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Partioning the World for Islam

Yugoslavia and Israel, two of the current flashpoints of the conflict, are demonstrations of the degree and extent to which the world will go to destroy other countries in order to accommodate Muslims.

Why exactly have the KLA and the PLO earned what the Basque of Spain, the Kurds of Iraq, the Armenians and a host of other nationalities been denied? It isn't by any special merit or suffering. It is because they were Muslims who wanted a piece of a non-Muslim country.

Muslims are not getting their way in the Philippines and Thailand, in Kosovo and Israel and in the cities of Europe and America because the governments of these countries love Muslims. It is because they fear upsetting them.

For the first half of the 20th century Western soldiers rode roughshod across the savages and for the latter half of the 20th century Western diplomats did everything they could to sway their chieftains, emirs, dictators, mullahs and tyrants to their side. Those same diplomats would have you believe that the latter is an admission of fault for the former, but the truth is that it is an extension of the former.

Yugoslavia and Israel are not being carved up in the name of morality or liberal democracy or because Muslims have become beloved in Brussels and D.C. No more so than the Nazi Germany was allowed to carve up Czechoslovakia because Western Europeans loved Hitler. They were afraid of him. Not afraid enough to really believe he was a threat, yet too afraid to believe he could be casually stamped out. It is this kind of lukewarm fear that drives the politics of the West toward Muslims.

A little sacrifice here and there and those savages will calm down and stop making trouble, Western politicians think. The enforced partitions are not because they take Islamism seriously but because they do not. If they did, they would be drawing up the barricades. Instead to them Islamism is a fad, a way for Muslims to vent some spleen and protest the lack of jobs and foreign aid. To them the Jihad is a tantrum, a deadly tantrum but a tantrum nonetheless.

As England and France did for Nazism, the First World is preparing the way for a Caliphate through a combination of apathy and pressuring smaller countries to submit in the hopes of sating the appetite of the beast. The contempt in which they hold Muslims, viewing them as little more than cheap labor and cheap oil held in trust by savages, leads them to throw other nations to the beast, little realizing that they are tossing chum into the ocean and spreading blood on the water to attract the real predators.

As Arafat's Palestinian state was the chum that brought the Muslim Brotherhood's Hamas to power, each concession to Muslim terrorism only encourages it to spread and the "moderate" forms are only succeeded by more monstrous incarnations of Islamic totalitarianism and rage.

When Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland, they had orders to retreat if they were confronted. Three years later German troops were advancing into Eastern Europe and then across Western Europe. By partitioning Czechoslovakia, the countries responsible had in fact partitioned themselves. Today's attempts at partitioning Yugoslavia and Israel will end the same way, with war on the soil of those nations so eager to wield the knife across someone else's land. While the diplomats delude themselves into thinking that they are only cutting a slice here and there, in fact they are partitioning the world for Islam.


  1. Do you think they're really deluding themselves or is it just part of their plan?

    Yo, the paranoid and loving it. :]

  2. Yugoslavia is carved up for German expansionism just as it was pre WW2. I just wrote up a post on this today for later this week actually.
    Bat Ye'or is right, this is all about Eurabia and in the end it's all about making money

  3. Anonymous5/3/08

    Great insight.

  4. Halycon1/10/11

    The reverse needs to happen whereby Muslim land which was historically stolen by force from other peoples needs to be taken back.

    Kosovo, Palestine, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. All need to be taken away from the hands of Muslims who took that land from more productive and entitled peoples, and turned them into degenerate cess pits.

    The future needs productive and progressive peoples which leaves little room for a lagging world-force such as the Muslims.


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