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Islam's War on the Family and a World Without Women

"That was very true, he thought. There was a direct
intimate connexion between chastity and political orthodoxy.
For how could the fear, the hatred, and the lunatic credulity
which the Party needed in its members be kept at the right
pitch, except by bottling down some powerful instinct and using
it as a driving force?

All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is
simply sex gone sour. What was more important was that sexual
privation induced hysteria, which was desirable because it
could be transformed into war-fever and leader-worship."

George Orwell, 1984

"Up to 70% of files exchanged between Saudi teenagers' mobile phones
contain pornography, according to a study in the ultra-conservative
Muslim kingdom."The flash memory of mobile phones taken from teenagers showed 69.7% of 1,470 files saved in them were pornographic and 8.6% were related to violence," said report author Professor Abdullah al-Rasheed.

BBC, April 25, 2007

It is all too common even among conservatives to treat Islamic laws against women as mad or prejudiced or primitive without thinking of their purpose. But culture and law is not random and Islamic law, for all its occasional whimsical diversions into breast feeding adult men and drinking camel urine, is an engine. An engine geared to produce and shape the next generation of Muslim young men and women.

Islamic laws aimed at women and their relationships with men are not random or accidental, they exist with a purpose in mind, in the same way that our laws against littering or loitering have the purpose of shaping social attitudes and behavior. Islamic law may be primitive and the work of primitives, but primitive isn't stupid. Making that particular mistake has gotten the West into more trouble than anything else. Primitive people are not stupid, they have goals and agendas to fulfill.

Islamic laws aimed at women are meant to shape the way Muslim men and women grow up and their emotional and mental state. Their goal is to first of all create sexual and emotional isolation.

Islamic authority seeks to isolate those under their control from all other influences. That includes Western culture, but it also includes girlfriends and wives and even the home. Constantly degrading the status of Muslim women is meant to insure that their views and influence will have little effect on the Muslim male leaving the Imams and Mullahs with a clear field. Constantly raising the requirements of religiosity teaches the Muslim male to disrespect his parents as insufficiently religious so that Imams and Mullahs become his standard and his key influence.

A legal system that effectively permits the rape and murder of women who venture outside without a male guardian or who have male friends is meant to keep Muslim women terrified and dependent and Muslim men frustrated and filled with pent up aggression and hostility unleavened by interaction with the opposite sex. This helps insure marriages where women will be submissive and a large supply of angry and frustrated young Muslim men eager to kill and die.

The goal of Islamic law is to diminish the influence of women on society and on Muslim males in particular, to isolate Muslim males and drive them toward violence and fanaticism. To Islamic clerics, women represent the pagan, from their bodies to their hair to their ideas, the feminine represents a threat to the Muslim religious ideal.

The natural priority of women is the home while Islamofascism transforms the home into a battlefield, a place where wives are afraid of their husbands and where their children are combatants for the next terrorist attack and young men are taught to show contempt for women while lusting for virgin demons in paradise. Islam's war has been most keenly directed at women because the goal is to transform the family from a private institution into a means of reproducing Islam across the globe.

"The little girl lives her life under a communal death threat--the honor killing." Dr. Nancy Kobrin

"The womb of the Arab woman is my strongest weapon." Yasir Arafat

This is the ideal of the new Islamic family, one in which the role of the woman is to be a breeding sow for the next generation of terrorists, churning out babies and helping to raise them ready and willing to die and to finally blow herself up when her time is done. Islamofascism doesn't need women's minds, only their bodies and that is why Islamic law is so obsessed with covering up women's bodies and restricting their mobility. For Muslim women, Islamic law is nothing more than the barn door.

Honor killings and the high standard for rape convictions insure that women know that they have no independent rights and that the world outside the home is a dangerous one, a world that only their husbands and male relatives can protect them against. The tolerance for honor killings and the difficulty for a Muslim woman to prove a rape while making it easy for the rapists to charge her with adultery or lewdness is the barbed wire around the fence meant to keep the Muslim woman inside.

When the Saudi court responded to a gang rape case by sentencing the woman to 200 lashes for being in a car with a man, it knew exactly what it was doing. It was repeating that same message to Muslim women meant to keep them at home and afraid and dependent and playing their roles producing babies for the next wave of the Jihad.

By no coincidence the two Muslim countries which most aggressively limit the interaction of men and women, Saudi Arabia and Iran, also generate the bulk of the Middle East's terrorists. The goal of these restrictions is to leave Muslim males emotionally and sexually isolated and diverted from any relationship that is not controlled and sanctioned by the State and by the Religious Institutions of Islam. The isolation is meant to prevent Muslim men and women from interacting and beginning the process of creating a family and a relationship on their own terms. By controlling every aspect of male and female interactions, Islamic religious cultures are free to recreate the family as a tool of the Jihad.

"It is a strange society. Homosexuality is forbidden but if you're the penetrator, not the penetrated, it's okay." Walid Shoebat

Of course diminishing and degrading the role of women inevitably generates homosexuality and pedophilia. This is something that Islamic religious culture seemingly forbids, but in practice counts on. Islam prefers male-male bonds to male-female bonds. As the Spartans or quite a few prison gangs know, this can produce better warriors who are interdependent.

Ahmadinejad may claim that there is no such thing as homosexuality in Iran, but that is only because it is too inconvenient to acknowledge. In a world without women, which is the world Islam has wrought, homosexuality is inevitable and is also a tool of the state. With women removed from the picture and kept in the home, Muslim male society can become free to divide itself into men and men playing the female role turning societies that repress women into the very image of the prisons that they are. Men who engage in homosexual relationships are easily blackmailed or alternately patronized.

The goal of Islamic law has been to remove the feminine from the picture, that is why it is the men who play the role of women that are punished, not those men who engage in homosexual behavior as a whole. The western understanding of homosexuality is absent from the Muslim world, because it does not recognize it.

In the Muslim mindset, having sex with another man is not a crime, only functioning in a feminine role is. And so the brutalization of Muslim women by Muslim men, gives way to the brutalization of other Muslim men and children. But all of it serves a common purpose, the disruption of any genuine emotional and sexual bonds between men and women in order to transform the Muslim family into nothing more than a breeding ground for the next wave of the Jihad.

That is why women are not valued except for their bodies, not sexually but reproductively. That is why male and female relationships are controlled at every stage and why women are degraded and devalued. Within the Islamofascist ideal, women are only a means of making more men and men are only a means for the Imams and Mullahs to take power and impose the social conditions that will perpetuate this same cycle forever.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever." George Orwell, 1984

Islamic law is meant to transform those living under it into a social system that is a weapon aimed at the Dar Al Harb, the free world that Muslims are meant to conquer and a whip over the Dar Al-Islam, the world already enslaved under Islam.

Islamic law is not the product of silly hollow prejudice, it is a tool meant to produce the same end as that of Oceania in 1984. An eternal tyranny under Mohammed and Allah. A boot stamping on a human face forever. A world of angry men and frightened women, warped families and a gallows on every corner.

The subjugation of women is meant to control and transform the family, the cornerstone of human society, into a weapon aimed at the very fundamental core of humanity. By breaking the bonds between men and women, mothers and children and husbands and wives, Islamic law seeks to create more than terrorism but an endless state of terror akin to the worst days of Stalinist terror and Nazi rule.

Like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, Islamofascism has co-opted the family. The Burka, the Honor Killing, the Rape Jihad, the sex segregation and the frustrated homosexuality and violence are only the symptoms of something much darker about the Islamic social engineering of male-female relationships. Even the terrorists flooding out of the Madrassas and mosques, into Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Gaza are themselves only the deadly and gruesome products of this work of social engineering.

It is important to understand that just as with Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, the horrors of Islamofascism that we can actually see, are just symptoms of the underlying ideas, goals and methods of the great motor of Islamic law and culture underneath.


  1. The first thing that came to my mind:

    "...the kelipah of Amalek, the kelipah of brazen chutzpah; an insolent individual, as he himself is aware, is essentially a non-entity. For by their very nature, as we observe, the baser and more degraded such people are, the less do they retain their human aspect; the more do they relate with insolence, in an animal-like fashion, to people more elevated than themselves." (pg. 24, Reishis Goyim Amalek by the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe)

  2. Anonymous22/11/07

    Muslims have an inate sense of entitlement - Muslim men in particular.. They have everything coming to them. Here is an article you may find interesting.


  3. You're right on the money. Homosexuality and violence are inevitable when normal man-woman relationships are perverted. All that pent up physical and emotional energy has to have some outlet.

    I've always felt that the violence in many of the beheading videos reaches a frenzy of pent up emotions and energy. They do almost collapse from exhaustion.

    btw, have you ever seen the video Saudi Arabia Song from Family Dad? it's just an animated clip but very to the point of female oppression and abuse. And all the Saudi women quoting on it on You Tube complain about is not being able to drive. They say it's not a big deal, and that they like male escorts. Of course they miss the point that there's a difference between choosing to be escorted and living their lives under a man's thumb.

  4. You hit the nail on its proverbial head.

    Great, great article.

  5. footnote on Yo's post, "Reishis Goyim Amalek" means Amalek is the First Among Nations

  6. yes they do udiyah, since muslim men are always told they're superior, which is in part reinforced by the position of women

  7. yes k.a. dictatorships have long known that you can redirect energy from human relationships in order to create a twisted kind of relationship in the state's image

    whether it's the beheading videos or german crowds chanting for Hitler or russians being stomped to death at stalin's funeral

    that redirected energy always turns to death in the end, to violence, to homosexuality, to abuse

  8. Anonymous29/1/08

    While your analysis is acute and intelligent and demands to be read widely, there is one area in which you undermine your own very valid case. And this faulty thinking is best expressed by 'keli ata''s posting here, stating "Homosexuality and violence are inevitable when normal man-woman relationships are perverted". Homosexuality is a contrived category (the word itself did not exist before 1869 and is a clumsy neologism construced from both Latin and Greek roots); that is why most 'homosexual' men and Lesbians, in the West at least, prefer to be called "Gay", a word that has been used since the 17th century (in England) to describe men and women who are drawn to romantic/erotic relationships with other people of their own gender. this distinction is important because being Gay -as I am- is not, repeat not, entirley (or even mainly) about genital sexuality (in other words, where you stick your penis); it is about falling in love. It is about sustaining the best relationship of which I am capable with another man, because it is with another man that I feel the strongest, most fulfilling expression of my natural yearnings. And I have lived in a loyal, loving, and faithful (monogamous) relationship with the same man for twenty years. And under the UK's new Civil Partnership law, I was finally able effectively to marry that same man, in a moving ceremony which established the UK Government's willingness to support and honour this loving relatinship. Now what has this got to do with "homosexuality and violence" being the result of "normal" heterosexual relationships being "perverted" ??? NOTHING ! Being Gay is not some kind of wounded or "perverted" heterosexuality. It is as normal as normal can be. At least 3% of the world's population is Gay (my life experience over 50 years tells me it is likely nearer 5%), and we exist in every walk of life. We deliver your babies, we collect your trash, we educate your children, we sell you insurance, we are firefighters, cops and writers and surgeons and taxi drivers. We are EVERYWHERE. And we always, always have been. And the horror of present-day Iran (and the other theocratic Islamic nations) is that -as you have said- there is no intuitive and intellectual grasp of the rightness and wholeness of same-gender love. When romance and passion are commandeered by the State under the guise of Religion, no Loving Relationship is free of threat. And gay men are not thwarted heterosexuals who just need a woman to straighten them out, just as no Lesbian needs a man's penis in her to "cure" her "perversion". Unless you understand this, you have not helped heal, but continue to prolong, the agony of the many Gay men and women in Iran who are Gay because THEY WERE, AND ARE, AND EVER WILL BE, BORN THAT WAY, just like the rest of us self-accepting, self-honouring Gay and Lesbian people who live under (somewhat) happier Governmental systems.

  9. godfrey,

    my post first of all discussed homosexuality in terms of the prevalence of homosexual acts, rather than the gay identity that exists in the west

    I oppose that as well but it's not my topic

    in this case we're talking about the kind of 'prison homosexuality' that emerges from men adapting to a culture where women do not exist or have been significantly sidelined

    rather than a gay identity

  10. Anonymous29/3/10

    Your points about homosexual behaviour and how the person in the female role the ones blamed and your reference to being patronised are very intriging.

    As a mature aged male working in a government agency I went through an episode of being targeted by a younger apparently straight male work colleague to be a recipient of his sweet gentle touches, physical and otherwise, of affection care and support I strongly intuited that he was manouvering to place me into a female role vis a vis himself in order to be able to see himself as ‘man of the house’ so to speak of the work area, consistent with his other behaviour when he would drop the gentlemanly mask and just try straight bullying.

    When I asked local management (a gay supervisor and his female manager) for help they sided with him – the classic blame-the-victim strategy that comes from primitive management reactions embedded deep in their subconciousness and contrary to all the corporate policies about zero tolerance of harassment That concious mind stuff never mattered. I am sure had ADHD and hence acted from his subconcious mind, as does Islam.

    As you say very primitive but very very powerful psychological forces at work which the rational mind has no bearing on.


  11. Ther's a passage in the book
    An Evil Cradling, written by a guy who was taken hostage by terrorists back in the late 70s. in one chapter,The Rape, he recounts how he was beaten by one of the male terrorists to the point where the beater was practically coming, such was the exhilaration generated by him beating his prisoner.
    He was never actually raped in the sexual sense, but he perceived the incredible sexual satisfaction his assailant received from the beating an d hence deemed this chapter title appropriate.

    A fascinating book.

  12. Daniel,

    to take up godfrey's point, perhaps instead of using the word "homosexual" you could say "same sex" or "male on male" sexuality?
    After all Islamic societies do not promote female homosexuality, so it canot be confused.

    This issue has popped up in a couple of other places and discussions, and it is a worthwhile effort to clarify it i think.

    Using "homosexuality" can be easily understood in the sense you mean it, and I heartily concur with its use as it is technically correct, but I have noticed that it does tend to get confused with actual homosexual relationships between normal men who happen to be gay in discussions of this nature, ie men who were born gay, in contrast to men who have been forecd by islamic cultural perversions into valuing only the male sex aqnd therfore valuing it sexually over and above sexual or social bonding with females even if he is hetero.

    One spends tedious amounts of time saying "non, no, I don't mean real homosexuality relationshiops..." etc.

    I reckon "male-male sex/bonding" might do the trick, even though I recognise and (again, concur) with the strength of male power relationships in the Muslim world.

    It's so very ironic that so much good feminist writing has decried this exact type of male/male bonding that delegitimises the feminise domestic and political role and that much of "feminism" these days supports the very things the older fem's used to write against so eloquently!

    How are the mighty fallen!

    Oh, and think yourself lucky - i could have used the much-loved academic term "valorising" rather than "valuing", and might have thrown in casual references to Irigaray! ;)
    You got off easy!! :)

  13. Anonymous/NowAwake - this "homosexual" ie male/male power realtion mie making one man adopt the feminine role in order to be the powerful 'penetrator" has been written about extensively in feminist literature, esp. when discussing prison and boys schools.

    If you look up texts like "The Trouble With Boys" and suchlike from the late 70s early 80s you'll probably find something about it.

    Unfortunately I read it all too long ago to locate it in my memory, but many of the ideas around it stuck!
    The general idea was that it was always good to be the "penetrator" of males or females, adults or children because it showed that YOU were in charge and always in the powerful male controlling role.
    To be the "penetrated" was to be the prey, weak and helpless 'feminine" or "childlike victim.

    This had nothing to do with loving relationships between people who were born homosexuals, it was only about defining power relationships with the use of the penis.


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