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The Muslim Words You Can't Say

England's new Prime Minister Gordon Brown has placed Muslim and Islam off limits when talking about terrorism. Much as in George Orwell's Newspeak, Muslim Terrorism has become the confluence of words that cannot be spoken.

But Muslim Terrorism is only one of a constellation of related words about Muslims that cannot be spoken. Because Muslim Terrorism describes only one of the more obvious effects of Muslims on the Western towns and cities and nations which they reside in.

Muslim Rape is another one of the words that cannot be spoken. In Sweden and Norway where Muslim rapes account for the majority of sexual assaults, no paper can describe the phenomenon. Instead one recent paper described the spike in sexual assaults as emerging from the hot weather.

But this is not purely a European phenomenon. In Nebraska a judge has barred a woman from describing her rape by Pamir Safi, of Muslim origin, as rape. Pamir Safi had been involved in at least three known sexual assaults and had gotten away with all of them. In the Nebraska case, Pamir Safi had managed to get through his first trial with a hung jury and now his lawyer, Clarence Mock, rape and sexual assault are not words that the victim is permitted to use at the trial. Muslim rape has become yet another word that may not be spoken under the force of law.

With Muslim Rape and Muslim Terrorism barred, Muslim Gangs will no doubt be next. Muslim Gangs are on the rise in the UK and were behind much of the rioting and destruction in France and assaults in Australia. But one cannot speak about them. And then Muslim Drug Dealing which is used by Muslim Gangs on the low level while Muslim Organized Crime often tied to Hizbullah in the form of smuggling, various coupon scams and cigarette smuggling on the low end in the United States are also under the media curtain of silence.

While the West furiously insists on believing that the devil does not exist, the many devils scattered across the West do their work. The worse Muslim crime and terrorism grows, the harder the government and our institutions attempt to keep the lid on by alternately ignoring the problem and working to "strengthen the moderates", a destructive policy that winds up promoting the more attractively packaged brand of extremists and terrorists, much as Israel and America now arm and aid Fatah.

When you can't speak the truth, people exist in blindness. Only speaking the truth can show people the real problems on the table and the real threat at the door.


  1. Execellent article, once again. Sigh. It always disturbs me to read of crimes and their descriptions being toned down for politically correct appearances. Muslim terrorism is perfectly acceptable AND accurate if indeed the terrorist attack involved Muslims or Muslim ideology.

    Islamic fascists is about as tough as most media organizations seem willing to go in describing Muslim terrorism these days.

    Muslim is not a derogatory term in and of itself. Muslim--an adherent of the relgion of Islam. Terrorism--self explanatory. Calling them Muslim terrorists isn't like saying they're bloodthirsty sandn***ers.

    Actually, I don't like to use the term sexual assault, as it seems to dilute the devastating effect that rape has on women. With rape you get the full brunt of what actually happened, a sense of tearing something away from someone by force.

    Ditto with the word homicide. I much prefer to use the words that describe the actual criminal charges--murder, manslaughter etc.

    Of course the media and politicians want people to think that blowing up a car in an airport isn't quite so awful as the images we see really are, so they tone down the terminology. Militants, insurgency, rebels. Change the tone and the emotions follow right along.

    I wonder if the new British PM will revise the term IRA? It's a double standard when it comes to Muslims.

  2. George Orwell was right about how language would be made over to remove the truth.
    But Mohammed's worshippers are violent and crime ridden to be sure.

  3. Just another thought after reading your article again---people talk about strengthening the moderate Muslims sure enough.

    But considering that many of these so-called moderates are considered moderates soley because they dress in western attire and don't rant hate slogan are educated people, such as physicians, at this point I can't say that I trust any Muslims regardless of how moderate they are, how western they dress, or how reasonable they appear as media spokesmen for the Muslim community.

    Whether it's Fatah or Hamas, Arafat's Muslim headwear or Abbas's western suits...they're all terrorists. Aside from religion and ethnicity, I have no other criteria to judge them on, since everything is appears to be self-serving lies.

    I just plain don't trust them. And people coddling them and whitewashing their crimes is repulsive. I didn't feel this way pre-September 11. I had an indifferent to slightly positive view of them, though I knew very little about Islam.

    Now I know the ugly truth.

    What the media and PC left are doing to change our attitudes about Muslim is disturbing. It's like a reverse form of mass operant conditioning and disensitization, similar to the conditioning we see in Stanley "A Clock Work Orange."

  4. Let's face it. Every freaking government is scared stiff of muzlims. It's the old, "If we don't provoke them, they won't hurt us."

    It's similar to the Jewish response to x-tianity. If we don't tell them the truth to their faces, they won't start pogroms again and try to kill us.

    It's a world where people are scared to tell the truth and dismiss reality, which does nothing more than allow bullies rule. Pathetic.

    PS: I can't resist this one. It's just like the Ministry of Magic trying to deny Lord Voldemort has returned, until it's nearly too late and now it's down to the final battle, where many will lose their lives because of the cowardice of their leadership. :] GO HARRY, GO!!!!!

  5. There is no such religious as a "moderate Muslim." If you study Islam, even superficially, you will discover that the religious whom sciolistic journalists and Islam's apologists depict as the "moderate Muslim" is far from benign and nothing less than that Muslim who has not yet become religious enough to kill whom Islam designates as his/her enemy.

    "Freedom and democracy are not two pieces of chocolate to give as a gift to those who don't know them and don't want to know them." --Oriana Fallaci

  6. Hi Sultan, I just discovered you website. I would like to say how much I like it. And thank you so much for saying no cursing. LGF has so turned me off because of the F word in every other comment. The comment on your blog are clean and intelligent. As a christian this is important. I just had to say that. On another note, do you believe humanity will start standing up to the scourge of islam before it's too late? Ima Spencer

  7. Thanks, always glad to have a reader. I try to keep the comment section on the civil and clean side. I'd rather have few comments than bad comments.

    Some people are waking up to the threat of Islam, but few governments are and that is the challenge.


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