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The Struggle for Homesh Continues

At the beginning nearly a thousand people arrived in Homesh with around 700 remaining in Homesh. They ascended the hill and shortly after midnight, the various police and undercover personnel had departed. People who had remained in hiding began to emerge from hiding and though Kol Yisrael reported that there were only tens, in fact there were hundreds.

During the day more people began arriving. Yassam Police beat them with rubber batons and threw around 80 people into buses and arrested them. Law enforcement had also seized control of the reservoir cutting off the protesters and activists from a water supply in the heavy heat.

MK Aryeh Eldad was allowed to enter the area but his daughter was forced to leave the vehicle. A tower was constructed on the hill from the bricks that had been brought. After a short amount of time, Yassam police smashed the tower and aborted the attempted reconstruction of the synagogue.

Arabs from the local village Burkah, which had celebrated Hizbullah's attack with fireworks, began stoning Jews. The police arrested eleven Jewish activists. A number of teenagers who attempted to reach Homesh were beaten, one into unconsciousness. Ambulances and hospitals have been however told not to make any record of such injuries. Some fled again into the hills.

On Monday, eleven buses were brought up and the police threatened the use of Mounted Police as at Amona. Protesters described being harshly beaten and cuffed and thrown into buses. In violation of the law, the police wore no nametags or identifying marks. The police have seized cameras and seized water bottles to further deprive anyone remaining behind of a water supply.


  1. Jews struggling against non-jews who make up the Israeli government.
    Good vs Evil

    Israeli Knesset vs G-d.

  2. There needs to be some sort of federal inquiry into the tactics used by the Yassam police. What they're doing is as bad if not worse than what police did to protesters in the US during the civil rights movement. Except in this case they were deprived of water and in the 60s in the US protesters were bombarded with water from fire hoses.

    I wonder what the temperture is in Homesh? depriving people of water in a very hot environment could lead to death. What were they thinking??

    Continue to expose their crimes Sultan. Don't give the criminals--even if they were uniforms or hold political office--any rocks to hide under.

  3. Hashem Yirachem...


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