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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obamas's Hamas and The Race

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obamas's Hamas and The Race

Obama continues giving us a preview of what his administration would look like, as he was forced to fire rabid pro-terrorist slimeball Robert Malley for holding talks with Hamas.

A trifle inconvenient after his clash with McCain over Hamas' faith in Obama, the dirt keep coming out from under Obama's rug.

There are many races going on now. There's the Democratic primary race that has the attention of American voters and the world, as the media does its best to nominate Obama as the winner even as the public grows steadily exhausted with both candidates and burnt out by the race. Fevered agitation is a force that can only be sustained for so long before its fire flicker and its grows dim.

The Democrats are quickly burning not only through hundreds of millions of dollars but through the attention span of the voters and the energy level of their own activists. Rather than becoming energized by the primaries, Obama is becoming weakened and weighed down by his own mistakes and the effort needed to sustain the contest.

Meanwhile in Israel there is the race by the State Department and the Olmert government to give away as much of Israel as possible. There is new word on an indictment of Olmert for the usual sort of things but I wouldn't celebrate too fast, since even if Olmert is indicted, that means he will be replaced by an Olmert clone, an idiotic political hack willing to cut the same deals as him, whether it's Livni or some other Kadima rat.

An indictment of Olmert at this point would be a disaster because it would let Kadima go into a new election with a fresh face that the Israeli public hasn't gotten sick of yet. Livni at the helm combined with some dirty back room deals might well be able to preserve Kadima and its discredited policies for another round at the wheel. Better a weakened Olmert than Livni backed by Gaydamak, Shas and the usual collection of grubby trolls under the Knesset bridge.

Finally there is the race to destroy the American economy with more excessive government spending and corporate kickbacks. We let the dollar grow weak to benefit corporations and now we're paying more for food imports than ever. We let them have a free hand in the name of the free market and when their own incompetence backfires, the government rushes to bail them out. We're sending everywhere in the world, even to countries like Burma that don't actually want it... all on the taxpayer dime.

And now over to the blog race

Over at IsraPundit, Ted Belman writes The US must get real about energy independence

McCain is putting the environment first over independence. He doesn’t want to drill in ANWR province for example. O’Reilly characterized this as a preference for “green energy”. O’Reilly didn’t even mention the stupidity of bio-fuels (ethanol) which Bush has been pushing, the result of which is a huge increase in food costs and famine. Even if McCain put independence first it would take many years to make a difference and a couple decades thereafter when we will run out of oil anywhere and will have to find alternative forms of energy. So why not concentrate on the later now. Be the first on the market.

What is needed is a Manhattan project for energy independence within twenty years. It will also take twenty years to change cars to rely on electric batteries or hydrogen fuel cells.

Energy independence addresses the first three items noted, the economy, the war and fuel costs.

McCain would do himself and the American people a lot of good by launching such a bold project. It would generate excitement in his camp, be a stimulus to the economy and be the talk of the town.

Debbie Schlussel meanwhile writes on the lack of White House response to Hezbollah's Iranian and Syrian backed Lebanon takeover.

When Bush pressured Lebanon for more free elections, just as he did in Gazastan, he got the mirror image of the resulting HAMASastan . . . Hezbollahstan. More Hezbollah Members of the Lebanese Parliament were elected where before there was just one, and Hezbollah literally married its alliance with the Shi'ite Amal militia, headed by Lebanese Parliament speaker Nabih Berri. Berri's immediate family is married into Hezbollah. As a result of Bush-Rice engineered elections, Hezbollah gained control of most of the major government ministries, several seats in Parliament, and essentially the slow, complete emasculation of the Fouad Siniora Lebanese government that we now see essentially toppled this week, with the loss of Beirut.

So, now, Beirut has fallen. And it's long been only a matter of time until the entire Lebanon becomes Hezbollahstan.But this Hezbollah takeover, as I said, is not confined to the Mid-East. I see it on the streets of the Detroit area, where Shi'ite Hezbollah agents like Ali Jawad are neither embarrassed of their criminal records, nor do they shy away from their open support of Hezbollah--a group that willingly killed 300 U.S. Marines and embassy staff and blew up the Jewish Community Center and Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires.

Compare this to the furious Eisenhower Admin response when Britain, France and Israel tried to retake the Suez canal from the Hitler worshipping Nasser.

Lemon Lime Moon writes "Michelle Obama RIps Out Eyes of Victims"

When Michelle Obama says "I want to rip his eyes out" in reference to Bill Clinton it would be best not to take it lightly. The Obama twins already have a racist preacher they love and extremely iffy friends such as a mad unrepentant bomber Bill Ayers from the Weathermen underground and over all the Obamas come across as a nasty tempered duo all on their own, even without the nasty friends.

According to Michelle , Barry Hussein is already simmering hot over being asked questions during interviews. He is on the edge of a great explosion.

Once this dangerous racist couple are in power what will they unleash on America?

At the Ol Broad blog, the question is asked, Who is Selfish?

Yid with Lid argues that France is to blame for the Hezbollah takeover

Michelle Malkin reports on the status of the 25 million dollar La Raza earmark in the housing bill.


  1. The canaanite middle eastern population was based on incest and rape. It was their family life and their religion. It continues today and only little Israel sits as a clean nation among them, the apple tree among the thorns.
    Now Britain also has a thorn in its side. But still Britain continues to rail against Israel.

    (blogger is acting up badly today. Its a miracle I can post this.)

  2. Thanks for the link, Sultan. I noticed earlier, but failed to acknowledge. Opinionator has some good materials.


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