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Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Chavez, Communism, Obama and the Slug Fest

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (L) welcomes OPEC Secretary-General Abdalla Salem el-Badri at Miraflores Palace in Caracas May 20, 2008.

It's been another long week as the slugging match between Obama and Hillary continues. In Israel it's pretty clear that the door has been opened to kick Olmert out, but that's no reason for celebration, it's been opened by his former political allies to kick him out and replace him with Livni and continue the process of surrendering to the terrorists.

Wake Up America goes into the case for bombing Iran

I would suggest that it's pretty difficult to prosecute any war without getting 'bogged down'. I would suggest that it's the nature of warfare to get bogged down. We were bogged down in Vietnam and Korea, and we were bogged down for four long years in both the Pacific and in Europe during WWII.

Consider this: Had we not invaded Iraq and taken down Saddam we would now be facing two formidable ME powers both feverishly building nuclear weapons capabilities.

If Saddam were still around does anyone honestly think that he would just sit idly by while Ahmadinejad built up a formidable nuclear arsenal next door? Of course not. He was already preparing for this eventuality before we took him out.

Rather than being in a better position strategically, we would be in a much more precarious one. A position filled with even more serious threats than we presently face.In short, taking Saddam Hussein out of the equation has given us a stronger hand, not a weaker one.

Over at a new blog dealing with the human toll of the aftermath of Gush Katif, Let My People Know, comes the story of one girl murdered by a Kassam, the same rockets Israel is being told to ignore.

Ella was a group leader at her local Bnei Akiva branch. On the Shabbat when she was cruelly felled by a kassam rocket in 2005 at the young age of 17, she had just spoken to her ‘chanichot’ (pupils) about the importance of modesty among young women. Walking home with her brother and another of our pupils, Michal, she heard an incoming missile approaching. Without thought to herself, she slammed her younger brother onto the ground and threw her body over his in order to shield him. A piece of shrapnel entered her brain stem and a few days later, she returned her pure soul to heaven.

This year on Israel’s 60th Day of Independence,Yom Ha’atzmaute, Ella’s brother Tamir, whom she so bravely sacrificed herself to save, proudly lit one of the 13 ‘masuote’ (torches) that represent the 13 tribes of Am Yisrael.

At the No Quarter blog, the question is raised of whether Obama supports reparations that makes the case for stealth Obama support for reparations.

At IsraPundit, Bill Levinson who has done a great job of covering Obama, discusses the NDJC's smear of McCain.

At the New Centrist blog, Eric calls for solidarity with the Cuban people, not Cuba.

ORGANIZE a peaceful march or vigil in a public place! Use white t-shirts, candles, and posters and pass out information on Cuban political prisoners and on human rights violations in Cuba to members of your local community!

Lemon Lime Moon writes on the Selling Off of America

It is interesting that the Pennsylvania Turnpike is one of the most historic of super roads in the USA. Its length runs through some of the most nostalgic old places and scenes in America. It is packed with history and memories. That being so, it's lease to a foreign nation is telling and fraught with serious implication.

Debbie Schlussel has an excellently researched post on RINO's and JINO's at RJC which makes for informative albeit depressing reading.

Over at Atlas Shrugs and IsraPundit is more information on Obama's Communist ties


  1. Anonymous24/5/08

    Thanks for the link.

    --The New Centrist

  2. Here's one more thing to consider:

    Barack Obama – Muslim apostate?
    For Al Qaeda, the answer – and the implication – is clear.

    By Shireen K. Burki

    from the May 19, 2008 edition


  3. Thank you, Sultan :)

    And Shavua tov, too.

  4. Sultan,

    Did you understand Debbie's rationale in RINO's and JINO's? I could follow to a point, but I really could not understand from what she said that would cause Jewish voters to vote Democratic. The commenters didn't provide a good answer either. Am I overlooking something in what was said?

  5. I believe what she's saying is that the RJC itself is rino and jino and lacks any genuine values but mainly plays for the big power brokers

  6. Thanks. That was my impression, too, Sultan. What I couldn't follow in the reasoning is why the switch to Democrats for the voters. The only explanation I can see is that there are many people acting by some type of direction, but a direction which is without the interests of America, Israel or Jewish community interests in mind.

  7. I think she's saying they're indistinguishable from democrats

  8. Anonymous1/6/08

    Picture Obama where el-Badri is. Or picture him shaking Saddam's hand if we had not taken him out. So many talented artists for Obama too, they must approve of his 'talking with dictators' policy.

    His 'Change', 'Hope' and 'Progress' mantras are actually somewhat self-mocking. Making your own Obama posters is totally addicting, I laughed so hard I almost had a breakdown. LOL!
    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    always hope for hope

    push for change at all costs
    change can never be bad

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    only feel and hope

    please make people change
    change can only be good

    Make Some Obama Posters NOW!
    Appeasement Talk Bothers Appeasers
    Help Halt Terrorism Now!




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