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Home Remembering Amona and the End of Israeli Democracy

Remembering Amona and the End of Israeli Democracy


  1. It hard to believe a year has past already as it's still vivid in my mind--the horses, the Yassam police, the head injuries. Almost every protestor suffered a head injury.

    It certainly wasn't about crowd or riot control.

    Until now I hadn't made the connection between the abuse of the kids at Amona and Olmert's indifference to the suffering the children in Sderot are going through.

    Final thought--There are quite a few professionally made videos about the days leading up to the expuslisions in Gush Katif. None so far of Amona. The mainstream press left Gush Katif with the idea that everything was on the up and up and non-violent.

    With the world media out of the scene Olmert and Kadima felt free to do whatever they wished.

  2. yes, well amona was meant to send a message, this is what will happen to you if you cause trouble

    it was a police riot but one ordered from high up

    it was not a unique event but the fact that photographs and some video exists is lucky, some of it I preserved on the fly from israeli news sources being streamed and I haven't seen them anywhere else

  3. Two thoughts:

    1. Israeli's have got to wake up and realise they are at war and respond to the government accordingly.

    2. America will be just like that in a few short years. Most won't believe it until it's too late, but it's coming.

    The brainwashed will go willingly and the rest will die fighting.

  4. It's a shame there wasn't a militia group to fight the Yassam police.

    You're right, it was a riot instigated by the Yassam police.

    I'm glad you've preserved video and photos of what happened, and given it prominence at the top of your blog. It would be all to easy for people to forget that Amona happened and that it was so bloody.

    Oddly, even Jewish friends mourned over Gush Katif but when I bring up Amona I get "where's that?" and "what happened there?" There's an emotional disconnect between feelings of some American Jews toward Gush Katif and Amona. I'm sure the zero media coverage in the US played a significant role via its total silence on the pogrom.

  5. the problem is that amona was not really reported on, the photo winning helped bring some attention but fairly little

  6. I simply can't believe that a Jew can do that to a Jew. If that happens in Israel, than we have no hope anywhere in the World.
    I do fear what yobeeone said. I feel it coming and I am prepared.
    Every Jew must buy a gun, or better many. A few crates of ammunition will help. Go to the range regularly and train with open sights and a scope. Train long range precision shooting and tactical, including with a hand gun.
    Get a few tactical knives and learn to wield them.
    Have a generator and stockpile some food. Have duty gear and back packs.

    I am not going to the gas chamgers and this is my promise.

  7. Well who is Israel at war with?
    Itself? Or Arabs?
    What brought this on?
    It isnt a matter of guns and fighting its a matter of hard thinking on how they got to this point. A quick read of Shoftim ought to help.
    But the people will blame one another, the government and the government will blame Arabs and the truth will never be looked in the eye at all.

  8. Atone for imaginary "crimes" against a fake nationality of people with NO rights to the land of Israel. The idea of a "palestinian" Arab people was invented for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. Olmert is a treasonous fascist. BTW, you have a great blog.

  9. Anonymous15/2/08

    2. America will be just like that in a few short years. Most won't believe it until it's too late, but it's coming.

    I agree with you completely. But let me tell you how I envision our fate if we get BHO leading our country.

    America will become an armpit just like Oakland and San Francisco has become under Leftist leadership. Murder and crime goes unabated. There are 'no go' areas in SF when gangs rule. A cop gets murdered and the DA refuses to apply the death penalty -- it's against her principles, a conservative choral group gets attacked and cops do nothing. It just isn't cool to be an oppressor like "the man," like the establishment, except the Left is the establishment.

    G-d forbid we have BHO as President because we will be attacked on our shore soon after. It will be open season on Jews and nothing will be done because Liberals do not fight back and the Islamists know it.

    Inside their mushy heads they think this behavior is very commendable, this pacifistic attitude. Because to have the restraint to not fight back elevates the elitist, makes them "better than that."

    It's simply a matter of time before our buses, malls, universities are exploding and people will be snatched off the streets and held for ransom.

    How many days after taking office would BHO have Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Mugabe et al., to the White House?

    The behavior in this video doesn't come close to what happened in Amona but who would have ever thought this would be possible in America?


  10. yes, pretty much

    law and order is a thin veneer and it only works when there is a moral basis for the system

    without that the cops become thugs, the justice system becomes a tool for the powerful and the dominant ideology replaces any sense of fair play

    crime becomes rampant, individual freedoms vanish, the political order does everything to build up its power while destroying the country

  11. Note to readers the above linked video is not prurient per se but it does contain material that may be inappropriate for religious males

  12. G-d forbid we have BHO as President because we will be attacked on our shore soon after. It will be open season on Jews and nothing will be done because Liberals do not fight back and the Islamists know it.

    And as far as they're concerned Jewish blood is cheap, so they'll allow anything to happen to us without so much as a blink.

    Thing is too, so much of this falls on deaf ears. Before the holocaust, Jews were warned things were coming and they kept saying no no it will never happen. Rabbis stood against the Jews who saw it and in the end led their followers straight to concentration camps.

    American Jews are committing the same mistake. The majority, I believe, have a false security that being in America makes them safe. It doesn't. Never has, never will.

    It's coming. It's obvious and I think Hashem is giving us adequate warning to prepare ourselves. It would be foolish not to heed the warnings.

  13. I agree with you, Aaron. Americans and Israelis should have all of the emergency things you mentioned. I would add one more thing: water supply. Three gallons of water per person per household for a three-day period.

    Probably more water would be needed in Israel since I forget if it was in Gush Katif, Amona or Hevron that Jews were denied drinking water for a time in the blistering 90+ degree heat.

    I really can't account for the apathy in Americans or Israelis. In the US we had 3,000 murdered in a single day. In Israel, the number of terrorist attacks must exceed 3,000 since Oslo.

    The small settlement communities in Israel will eventually have to resort to paramilitary tactics, for sure. The government isn't go out of its way to protect them and it hasn't become a major media cause celeb.

  14. The sad thing about Israel today is that whichever government is in power cares not a whit for human rights- specifically, the human rights of Israelis. Israeli society is totally fragmented when it comes to this issue, which ironically (and quite sadly) should be its greatest unifier. When any citizen of Israel is abused or mistreated by its government or their agents, it should send the entire population into protest. Instead we see continual balkanization. The settlers don't protest when lefties or Arabs get hurt by the government (where were they when Barakeh got whacked with a stun grenade?) And, in turn, no one on the left seems to speak up when settlers are brutalized. It's sickening. These things should be wakeup calls for EVERYONE that there is something seriously wrong in Israel. Instead people are silent, if not gloating, when it happens to their enemies, and then outraged when their own noses get bloodied.

    It's very sad. And quite scary. Because it perpetuates the idea that government can ride roughshod over whoever they want with no real recriminations, and THAT gets burned into everyone's consciousness of what government is permitted to do- which is why it doesn't seem to change regardless of who is in power.

    What is needed is one voice from everybody, all the parties, saying, "there is a red line, and it doesn't matter who your target is. This is unacceptable."

    Until that happens, as long as the government can keep the different camps divided and fragmented, nothing will change.

  15. of course such a thing is itself impossible since the balkanization is the product of a society divided into sides that are completely incompatible

    there can be no actual consensus between sides which refuse to not only agree but recognize the validity of the other side to exist


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