multipart article on Israel, Hadrian's Curse . Ronen is by far one of the most interesting and engaging activists on behalf of Israel's survival and his writing is clear and articulate as always.

The Palestinian lie was not hatched by any land or any people, but by a map, a map drawn by two European colonial ministers: an Englishman, Herman Sykes, and a Frenchman, George Picot. On the map was written “Palestine.” It was clear to the British that Palestine as a sovereign political unit had never existed. No nation had ever borne its name. No people had ever prayed for its welfare. It was a name that hadn’t existed at all for 1,300 years, during which time (ironically enough) Muslim empires were dominant.

While Israel prepares jets and tanks for a military struggle, Israel’s enemies are preparing their weapons for the final battle, for sticking the last dagger into the back of a State of Israel that does not understand and is not even ready for this battle. Unless Israel prepares for this battle, comes to understand its complexity and frees itself from false terminologies and constant brainwashing, Israel will be defeated and its land will be irrevocably taken from it.

The Arab propaganda has already penetrated the nervous system and destroyed the immune system that defended the Jewish People for 2,000 years. Even the Israeli prime minister and foreign minister are saying that “Israel’s interest is to establish a Palestinian state.”

In other words, what they want is for the Bible to be rewritten and for King David’s land of the Bible to become the land of Goliath the Philistine.

Earlier portions of the series can be found here with The Secret All Arabs Know and The Arabs Ultimate Goal

Finally a request for help for a former soldier suffering from cancer

My name is Tehila Shimoni. I'm 27 years old, the wife of Yosef Chaim Shimoni 28 years old, and mother of Itai, two and a half years old. I would like to tell you about my young family.

My husband and I both were born in Kiryat Arba. He went to the army, to a special unit, "Egoz"- that fights terrorists in Judea and Samaria and against" Hizballah" in Lebanon.

When we married 5 years ago we chose to live in "Giva't Harel"-in the Binyamin Settlements. This settlement is named after our loved brother in law, Harel Ben Noon, who was murdered by an Arab terrorist on the same hills.

A few weeks ago Yosef wasn't feeling well. We went from doctor to doctor and then from one hospital to another, and they told us that it's just an infection. On Israel's Independence Day he was accepted for emergency surgery and unfortunately diagnosed with a very violent cancer that spread in his stomach.

After counseling with doctors, we were told that the treatments in Israel are limited.

After searching all over the world we found a clinic in Germany that treats successfully such cases They combine chemotherapy treatment with other unique treatments. We sent a family member to Germany to examine those clinics and we understand that we have to be quick and arrive as soon as possible in order to improve our chances of success.

The estimates of the expenses are 150,000 Euro (almost $250,000) which we don't have, even after opening all our savings.

My uncle, Ofer Ochana, who some of you many know from the Gutnick Center Restaurant in Hebron, suggested that I write and tell you my story. Therefore I ask any of you that can help me save my husband's and the father of my children's (I'm two months pregnant) life!

As it is written "whoever saves one life, it is as if he saved an entire world."

Funds can be donated via the Hebron Fund in NYC, at 1760 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11230 or via internet at www.hebrontruma.com. Please note on the check or web donation that the funds are for the Yossi Shimoni Fund.

In Israel checks can be deposited in Bank HaPoalim, Branch 695, Account number 595954. Please fax the deposit slip to 02-9944521. More information can be received from Efrat at 050-628-5603 or Moshe at

Also, your prayers are very much needed for: Yosef Chaim ben Mazal Tov.

Thank you very much.

Tehila Shimoni


  1. Did you happen to catch Obama's egotistical theme music when he announced himself the winner?

    "Here I am baby. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours."

    Huge difference from Bill Clinton's use of Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow."

  2. Anonymous11/6/08

    Brzezinski and Buchanan are winking anti-Semitic votes
    for Obama, deliver USA to Pope's basket of Banana
    Republics. Talal got Pontifical medal as Fatima
    mandates Catholic-MUslim union against Jews (Francis
    Johnson, Great Sign, 1979, p. 126), Catholic Roger Taney
    wrote Dred Scott decision. John Wilkes Booth, Tammany
    Hall and Joe McCarthy were Catholics. Now we have a
    Catholic majority Supreme Court. NYC top drop outs:
    Hispanic 32%, Black 25% , Italian 20%. NYC top illegals:
    Ecuadorean, Italian, Polish. Bazelya case proves IRA-PLO-KLA


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