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Israel Opening the Door to a Monster

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai has proposed allowing Nayef Hawatmeh to enter Israel from Syria.

Nayef Hawatmeh is the head of the DFLP, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The DFLP was responsible for numerous terrorist atrocities including the Maalot Massacre in 1974 in which DFLP took an Israeli elementary school hostage and murdered over two dozen children. Nayef Hawatmeh claimed credit for the attack on behalf of the DFLP and announced that the purpose of the attack had been to sabotage a peace mission.

The DFLP was also responsible for the Avivim School Bus Massacre in which DFLP terrorists ambushed a school bus full of children, opening fire on it and continuing to fire into the bus even after it had crashed and was down.

In recent years backed by Syrian aid and operating from Damascus, the DFLP has continued carrying out shooting and bombing attacks against Israelis, though the US government refuses to recognize the DFLP as a terrorist organization.

Abbas has asked to bring in Nayef Hawatmeh into the West Bank and pressure is coming to bear on the government to do it. The trip is being described as a visit, even though once Nayef Hawatmeh is inside Israeli borders there will be no way to make him leave short of a military assault.

Matan Vilnai is meanwhile delivering sickening statements like the following in defense of allowing Hawatmeh in.
"Even though he was a man who dealt in terror, under the current circumstances he appears to be someone who can assist in shifting the balance in favor of the moderate Palestinian front."

Moderation? The man whose terrorists massacred schoolchildren and schoolbuses is a force for moderation? The man responsible for some of the worst terrorist atrocities in Israeli history merely "dealt in terror."

In negotiations to secure the release of the captured IDF soldiers we must remember that there will always be an emergence of new murderers among our enemies, Vilnai said.

Yes that was the line Rabin and Peres sold us and look where it's gotten us. What's the difference between Hawatmeh and Hamas? That one is Marxist and the other Islamist? That one favors immediate war and the other favors a longer term war?

Hawatmeh is Syrian based. On the eve of a war the military is claiming we're about to face with Syria, the Deputy Defense Minster is talking about allowing in a top Syrian based terrorist into Israel?

This is not even madness anymore. This is just evil and this government and its rotten collection of thieves, liars, criminals and appeasers needs to go by any means necessary. At this point either this government will go or Israel will.


  1. Anonymous15/7/07

    The answer to your question is hidden in your report. This fellow is a Marxist. He is a secular Muslim. And, that difference is what makes him good. There is little difference between Abbas and Hamas, other then their beliefs. The Israeli left believes that a single State can be negotiated with a secular terrorist whereby humanoid Jews (Jews without the baggage of the Bible) will be granted personal rights as a minority. Hamas will never go along with that. Not that the PA will. But, the feeble minded left thinks they can turn Israel into another South Africa where Whites have their personal rights protected. In reality Zimbabwe is a more likely outcome. Even then the left elite is OK since they think they will be needed and protected.

  2. Anonymous15/7/07

    Recognizing the problem is good, but not enough. We need a moral/ethical leadership in opposition. The majority of Jews in Israel are simply not ready for a religious government. Therefore, the religious parties will never amount to any serious opposition. Perhaps that is good based on their prior trackrecord. However, it is the lack of a "somewhat" religious (traditional) "Jew first" right wing party that is needed. This is what PM Begin had and what Rabbi Kahana wanted. (Of course, we know how the worldly Judicial System disallowed Kach while permitting various anti-Israel Arab parties.)

    However, any honest Right wing party member will have to be squeaky clean since the legal system will do everything they can to charge them with some illegal activity. In fact that will be one way to know if the fellow is honest, if he is investigated.

  3. Without G-d's face shining upon us at this juncture there is no hope. We cannot assassinate Armilus (Olmert). That has been tried before and has not worked. There is no way to get rid of him through domestic political means. All have been bought off to protect him and the new "President". The pulsating human scum has its grip on power. I see no earthly solution to our problem. Only fervent prayer will get us through this trial of faith. Hopefully we have not exhausted our clain on divine compassion.

    What suggestions do you have to overthrow Armilus the Abominable?

  4. This child murderer Hawatmeh should be let into Israel--and summarily arrested, tried, and executed.

    I read that the logic in allowing him for a few days is to bolster Fatah. Whether it's Fatah or Hamas the ideology is the same, the bombs the same, the bloodshed the same, and the victims Israeli.

  5. prayer is one means but as Hashem said to Moshe Rabbeinu at the Yam Suf,

    וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה אֶל-מֹשֶׁה מַה-תִּצְעַק אֵלָי דַּבֵּר אֶל-בְּנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל וְיִסָּעוּ

    i don't think we can ever really say that prayer is the only option and completely disregard all courses of action, that route is very dangerous for anyone but great tzaddikim because we simply don't have the merits for that

  6. It is revealing that you chose the greatest open miracle of salvation in human history, the Splitting of Yam Suf, to illustrate your position that we must take an initiative. If it were only as simple as walking toward the PM's residence with our fist raised so that G-d would blow away all of his security as we approach the guarded gate. 70,000 protesters at Kfar Maimon could not stop the Expulsions of two summers ago. 70,000 protesters on the lawn in front of the Knesset next to the Erev Rav's citadels of power will not sway them from their evil schemes.

    Perhaps if we all gathered in front of the Mount of Olives, and someone with the spirit of Nachshon ben Aminadav were to take the first few steps up the mountain, then the mountain would split in two. Ah, that might turn some heads, and bring about the downfall of Armilus the Wicked (Olmert). Short of that, the Forward March over the Cliff Party, (Kadima), will not be stopped by our combined efforts. Dear Sultan, I wish there was something else that we could do in addition to fervent prayer. In the meantime, I will do my hishtadlut and will keep enough gas in my car to make it to the slopes of the Mt. of Olives when that awesome moment in history arrives. I will be ready to take those first steps up the mountain. In the end it will be more effective than a loaded gun or setting up a pup tent in front of the PM's residence. I wish there was more that we could do to stop the regime of human scum, but G-d is driving this car. By the way, we named our eldest Yehudah Nachshon.

  7. the example comes from the yam suf but there are plenty of others (and i would point out that the sea didn't split until nachson and others went forward and in fact they nearly drowned in the waters before it split)

    for example while moshe and aaron were praying, pinchas took action and struck down zimri

    there have been numbers at kfar maimon but they were under the control of leadership that was either week or outright corrupted and numbers are ultimately meaningless without leadership

    tefilah is unquestionably important and well i hope your tefilot come true and that we shortly do stand at the end of galut together and if not may yehuda nachson, grow up to be like his namesakes

  8. Olmert is not Armilus!
    Such things fly in the face of Daniel's words which indicate Armilus is a man of international power with roots in Edom.
    Armilus is not some two bit penny ante politician like Olmert.

  9. If Israelis do nothing to protest this and do not make a huge international stink against their own government, something heard round the world, then they must accept what is put upon them.

  10. You're 100-percent right Lemon.

    If there remains footage of the massacres that Hawatmeh is responsible for it needs to be broadcast internationally and the mainstream media needs to call Olmert on the carpet to demand answers and actions. And yes, his resignation.

    Had they lived, no one in his or her right mind would even think of allowing the Beslan terrorists to re-victimize Russian children.

    For heavens sake Israel, your children are precious and they're being slaughtered. Withdraw the olive branch and start protecting them and yourselves before it's too late.

    You tried everything in your power to make peace and it hasn't worked. Now is the time to purge the murderers from your country.

    I feel very much out of my league in biblical knowledge and political knowledge of Israel so I'll sit back and read what others have to say.

    Another excellent and though provoking article, Sultan.

  11. Dear Lemon:

    Daniel does not mention Armilus by name when he speaks of an Edomite leader of international stature. Hillel Skolaver, the Vilna Gaon's top student on matters dealing with the final redemption, in Kol HaTor identifies Armilus as the last leader of the Erev Rav at the end of days. The Gaon identifies Armilus as a Jew, not a gentile. Spiritually he has the soul of one of the son's of Bila'am who lead the Erev Rav in the desert.

    By the way, according to medrashim, Armilus will kill or will try to kill Mashiach ben Yosef. For those who hold that Rav Kahane was MBY, Olmert was one of the three lawyer team in Likud who banned Kahane from running his slate in the 1988 elections. He probably would have received 10-12 seats if had he run. Two years later he was killed by an assassin's bullet. Kol HaTor also predicts that Armilus will receive his power from a place which emanates from the Western gate (Jaffa gate) from the Old City. It is worth noting that the first building of note along Jaffa Road after it emanates from the Old City is the Mayor's office. Olmert is Armilus, almost 99% sure.

  12. Armilus is the product of Edom.
    He does violence to the covenant and may at one time have been a part of it. But, we know that Eliyahu must first come and seperate out those who are unlawfully included and those unlawfully excluded. Many who claim to be part of the covenant are not.
    Kol ha Tor also indicates that Armilus is of world shaking power, not like Olmert.
    I see no real indication in Kol ha Tor that Olmert would be Armilus at all. You are leaving out too much.
    But let us not debate this one someone elses blog. We disagree.
    Time alone will tell what is what.

  13. K.A. No one is ready to pay the steep price that will be necessary for Israel to be cleaned up.

    We will not see this clear up til the times of Moshiach. Instead, this is only the beginning , it will get far , far worse before its all over.

  14. The photo looks like a meeting of mafioso thugs.

    Can't you just hear the de's dem's and doz?

  15. I'm still for wiping every bloody arab off the planet, along with their supporters. It beats sitting back and watching them take over Israel (of which we offer freely because we're a depraved bunch moronic sickos) and mock us for our stupidity.

    (I don't think I should have given up caffeine....where's my green tea...)


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