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Friday Afternoon Roundup - A Real American Hero

On a lighter note, the War on Terror wasn't any easier back when GI Joe was fighting Cobra, they had to deal with the ACLU too.

Via LGF, MS Magazine rejected a neutral ad emphasizing the role of women in Israel. An ad featuring Livni emphasizing the role of women is somewhat ironic, considering the "promotional campaign" she conducted for Israeli tourism involving Israeli women not exactly being appreciated for their achievements.

But putting that aside, this is a symptom of the growing delegitimization of Israel in liberal circles that begins to extend into formerly neutral areas. After Shabbat Debbie Schlussel will probably update the story further with details of Ms. Magazine's prior history on Israel or Islamic terrorism. Now Kathy Spillar who edits Ms. Magazine was a member of the Feminist Majority Foundation which apparently does not include Israeli women.

Mystical Paths meanwhile continues its great coverage of Bush's visit to Israel along with Esser Agorot, Cosmic X and Yisrael Medad disturbing highlights include the following;

Jerusalem Update

On entry to Jerusalem this morning, every single car was closely searched. By men, in black, with machine guns. They opened the doors, pointed the gun right at me and my daughter, and ran the barrel up and down our sides (checking for weapons, or just intimidating). For my daughter I objected to the rather inappropriate treatment. They offered to prevent me from going in, or to shoot me if I'm any more trouble.

and Bizzare, not Bazzar

There is a select group of security forces here who are specifically trained to divorce themselves from the population, see themselves as elite servants of the government, and they are actually trained to brutalize. This was instituted by Rabin, and ramped up to a much higher level under Sharon.

Two groups clash with them regularly. The national religious / settlers, who are targeted at times and continue to push into expanding into the Land (the mitzvah of yishuv ha'aretz, settling the Land) and get beaten back. The other is the charedim, the ultra-orthodox, who minimally recognize the civil government. They (we) get beaten up whenever the government crosses religious lines or community boundaries, and since they (we) aren't going to reduce their (our) commitment to Torah values, you get repeated confrontations in these areas.

This was not the work of the US government, this was the work of the ISRAELI government. You even have the Israeli courts (which are very very left wing) turning free people arrested on trumped up charges now. The executive government is divorcing itself farther and farther from the people.

Hot Air meanwhile has video from the Republican debate

and Ron Paul fans have a plan to make women vote for them by seducing them

We are losing big time with all these women voting for Huck/Mccain/Romney. What the hell these women thinking? Look at all the CNN exit polls. Ron only gets few percent of the women votes!! This is outrageous! All people here mostly guys?! Are meetup group people mainly guys?! Our men have no girlfriends/spouse/mistress?? Start talking to girls! Make them fall in love in Ron Paul by telling them the message of liberty! If that does not work, make them fall in love with Ron by falling in love with you. There are millions of desperate housewives, young girls, hillary girls waiting to hear our message of liberty!


  1. Anonymous12/1/08

    Jihad Watch feedback compared to the trite posting of Sultan Knish.

    The Implications of the Dismissal of Stephen Coughlin, Joint Staff, Pentagon

    Implications are the defeat of America and the rise of Islamo-fascism with the help of Bush and his left, right Globlaist forces fifth column deception is going well ,the dumbed down sheeple are well verese in O.J. but clueless as to the grave danger we are in thanks to our corrupt,deviant leaders.

    This was so good from supercargo ,I posted it again.

    In the Nazi Reich, Germans were required to believe that their country had the right to seize sovereign territory for their own "living space."

    Under the Fascist Duce, Italians were required to believe that the leader represented the congealed will of the people.

    In Stalinist Soviet Union, Russians and occupied peoples were required to believe that everyone was free and equal.

    Under Jesuit social administration, members and conscripts were required to believe that "that which is really black is actually white, if the church hierarchy (read: caesaropope) so dictates."

    In Bush-Zombamerica anti-evolutionist hordes are required to believe that ISLAM-IS-PEACE, and that fellow Abrahamists - muslims - have noble, personal salvation through prayer as their life purpose.

    It is heresy to say: Bush was, is and will be, a FRAUD, and his supporters are mental slaves with the collective critical capacity of a flat worm. (And that includes Charles Johnson and his LGF-Kos mirror-images)

    When stupidity prospers, none have the intelligence to discern their own stupidity.

  2. B"H Of course, I picked Thurs. to visit a friend in the German Colony (I can't stand that Leftist neighbor, and so I'm almost never there.) What can I say? He offered to buy me coffee, and I ain't got no job nor money. Because of the traffic, roadblocks, and detours, it took me almost an hour to get to French Hill on the #4 Bus. The trip should only take 25 min. at most. Several of my fellow passengers were chattering away about Bush being here to cause all this traffic, oh yeah, and to force us to give away much of Israel, too. The #4 Bus BTW, connects mostly only liberal and secular neighborhoods. If this is what these Israelis are saying, you can only imagine what it was like on the other buses.

  3. rustic, jihad watch is a great site but weekend updates here tend to be lighter roundups of other sites

    I'm really not sure why you feel the need to insult me in the process

  4. Welcome to the ISSR (Israeli Soviet Socialist Republic). What else is new? The ISSR is one of the only, if not the only, remaining Bolshevik police states in the world. Economically it fits the Chinese model where a few connected tycoons own everything and bureaucracy keeps everyone else from getting ahead.

    With the ISSR, who needs Neturei Karta?

  5. Huckabees mother should slap that simpering stupid smirk off his sissyboy face.

  6. Rustic ovens tend to burn food and send soot all over the kitchen.

  7. Anonymous20/1/08

    it's got my vote, let's see some good old fashioned sissy slapping

  8. Anonymous20/1/08

    rustic ovens are rustin ovens

  9. "He looka lika sissyboy!.. Say something lika sissyboy!." Say it.. now swing your hips.. Vaya!!and say.. "You big bag nasty Alcalde, I am going to do something very nasty to ju"..the alcalde from Zorro the gay blade

  10. Anonymous20/1/08

    this whole sissy thing troubles me

    first they came for the sissies and then for the weenies and then for the wankers and finally for the commies

    won't someone pity the sissy weenie wanker commies?

  11. I dont know emperor you sound a bit like a sissyboy to me.
    Say something with a lisp and let me see.

  12. Anonymous20/1/08

    emperors never lisp or say die or say die with a lisp

    they do however get dye jobs around past middle age

  13. And Bush IS pushing Israel to give up land. Not only that but pushing to break the land right in half for a 'contiguous' pal-o-stein.
    Freaky man. He and Olmert are soul brothers from hades.


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