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Friday, July 20, 2007

100,000 Readers

Sultan Knish has passed his 100,000 visitor mark.
He has been blogging for a short while but in that time has gained a loyal and steady readership who faithfully read his blog.
This blog is more than just passing on links and rewriting stories from the news outlets. There are tons of blogs like that out there.
No, Sultan Knish has a difference, he tells you the story and the background behind the news in today's headlines. He takes things apart down to the root and shows you the in depth truth behind the world situations. This is something rare in blogs and its not easy to do.
Something you might not know is that Sultan Knish has a exceptional grasp of history and of the psychology behind people and nations. His knowledge of geo-politics is well renowned among those who know him.
He is a published author and accomplished ghost writer!, psychologist and journalist and you may even have seen his book cover art on several publications!

Congratulations Sultan and may we all see many more years of great posts.


  1. thank you very much, it's nice to be read and even nicer to have a great blogging partner like you :)

  2. Anonymous21/7/07

    Hei Knish.
    Quite a milestone reached, so tis.
    Take care and do keep writing. :)

  3. thank you for your kind wishes riihele, better a milestone than a millstone they always say... or should

  4. Anonymous21/7/07

    Since finding you I have offered several comments as anonymous. We have had a small disagreement about the role played by the religious parties. I say small because I too am ashamed by some of the votes-for-money choices. I do understand that they mostly do it for the benefit of their people, as opposed to personal gain.

    There was in this weekend edition of Hamodia an interesting article about the slap to Rabbi Cohen. Basically the article pointed out that for all practical purposes the various religious parties have no substance in governmental affairs. Therefore, their presence is simply a way to maintain their limited status under the best conditions that they have. The article also goes on to explain the reality of what happens in Israel. Essentially the country is run by technocrats that are of a left wing persuasion. Even when the old Likud, under PM Begin, was in power there was little that they could do to annex the biblical lands of Israel. Yet, it was rather easy to abandon Gaza. Apparently there is an article (I think in Forbes) that states that a third of Israel’s wealth is controlled by 16 families. These families have mostly supported left wing agendas. With this resistance to support Jewish traditions there is little chance of change. The religious parties are working to change things from the grass roots level with the hope of seeing change in the future. This is what drives the anti-religious crazy and why they strike out in many ways. The Knesset may pass laws, but the technocrats can often send these rules into committee trash-binds.

    We are confronted with a race between the end of Israel as we know it and the development of a truly Jewish State. Those opposed to tradition will do everything possible to destroy the State rather then see a religious revival.

    When I was growing up the theory was that being religious was a dieing tradition. The idea of a religious education and keeping the laws was growing out of style. It is my conclusion that the pre-independence parties wanted to replace tradition with humanistic values. They wanted to abandon Judaism and replace it with the strength of human might. They wanted their nation to be Israeli not Jews. How different were these people then Stalin and Germany? There have been suggestions that they were not very different in their outlook. So what does a committed liberal do when the masses swing to more conservative values? The left will destroy everything rather then leave it to the right wing masses. And, this is what motivates the technocrats in Israel today.

    Take a look at what is happening to the Russian billionaire. As long as he wasn't a threat to the political system, the government did not consider sending him to trail in France. Now that he is proposing to establish a conservative party the judicial system is reving up to kick him out. The more he moves to help Jews the more likely he will be handcuffed and sent to France. Once there he will likely get the maximum sentence available. (Sounds like what was done to Pollard.)

  5. Congratulations on your 100,000 writing milestone. May you have even greater writing successes and even more readers in the future.

    And 100,000+ blessings in your life.

    (btw: when you write the Pulizter prize winner, don't forget to name a character after me. Could be a minor character lol.

  6. thank you k.a.

    if i ever win a pullitzer you can have a whole novel, lol

  7. Anonymous23/7/07

    Congratulations! A great milestone, but I know you will continue to grow. Love your writing and images.



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