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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

KGB Chief Gains Three MK's in the Knesset

With Putin stooge Arkady Gaydamak having bought three Pensioners Party MK's (itself a phony party with no interest in pensioners created solely to prop up Kadima), Russia, which is supplying Israel's enemies with the tools to destroy Israel, will now also enjoy having its own Knesset Members in the legislature of the country it is striving to destroy.

The closest analogy to this state of affairs would be if Nazi Germany in 1933 had its own board members in the Jewish Agency.

But Gaydamak isn't done yet. Putin's rubles are buying more than just three Knesset members, the full plan extends to a quorum of 18, making Gaydamak's front "Social Justice" party one of Israel's leading parties and giving Putin control over what may well be Israel's third largest party.

Sharon and Rabin blatantly set the tone for this kind of demolition derby politics, buying and selling Knesset members and carving up entire parties, in order to maintain coalitions that would promote their appeasement and surrender policies, in opposition to the will of the Israeli people.

Long gone are the days when Begin turned his back on Flatto Sharon. Gaydamak's Social Justice party is just Flatto Sharon's Development and Peace party rerun all over again. But Gaydamak is more than just a petty crook like Flatto Sharon, he's a criminal agent of the Russian government, which is supplying nuclear equipment to Iran, building a port for its fleet in Syria and supplying weapons to Hizbollah, Hamas and Fatah.

None of this however troubles Olmert in the least. To stay in power, Kadima's band of whores have shown that they will do anything and after all Putin has the same aim and ambitions that he does, the destruction of Israel.

Gaydamak's Social Justice party, like Flatto Sharon's party, cynically pretends to right wing populism, while aiming for power in order to promote an entirely different agenda. Gaydamak knows his best bet is to exploit the dissatisfaction of the Israeli public with a corrupt political system that seems to have very little interest in the welfare of the average man by showcasing his abilities as a businessman to get things done when the government can't. Every time Gaydamak made a prominent donation or a calculated purchase, like Beitar, he was buying votes and now he's made his first down payment on his very own Knesset Members without even waiting for an election.

Their ultimate purpose will be to provide cover for any government willing to complete the handover of Jerusalem and in the short term fill the "Shas Gap" once Shas is forced to leave the coalition, so by the time that Shas does resign, it will be too late.

The enemy is now closer than ever and Israel's inability to get its own house in order has brought out the vultures to feed. From Muslim Terrorists to Russian Intelligence to Messianic "Jewish" groups to organized crime, the carrion eaters are growing in number and attracted by Israel's weakness have come to feed. Some want to kill, some want to rob and loot, both property and Jewish people. Their very presence is a sign of rot just as maggots crawling across a body is a sign of both disease and neglect.

While many politicians are busy scrambling for power, too few are actually doing what needs to be done, reaching out and unifying the public on terms they can understand. And if the few good leaders out there fail to do this, the bad will be more than happy to, as Gaydamak demonstrates for us.

There is a narrowing window in which Israel can get back on its feet, fight off its enemies and clean its own house. If it fails to do that, the history of Bayit Sheni eloquently spells out the end. A slow death as a colonized vassal state or a quick one in a desperate last ditch struggle, betrayed from within.


  1. So either this is the final end and moshiach's going to come and rescue our sorry butts because we obviously aren't going to do it ourselves (we're too stupid), OR we're about to experience our millionth (slight exaggeration) exile.

    I'm feeling very pessimistic - I don't care if the fat lady sings, I think it's over.

  2. Things just keep getting more and more interesting. Could it be that the Bible was right all along? Well, I've got my beans and rice all packed away and have "settled in" in what will become the new State of Judea. Seems to me the safest place in the world is where G-d has promised to bring His salvation from. We could always use a few more good Jews here...if anyone is interested. I am looking forward to starting the construction of the Temple soon and it'll be nice to live so close!

  3. No wonder that guy has been ingratiating himself with the people of Sderot with all of his tent cities and kassam-free vacation offers.

    It makes perfect sense. Ingratiate. Engulf. Devour.

  4. Hello "Hidden Author"

    I have a policy about putting up anonymous comments, and even if I didn't, your attacks on Jews, coming from a so-called Christian, who oddly seems to spend most of his time on Iranian blogs, would be unlikely to make the cut

  5. I don't know why but I've decided to edit my profile to show my name and occupation: (college) student. I find you--and Mark Humphrys--to be interesting bloggers so I've decided "to play ball", again I don't know why.

    I do have a tendency to frequent Iranian blogs but with discussion forums, I prefer the History Channel Forum and the Jewish Task Force Forum!

    I didn't mean to attack *all* Jews. Just those who think it's OK to attack Christians because doing so supposedly defends their religion like in the bombing attack on that family of converts in Ariel. You have to admit that that is exactly what the Pharisees did with Jesus! I have no problem with decent Jews or decent anybody. If you refrain from persecuting Christians for their religion, I would be at peace with you--especially because Islam is the biggest danger!


  6. Christians are not a monolithic term anymore than Jews are. And condemning cults that misrepresent themselves is not attacking "Christianity". Christian bloggers regularly criticize the ADL and the Israeli government, as they have a right to do, without being accused of attacking Judaism.

    On the other hand the cults in question are engaged in a campaign against Judaism, one that respectable Christian groups have no part in, and one which they wage through lies, violence and deceit.

    Considering that the "family" in Ariel was missionizing to Arabs as well, the likely explanation still involves Arabs. If there were Jews going around sending out bombs, I doubt their first target would have been a missionary.

    As for persecuting Christians, Israel is about the only place in the Middle East where Arab Christians can function as Christians. The difference is obvious enough in Bethlehem these days. Or Gaza.

    That said there's a difference between living and practicing your religion in peace and conducting a campaign against someone else's religion. If I moved to a Christian neighborhood, pretended to be a Christian while preaching door to door that Christianity is a satanic lie and targeting their minor kids with pamphlets, I'd get punched in the face sooner or later. And that might not be "right" but it would be the inevitable consequences of acting like a jackass.

    Living in peace, means live and let live. I appreciate Hagee and even the former Pope's actions in that regard as a good example of how Jews and Christians can co-exist as religions.

  7. To get the subject back on track after the hijacking over christian hand wringing...

    Israel needs to get tough and disregard what any outside nations say. Those who remember how it used to be when no nonsense like this was allowed need to get busy and take the government back , haul out the trash and put Israel back on track.

  8. Anonymous8/4/08

    Hi Knish,
    First, THANKS so much for keeping me on the blogroll while I've been off the keyboard. It's so good to be back.

    I cannot say much here because I have no background on "Hidden Author," other than..., well, I'll just move on. I completely agree with Lemonlimemoon - absolutely!

    Maggie's Notebook

  9. welcome back maggie, glad you're blogging again and thanks for stopping by

  10. Anonymous10/4/08

    Sultan, I think there is actually less to worry about from Gaydamak then you think, consider his run for mayor of Jerusalem. Unless there is a radical change he wont be close to winning, I think his party will go the same way once election time rolls around.

  11. I would hope he wouldn't win, but right now too much of politics is for sale in EY and Gaydamak has the money to keep buying

    even if he just manages to gain enough traction to fill the Shas gap or even manages to gain a few seats, it'll be a rerun of the pensioners party, more phony parties keeping a pro-surrender government coalition in place

  12. "The closest analogy to this state of affairs would be if Nazi Germany in 1933 had its own board members in the Jewish Agency."

    The irony.



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