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Home Ehud Olmert: May Your Fate Be As That of Gonen Segev

Ehud Olmert: May Your Fate Be As That of Gonen Segev

With the parade of disgrace following behind the political supporters of the Oslo agreement, one remembers the miserable fate of Gonen Segev. Gonen Segev was a doctor who was elected to serve as a Member of the Knesset in Rafael Eitan's right wing Tsomet party. In exchange for a cabinet position in Rabin's government he voted for the Oslo accords.

Gonen Segev never won reelection. His betrayal of Israel and his party took him on a path that led him to smuggling Ecstasy from Holland using his expired diplomatic passport from his days in the government. He was caught at the airport in 2004 with 32,000 Ecstasy tablets in boxes of M&M's and sentences to five years in jail.

Gonen Segev was only the precedent for the wave of phony right wingers who would defect from the Likud to help form Kadima, a party dedicated to the political power of those in charge. Under Sharon, Kadima stood for Sharon's massive ego and personal power. Under the weak leadership
of Ehud Olmert, Kadima stands for nothing more than an attempt by the defectors, all its Gonen Segev's to hang on to their jobs by doing whatever is expedient while letting themselves be bullied by Condoleeza Rice.

Right now Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the ultimate Gonen Segev, is racing multiple criminal investigations and indictments to the negotiating table at the Annapolis conference, hoping that he can get a chance to give away Yerushalayim before he's charged with criminal corruption. Olmert has already declared that the Knesset's approval is irrelevant to his joint declaration with Abbas. Abbas, a leader nearly as weak as Olmert, reduced to little more than the puppet of the Fatah gangs soundly beaten by Hamas and that of the United States, is hanging on to power only because no one else in Fatah wants the job and Hamas hasn't gathered enough power to overthrow him yet.

Together Olmert, who has the support of 5 percent of Israelis and Abbas who lost an election and is staying in power only because the U.S. wants him to represent the linear opposite of democracy. Abbas represents the Fatah rule of corruption while Olmert represents the corruption of Israel's socialist elite. Both Abbas and Olmert are backed by a small circle of wealthy families and clans who care more about enriching themselves than anything else.

Olmert's rule has turned Israel into the third world and has sold out Israel's security time and time again. Where Sharon at least had a plan, Olmert only has an open pocket and a crooked smile on his face. Former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon, fired by Sharon for refusing to go along with his Gaza Disengagement plan, that the real reason Israel did not respond to the Gaza rocket attacks was not the safety of the IDF or international diplomacy, but money.

In an article titled, Does the Prospective Purchase of British Gas from Gaza's Coastal Waters Threaten Israel's National Security?, Yaalon writes that "the prospect of an Israeli gas purchase may have played a role in influencing the Olmert cabinet to avoid ordering a major IDF ground operation in Gaza, despite at least 1,000 rocket and mortar attacks against southern Israel since the Hamas takeover of Gaza in June 2007."

The British Gas deal would pump billions into terrorist accounts and fund a renewed Jihad against Israel. But more importantly to Olmert and his cronies, it would move money into the right pockets of his friends. It doesn't matter that children huddle in bomb shelters in Sderot. It only matters that the pals Olmert and his Peace Now wife Aliza have dinner with will profit.

Olmert is nothing more than Gonen Segev writ large. Gonen Segev given control over Israel and treated as an international player. Olmert who had already been on trial for corruption became Sharon's Mini-Me and was rewarded by becoming his successor. Our fondest hope can only be that Olmert meets the same fate as Gonen Segev and some time in the future shows up at an airport with his old expired diplomatic passport which he intended to use for the Annapolis conference and a suitcase filled with Ecstasy Tablets wearing that same crooked smile on his face.


  1. Anonymous22/10/07

    As with Sharon, the Left will protect Olmert like an Ethrog. Unless Lieberman and Shas straighten up there is little to stop Olmert. And, I am not sure that even if Shas and Leibermen quit you will find the government fold. Maybe some other party will jump in to further the end of the State. Plus, even if you had new elections who would one vote for?

  2. Any chance Olmert can be impeached if he's found guilty at trial?

    I wonder if there is any way for the knesset to disband Kadima as a criminal enterprise (aka Mafia like organization)? Couldn't the Israeli equivalent of the FBI do this?

  3. If only 5% support this, where are the other 95% voices?
    Where are the rabbonim world wide who are crying and denouncing this?
    Where are the mass demonstrations in Irael by hundreds of thousands who will not let Jerusalem go?
    Where are the Jews in America standing with signs denouncing the very thought of such a thing?
    They are practically nonexistant.
    And so it will be what it will be.
    People will shrug this off because Jews themselves don't much care.

  4. I think too many people turn a blind eye to what Olmert and his administration are doing simply because he's wrongly perceived as a peace-maker. When most see him on TV he's talking about peace and negotiations and...that plays well in the US. The sad part is most Americans Jews and non-Jews don't really bother to learn what is truly happening.

    All they hear and read is peace peace peace and think everything is moving in the right direction.

  5. if he's found guilty, i don't see him surviving politically

    even if he goes on trial, his fellows are likely to toss him overboard

    the israeli version of the FBI is itself a political tool, much like J. Edgar Hoover's FBI was

  6. Anonymous23/10/07

    Where are the Jews in America standing with signs denouncing the very thought of such a thing?



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