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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Democrats Determined to Lose All Our Wars

The Democratic congress with its approval rating in the toilet and frustrated that amnesty has tanked and that their own base now hates them, has resorted to acting like a spoiled brat left alone in a room filled with crystal vases and a baseball bat.

Give a brat a baseball bat and good things rarely happen. The Democratic Congress has struck down Free Trade agreements between the US and Columbia and South Korea. Lest you think this is some sort of Democratic opposition to globalization and international trade... as that gang of traitors and idiots is busy trying to pretend... they have approved those between the US and Panama and Peru.

What's the method to their madness? South Korea and Columbia are both involved in their own life and death struggles, South Korea with North Korea and Columbia with the leftists terrorists and drug dealers backed by the best friend of the Democrats, Hugo Chavez. That gang of traitors and buffoons that have taken over Congress are not striking down trade agreements at random, they are deliberately targeting countries involved in their own wars on terror in order to aid the enemies of civilization.

For a while now Hugo Chavez has been building ties with the American left, appearing in public with Cindy Sheehan and hosting events. He's also been arming and aiding the narcoterrorists of FARC in Columbia, whom the popular government of President Uribe has actually managed to push back.

Now suddenly the Democrats are penning protests against Columbia. Al Gore ducked out of an environment conference to avoid appearing with Uribe. I guess he didn't want FARC to cut off his son's supply. Senator Patrick Leahy, also known as Saddam's best friend in the Senate, Barack Hussein Obama and other Democratic Senators have cut off the military aid that Columbia was using to combat FARC while demanding that Columbia restrain its use of force against the NarcoTerrorists. Clearly the Democratic congress just can't wait until more drugs pour in from Columbia to America.

With military aid cut off, we can then expect the Democratic Congress to push for an envoy to pressure Columbia into giving in to FARC's demands for their own sovereign territory inside Columbia, shades of the Palestinian Authority, that will eventually swallow all of Columbia and leave a bloody ruin ruled over by a left wing dictator in the style of Hugo Chavez, hero of the Democratic Party. And the drug party will never end.

The same useless bunch of liars and cretins are calling for Condoleeza Rice to get tough on Columbia but they can't manage a call to get tough on Hamas and shriek in horror at the thought of getting tough on Iran and when it comes to Syria, their own Queen Nancy, took her own trip to cuddle with a murderous dictator and undermine US Foreign Policy and human rights activists in Syria just so she could have a chance to show up the President.

The Democratic party desperately wants to lose, not simply the War on Terror, not simply America, they want every country that is resisting the cancers of Islamic Terrorism and Left Wing Radicalism to lose and they're doing their best to bring those countries down. That's what striking down the FTA's on South Korea and Columbia while leaving Peru and Panama intact was about. That's what the growing pressure on Columbia to give in to the narcoterrorists is about.


  1. Anonymous5/7/07

    Erev Tov to all.
    I served in the U.S. Army for ten years and earned an Honorable Discharge, and as a former Green Beret, I am what you might term "familiar" with South America.

    The Democrats are two decades too late; yet, they seek the superficial. They seek legitimacy for a FARC that (directly or indirectly) already controls the Columbian government.

    I must point out a more important concept that pertains to Democrats and Republicans: form is upheld over substance.

    The United States has a long history of backing those it believes to support its own interests. Did everyone know that prior to the Bolshevik revolution, the U.S. sent a force of 200 marines to Russia (that saw combat) to support the Czar? When the communists ousted the Czar, they "weren't pleased" with us. It happened again after WWII when Ho Chi Minh approached Aaron Bank and asked for U.S. help against the French. We backed the French, Dien Bien Phu came and went, and then the Cong became enemies of the U.S. It happened again with the Shah of Iran. And again with Saddam Hussein (we supported him in Iraq when the Ayatollah took power in Iran). It is happening now as the U.S. supports (a better term is "bets on") Fatah. One need not consult ovi'im or Dionne Warwich to see that when Hamas butchers Fatah, it will "remember" the U.S. backed Fatah.

    Condoleeza Rice decried Cuba (one month ago) for human rights abuses and totalitarianism,and she restated the necessity uphold economic embargo.

    What about China? I guess when American firms can "outsource" for 13 years and "produce cheap goods" (slave labor) under NAFTA/Clinton admin. guidelines, raking in uncountable billions along the way. As such, human rights aren't so important to them, are they?

    Thomas Jefferson (as cited in the previous post) is a perfect example of such "two-way" thought. He wrote marvelous treatises expounding the virtues of human rights and the equality of men, yet, he owned human slaves. That's akin to having the Kohein HaGadol enter HaKadosh Kedoshim with a pound of ham under his arm.

    The people of the U.S. have their bread and circuses: they choose (present and future tenses of the verb) their own delusions. The revolution needs to come from within the people: each person to change themselves. The government is merely a reflection of its constituents: materialistic goyim, who will turn on us, on Klal Yisrael at a moment's notice (or no notice at all). Shabbat Shalom.
    Yesha Galluzzo

  2. an early shabbat shalom yesha,

    It is essentially necessary for the United States to back countries and causes around the world to undermine our enemies. The problem is we often back causes and countries at random and senselessly.

    Iran and Hamas and communists and islamic ideologies in general would be against us, regardless of whether we took sides against them or not. But the corporate game playing with China is wrong, all the more so because China uses trade as an act of aggression.

    I will point out as a sideline that the US sent troops into Russia under a Wilsonian dictate of neutrality after the Czar had been overthrown, with a confused mission in part at the request of the Russian government to block the Japanese backed White Russian Cossacks, maintain freedom of rail travel and help the Czech Allied troops leave Russian territory safely.

    Had a serious force been committed to overthrowing the Bolsheviks in Moscow, we might have avoided the Cold War entirely.

    But the government makes decisions that are not serious, throws away lives without commitment and acts without understanding. Corporate hypocrisy and liberal self-destructive agendas warp policymaking leaving a rotted shell.

    The revolution does indeed need to be an individual revolution from inside each of us.

    Thank you for your comments

  3. Well, they don't belong here.

  4. You know, I'm not crazy about George Bush. He doesn't exactly exude confidence. Still, the thought of what would be happening in this country if a democrat is elected terrifies me.

  5. The worst Election of a dem besides Jimmy Carter was John Kennedy.
    This was the biggest mistake America ever made, putting a catholic in a position of that much power! Horrific mistake.
    He toured Apalachia to *end* poverty there.. as a ploy for votes. Nothing was ever done. He did it to take eyes off the fact that he was a Catholic.
    It used to be that catholics could not hold any public office in America.
    Their presence in America in immigrations after the 20s spelled a death knell for the USA.
    Note what catholic rioters did to NYC in the draft riots in which the church tried to destroy america.
    Allowing Catholic immigrants into the USA is inviting Edom to rule.
    This is not a catholic nation, never was, never should be.
    If this bothers anyone.. tough spit.



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