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Mohammed the Stuffed Pig: Plush Be Upon Him

Following the news that in the highly progressive tyrannical genocidal regime of Sudan, a British teacher has been charged with blasphemy for allowing kids in her class to name a teddy bear Mohammed, it's pretty clear that Sudan is not happy with the idea of a Teddy Bear named Mohammed. That makes sense since there are no bears in the Quran, there are pigs though and so I generously give the people of Sudan their prophet in plush pig form.

That's right, it's Mohammed the Stuffed Pig PBUH (Plush Be Upon Him), a respectful tribute to Islam's greatest homicidal fake prophet. In many ways Prophet Mohammed Stuffed Pig Edition is a major improvement on the real thing.

While he is made out of plush and will be adored by children, he won't respond by trying to marry your 6 year old daughters because "Allah Told Him To". This makes him child-friendly, unlike the real Mohammed, who was the whole other kind of "Child Friendly" that you don't want around your kids.

Mohammed the Stuffed Pig may cost an arm and a leg but he won't try to chop off your arms and legs because you're all filthy infidels, unlike the real Mohammed. Also he won't raid and rob you, steal your goats or any of the other fun activities the real Mohammed was noted for.

It seems as if Muslims get so obsessively outraged over every imagined slight to their crazy made up religion because they haven't had enough people offending them on a regular basis. Being regularly offended requires either going murderously insane or developing a thick skin. Muslims have been making a good go at the former but aren't anywhere near the latter.

Perhaps offending them more on a regular basis will push them one way or another, either into a state of weary tolerance where the imagined sight of their diety's name in the swirls of a fast food's chain ice cream or a cartoon of their bearded prophet no longer sends them scrambling madly for their swords and detonators or into outright insanity in which Muslims wander the streets like zombie mobs roaring at everyone and trying to eat them alive. Either one would be a vast improvement over today.


  1. Had to digg this one. It's hilarious! And true!

  2. Mohammed grunts in thankfullness

  3. There we have it! The "it" toy for Christmas. He's so plushy, piggy and huggable!

    He'll sell better than Tickle Me Elmo.

  4. Anonymous29/11/07

    School surplus teddy bear for sale due to change in curriculum:


    Click 'view larger picture ' and scroll up to view vendor's comments.

  5. Anonymous29/11/07

    Good one.

  6. Anonymous29/11/07

    In case you thought I was offended, I put it on my own blog, I can forgive kikes for their bigotry because I don't think they're human enough to understand. So why be pissed off when animals can't act like people?

  7. it's cute when bigots get so desperate for traffic Josh,

    how's the Kikes for Ron Paul coming along?

  8. Anonymous29/11/07

    I must protest that my people are being used in this way.

  9. Anonymous29/11/07

    Kike=circle from kirkle, Kirk, church which comes from the old covens after which Christianity named their churches or kirks
    So the kike is a circle and refers to the yarmulka on the head.
    Knowing is half the battle

  10. Josh, young man your language and racist attitude is beyond imagination. To use such hate speech is a crime.
    Sultan why do you countenance such abyssmal behavior from this awful boy? I am appalled at this boy's language.

  11. Anonymous30/11/07

    So Josh is a Muslim.

  12. Anonymous30/11/07


    Here is Josh's problem

  13. keli, can't you just picture a tickle me moohaaamud. You tickle him and he curses you while laughing. :]

    Miss Piggy, I feel your pain. (evil grin)

  14. ROFL Yobee!!!

    (And FYI Josh: Sultan has to the best of my knowledge only banned one person from his blog but the one case I recall did involve someone using the word "kike." So I'd watch it if I were you. You'll get banned. Either that or a house might fall on you.)

    Re: the meaning of kike as being circle: this is strange. Each time on the US census report in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 that my French Canadian grandparents are cited they have a circle next to where it says where they were born. It's like, Can-French O."

    The only other circles I've seen were for Irish immigrants, a circle with an L inside it.

    As for French Canadians, only my relatives have the circle.

  15. Anonymous30/11/07

    Just use of a circle is not what was meant. A circle is just a circle no weird conotation.
    However the origin of the epithet is from the word for circle.

  16. Anonymous30/11/07

    I am scared to even look at this post

  17. Anonymous30/11/07

    Sad to be scared to look. Notice how much of your peace of mind this religion of war and hate has stolen. Note how much of your human right to protest, see, view, think and feel has been stolen from you that you are afraid to look at something for fear of bullies.
    Note also that no one fears to mock Judaism , Jews and Christians do they?
    Vile, ugly cartoons of Jews and "Hashem" (Jewish term meaing 'the name' and substituting using the tetragramaton for G-d) are done by Islam all the time.
    Vile things are said of Christianity and not a peep from them. Yet Islam goes berserk.
    People can not and should not give up their rights to a terrorist organization that refuses to hear truth or have compassion.

  18. Anonymous30/11/07

    I am not a muslim myself, but I find that it is a severely misunderstood religion and that only a small minority of muslims twist the religion in a way to make it look evil to the western world.

    I would also like to point out that Islam is not the only religion to be severely twisted by fundamentalists looking to further their own cause. Christianity has also been a victim of this in the past and even currently.

  19. Sultan Knish, hi to you from Israel. I recently discovered your blog and you're such a breath of fresh air and REALITY. When I started blogging I told myself I'll stay away from politics, but now I'm thoroughly tempted to use this neat "Olmert Resign" banner.

  20. K.A., Josh has been banned already, but since he decided that he wanted a chance to show off what a bigot he is, I gave him the chance

    this seems to be typical among Ron Paul supporters

  21. Anonymous,

    would you like to name the number of Muslim countries where converting from Islam to another religion or drawing a cartoon of Mohammed isn't a crime vs the number of Christian or Jewish countries where 'blasphemy' is a crime?

    It's a propaganda that it's a small minority of Muslims who distort Islam, this is what Islam is in practice and across the world from Iran to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon to Pakistan to Indonesia

  22. Anna,

    I can understand that, politics often exhausts me too. If you like I have a version of the banner with Ivrit on it

  23. (Good to read that he's been banned. Though I do understand why you allowed him limited rope to hang himself as a bigot. Sometimes the only way to show what his type are like is to let them speak/write for themselves.)

    Just wanted to add something on the original topic of the post, the Teddy Bear. It's insane. But even here in the US, the NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles denied a man's request for vanity plates reading "GET OSAMA."

    Nuts, huh? It's not racist. It doesn't target arabs or muslims collectively in the least. But G-d forbid someone should flip out and go a'hunting any and every Arab named Osama lol.

    License plate messages...soooo dangerous.

  24. I have a some.. just some sympathy for this lady. I realize that doing good for others is a noble thing but, when a nation , like Sudan is obviously nuts, dangerous and is genocidal towards its own why go there?
    It is like the Korean missionaries who went to Afghanistan and had to be rescued.
    People need to stop thinking these are normal nations, they are not and you are NOT safe there.
    Certainly women are never safe in any muslim nation

  25. Nice one

    Put it up on my blog

    take care


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