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Poor Richard Silverstein and Tikkun Hamas

The Forward in its current incarnation has never met an Anti-Semite it didn't like. Especially a Jewish one. This time out it profiles the tragic wrongdoing done to Richard Silverstein or the Tikkun Hamas blog. Poor Richard has been having a bad month. First he wailed despairingly that Palestinians are busy killing each other instead of killing Jews (as he would prefer) and then someone created a mean blogspot blog parody of him.

When normal bloggers have parody blogs created of them, they shrug their shoulders and move on but as everyone knows the biggest bullies are the first to whine when anyone shoves them back. Their cowardice is exactly what drives their viciousness in the first place. Richard Silverstein has made a career of defending terrorists who kill Jews but when a blog mocks him, Richard runs for his lawyer.

So Richard Silverstein lawyered up and began threatening to sue Google. (You would think that a blogger whose blog is subtitled "Making the World a Better Place" while supporting terrorists would have more of a sense of humor or at least irony) and his hissy fit has been picked up by The Forward.
The case of Silverstein...is but one example of the below-the-belt discourse that has taken hold in the world of Jewish blogging. Scurrilous barbs and sharp-tongued insults are routinely tossed back and forth through cyberspace from one Jewish blogger to another, appearing in long threads in the sections reserved for reader comments.
Tragic. Simply tragic. You see once upon a time the Jewish blogsphere was an oasis of peace and good fellowship and then suddenly people began turning mean and throwing "scurrilous barbs" at one another. Then we all took out our sword canes and had it out before becoming peers of the realm.

The Jewish blogsphere has like the rest of the blogsphere seen its share of fighting because like most of the internet, it's basically a place for people to hang out and talk to each other. Typical of media articles on the subject is some sort of phony pretense that the internet was once a utopia that suddenly went sour.

Richard Silverstein's case however is irrelevant because Richard Silverstein and Tikkun Hamas are not part of the Jewish blogsphere. He's part of the Palestinian blogsphere.
The fake blog, called “Little Dickie’s Diaper Droppings,” wasn’t pretty. In addition to the scatological references, the site was riddled with graphic sexual innuendo.
Oh dear. Scatological references. And scurrilous barbs. How Dickensian. Poor Richard. Poor, poor Richard. Sure he defended Hizbullah but how could he be expected to cope with scatological references. Oh poop.

In the United States, Silverstein has invoked the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a 1998 law that covers copyright infringement on the Internet, in his attempts to have the fake blog taken down. Silverstein said that when he contacted Blogger.com, the Google subsidiary that hosts the defamatory Web site, to demand that the site be removed, he was only partially successful.

“Clearly the people who run these sites know they’ve violated copyright, and what they’re trying to do is thumb their noses at me,” Silverstein said. “But what they’re actually doing is putting themselves in jeopardy.”

What Silverstein is doing is trying to silence a parody of himself. And he knows it too. Sadly he's not in the UK or Israel so he has to resort to the DMCA, a bogus corporate funded law that doesn't apply here. This is nothing more than harassment because a blogger who supports the terrorists shelling and murdering Israeli civilians is too thin skinned to cope with some scatological references.

So instead Poor Richard Silverstein is doing his best to try and intimidate everyone with threats of lawsuits while at the same time baselessly slandering a variety of folks including Steven Plaut, Aussie Dave, Rachel Neuwirth and others for conspiring against him. Somehow when he threatens to sue people because his sense of humor is limited to giggling when shells fall on Sderot, it's a fight against cyberbullying. But when he slanders others and gets sued, he's still the one being cyberbullied. This pathetic whining from Richard Silverstein would be ridiculous if it wasn't being taken seriously by a major Jewish paper.

The Forward calls Richard Silverstein a liberal Jewish blogger but supporting terrorism does not make you a liberal. Certainly not Jewish. Jewschool might be a liberal blog. Maybe. Richard Silverstein is just Hizbullah's spit bucket. The Forward's claims of cyberbullying is limited to citing Richard Silverstein, Daniel Sieradski and Orthomom.

Is there any chance that the Forward would actually quote a conservative or Zionist Jewish blogger who has been targeted and harassed? I think the odds of that are about as good as Hamas and Fatah dancing the Hora together. Which speaks eloquently to the Forward's bias.

And yet Richard Silverstein whines on.
If you've been trashed by Abitbol and his minions at Jewlicious you must have something important to say to the world. Only testosterone driven bullies like them would feel it was their right, nay obligation, to trash fellow Jews who diverge from their rather narrow religious-political views.
Behold the man. Behold the whine. The defender of terrorists cries suddenly for civility. You cannot serve as the propaganda outlet for the murderers of Jews and then hypocritically demand civility. Murder is the worst form of incivility imaginable and Richard Silverstein has made his blogging career trafficking in it. For a defender of murderers to plead for civility is hypocritical. It is doubly hypocritical for a professional slanderer and cyberbully to whine about bullying.


  1. Anonymous27/6/07

    Thanks, Sultan!


  2. Scatological referrences, scurrilous barbs, and bears oh my!

    Lemme see. This man writes pro-Palestine, anti-Israel stuff but is now pulling out the lashon hara, Jewish unity, can't we all just get along trump card?

    Sorry Richard. You should be able to take as well as you give! If you attack Israel and praise the Palestinian terrorists accept the fact that bloggers who are pro-Zionist and anti-Palestinian will come back with their own comments.

    And in case you're not familiar with my views here they are: I am pro-Israel 100-percent, and as for the Palestinians, I think supporting the Hamas and Fatah governments that are making Palestinian civilians miserable and also killing innocent Israelis is morally repugnant.

    And yes, I can very well differentiate between Hamas and Fatah and the civilians who are just sick of all the bombings, beheadings, and shootings.

    Tell me exactly how supporting Hamas and Fatah are in the best interests of ANYONE, Israeli or Palestinian?

    Anyone with half a brain could look at the horrendous conditions of Gaza City and the gorgeous Jewish settlements and see that this fantasy of a Palestinian homeland is nothing but a wastland and terrorist military base.

    Face it, the best hope for a homeland and peace in the region is a united, single Jewish state. Under that state all citizens would have modern healthcare, legal rights, employment, true religious freedom. The Muslim citizens could laugh without fear of getting sentenced to prison for violating shira law.

    Grow up Richard. And guess what? Anyone in the public eye, and the blogosphere IS very public faces scorn. Guess what? If you want to be a citizen reporter understand that you will have readers that hate your guts and are vehemently opposed to what you write, especially if it is commentary.

    You don't think newspaper reporters get hate mail? Angry letters to the editor about columns and articles? Do they sue because someone wrote something nasty about them? Of course not. Why don't you go see that Daniel Pearl movie that just came out, or rent Veronica Geurin? Maybe then you'll see that these blogs making parodies of you and disagreeing without you aren't so bad afterall.

    But things into perspective. You don't sue over a blog.

    Have a nice day.

    Thank you for the forum, Sultan.

  3. My early morning opinion before finishing my first cuppa coffee. Read with fear and trembling. LOL!!!

    Jewish morons, i.e., a Jew who supports all things evil towards ones fellow Jew, should just shut up to begin with. Or better still, have the ground open up under their hidiously evil feet and swallow them whole.

    Or be forced to eat the droppings in my cats litterbox!

    Hmmm....I wonder little whinie can sue me for that? LOL

  4. Oh my. Of course, most bloggers relish getting referred to by other bloggers, in any sense (positive or negative), as it draws traffic!

  5. Right you are, Akiva. Positive or negative it's publicity nevertheless.

  6. Great site, Sultan. You did well to excoriate Richard Siverstein. He deserves every objurgation he gets.

    Richard Siverstein is nothing but a self-aggrandized megalomaniac who cannot accept even the most simple truths. How can he reprove anyone about "lashon hara" and yet calumniate and betray his fellow Jews while simultaneously encouraging an enemy whose religion(Islam)advocates and commands its adherents to despise and even kill Jews?

    Siverstein is nothing but a shameless sophist who, instead of assenting to truthful responses, never expounds but constantly hints at a knowledge only he--but not his opponents--is privy to. He has publicly translated himself into an angry little god.

    Siverstein is the proverbial fool in his own conceit. Perhaps he and his Muslim jihadist friends have some inside information they share with each other about an Islam which doesn't murder children, behead and maim and hate, although the world as we know it has not yet experienced this Islam.

    Simply put: Silverstein's head is so far up his behind that he is helpless to pull it out; he now rides the Islamist tiger and has not the courage nor the humility to dismount from his treacherous and anti-Jewish rage.

    Don't expect anything good from Siverstein, Sultan. Silverstein has gone over to the dark side. Silverstein is now one of Amalek.

    Michael Devolin

  7. Anonymous12/7/07

    Richard is a warrior for palestine

  8. Silverstein is nothing more than a 21st Century version of an Internet KAPO.

    Great inciteful Blog.

    I have mentioned this piece on my own forum.


  9. Anonymous26/5/08

    The Little Dickie Silverstein Marching Song

    I am a little kapo,
    It makes my mommy mad,
    Cause when I am a kapo,
    Those Zionists get sad!

    I celebrate the jihad,
    and terror all the while,
    I fill my blog and web page,
    With loud salutes of Sieg Heil!

    I want to see them Zraelis,
    All dumped out in the sea,
    My swastika a waving,
    Cause everything's bout me.

    (from the Kapostein blog)

  10. Anonymous18/11/08

    Thanks Sultan Knish. Richard Silverstein is a deplorable creature. A self praised savior of the world, that implicitly makes clear that through his way of thinking, this is the way to better off humanity and the world. He is not a wretched soul but a soulless creature. He is a coward and amazes me so old he is, so immature. Actually, you cannot say anything about this liar. He indeed drives to a cyberbulling place. of course...who are you to go against the superior oppressor and imperialist far leftists magnitude bull(ier), the great "Blogger only" AKA parasite Richard Silverstein. Once I wrote against his views- not him and he attacked me personally saying, that I should learn a better English- before truying to reach a person like him- so much to better off the world. Literally oppressed me and made me feel bad- I even cried a lot(I came from a very poor country and learned english by myself)- what about if I ask him to learn my language (b/c the ones he knows, any baboon would know, considering that he learned at home with his family and in a very richy environment)- what an inferior bastard as it sats in my culture. Amazingly, his e-mail to me was very badly written-Well, b/.c of this type of American Oppressor, other good and loving and angel Americans (the majority of the population) is blamed and hated by abroad foreigners. So I beg the world: Richard Silverstein is a malign fool. He is a wacko, a parasite, and himself an oppressor and e-imperialist. Whenever you speak out against him, he plays sassy girl, the victim and oppresses you through denying expressing your opinion in his Web Site. of course. He wants all that access that piece of garbage- all new ones, not even have a clue of the soulless creature he is.

    And the valor himself as I said, b/c he speaks several languages: Welllittle Richard,it was not only expected considering you learned at home, but any poor creature today speaks several languages. It is a matter of market and professional survival- how ridiculous your resume. It is good to mentally disables, fools, leftists, people with low ego and parasites, not me. World, listen to me: Richard Silverstein DOES NOT represent the Americans, but Hammas and Hizbollah lovers, the one that mutilate females, exterminate others under the label of god's commanments...he is a bestiality abider. An opportunist. A loser, fighting for his miserable slice of bread and indeed getting richer and richer. It is matter of statistics….Barbaric creatures, brain damages and peace loving immature cowards contribute to what they call a noble work.
    Silverstein Imperialism reside of the fact that he blocks critics against his low form of life- a terrorist abider. Only he speaks, NOT you. The superior kind of the clan of the Richard Silverstein….AKA Nazist?
    And that's my opinion !!!!Thanks Sultan- I praise you.

  11. Anonymous19/11/08

    Sultan Knish, I thank you for the excellent service you have been providing to the community. Here comes my opinion:
    My perception of Richard Filthy_stein (Silverstein) - I guess he does not mind us mocking the unblessed name of his family (b/c he does that against others- calling names), is less than deplorable. From anger, I transitioned to pity. Little Yingelle Richard- like his bubyie would call him- in my opinion- perhaps I’m wrong, is mentally disable. He was born Jew but is worse than a Kapo. Born man, but does not hold any manhood, advocates himself as intelligent- b/c he speaks several languages, when indeed any baboon today does that due to the globalization. My main question is: What kind of woman would ever join such a "man"? Unless proven otherwise by logic and social proxy, a loser in several spheres or a poor woman in despair- who knows what life obligates others to do. In my opinion. I’m so curious to know who would ever join a mentally disable of this magnitude? A Man? Plays girl, plays victomhood and cries worse than in a cheap South American melo drama.

    So who in the hell would ever join or support a "human" being who is born man, "pero no mucho", Jew "pero no mucho", religious” pero no mucho"?
    Somebody that is so deplorable or worse- Basic logic-In my opinion.

    And, what kind of psychopath he is. So everybody conspire against him? He holds himself with such an importance? How inferior….Yingelle Richard- you are NOTHING, so others would stop their routines- join in a “Bildenberger Society” and conspire against you- stupid one. Even your friends Islamists (Muslims terrorist) probably hold you as a coward female- a malign fool- in my opinion. Don’t worry, while hiding their knives, they will pet you swearing under Al Taqyia that they loooooooove you- touching your cheeks like Bubye Silverstein.
    Again, unblessed Richard I’m talking about Radical Islam- not Muslims- you bad child!!!!

    I think we have to watch very carefully, very closely his community, those who support him and especially speaking his family, b/c in the day they will be alone, abandoned by Jews and up to be disintegrated by islamists (not Muslims, but Islamist), nobody shall extend a hand to the disease, of the Silverstein.
    Besides, yingelle Richard, like Bubye Silverstein would call the freaky boy, yes conspire against others. Persecutes, harass and oppresses. So basically, he projects upon others what HE does. - What an inferior manner- is that what Mommy Silverstein taught to little Richard? That's the music that was sung to little Richard while at the crib time? Who knows....I’m not saying that yes or not- “Einstein” Richard, I'm saying who knows (You are not intelligent so we have to explain everything to the ultimate level).What a mentally disable? Actually, if I call him mentally disable I will be disrespecting the mentally disables. Little Richard is much worse.

    In my opinion, A Man with no manhood, human with no humanity, parasite, Guided by an alter ego, coward, looking dirty...Well...Now I understand why prophet muhamad (pbu) called Jews pigs and monkeys- perhaps, muhamad found on his way "Jews" like Silverstein- who guarantee that not. Were I to meet such a Jew, why not pass through my mind these words? BTW- Silverstein says we hate Muslims-- LIAR IS SILVERSTEIN- I have 5 good friends who are Muslims- Little Richard- the Yinguele like Bubye would say, does not understand that even to be a crook, a swindler or a liar, it is required from the "human "source some intelligence.
    Well, Yingelle Richard surely does not hold this basic requirement.-How deplorable this coward. What an “Einstein”…”Kudos” to his ancestry- what a “success”, in my opinion.
    Finally, the soul…Wow the dramalhon of the soul….We are a wretched soul- the psychopath, superior monkey (the the Koran would call him as a Jew), is the phenomena of our time, that came to save the world, to bestow us with the right- the new messiah.
    One more thing- when he deplores Steven Plaut- it clearly shows how much he envies the superior capacity of that man. Sorry Yingelle Richard, as Trump (Donald), says: We come differently to this world, with different talents and capacity. Steven Plaut is light years superior to you. Actually, does not take much to be superior to you- does it?

    Give me a break- what an inferior circus. AND THAT’S MY OPINION !!!!
    Thanks for reading guys !!!!
    Unblessed be Richard Silverstein and all his Klan forever and ever.

    Blessing to you Sultan. Long life until “360”.Long life to thr righteous ones and to the good muslims of this world.

  12. Anonymous22/3/09

    Richard Silverstein declared Libeler by California Court - Gets Clobbered by Rachel Neuwirth!

    Breaking News:

    Little Dickie just lost his diaper in the California Second Appelate Court! He and jihanik-professor Joel Beinin had been sued by the heroic Rachel Neuwirth, best known for successfully suing the gotkes off of the violent hooligan pseudo-rabbi Chaim Seidler Feller in court. She had lost the first round to Dickie and Beinin, but now the appeals court overturned that ruling and found in Neuwirth's favor. The court holds Silverstein to be a pathetic liar, smearster, and libeler!! Little Dickie will be paying valiant Rachel significant amounts in damages!

    Dickie had smeared Neuwirth and others as "Kahanist swine" simply because he disagrees with their opinions. Beinin had falsely claimed that Neuwirth had threatened his life.

    We have long known that Dickie's pants are on fire, but now a California court has made it official!The ruling was the unanimous decision of judges Woods, Zelon and Jackson.UPDATE (3/3/09) The Dickling loses his appeal in California court. Dickie appealed his earlier loss to Neuwirth in the California appeals court and got shot down. For details, go here. We quote:
    '(Signed Unpublished)The judgment in favor of Silverstein and Beinin and order
    granting their special motions to strike are reversed. The matter is remanded to
    the trial court with instructions to enter a new and different order granting
    Silverstein's motion as to the second cause of action only, denying
    Silverstein's motion as to the first cause of action and denying Beinin's motion
    as to the second cause of action. As to the second cause of action only,
    Silverstein is entitled to his costs and attorneys' fees pursuant to section
    425.16, subdivision (c). As to the first cause of action agaisnt Silverstein and
    the second cause of action against Beinin, Neuwirth is entitled to her costs on
    appeal./14 pgs/WZJ.'
    Geplaatst door KapoDickie op 23:56

  13. Anonymous22/11/09

    Dickie tries to publish on Aljazeera


  14. Richard Silverstein pleading for civility is the ultimate in hypocrisy not only because of his defence of Hamas and such-like but even in its own terms because of his own total lack of civility when faced with a more eloquent opponent - i.e. most of the time.

    I remember recently clashing with him in comments on his own blog and politely but firmly knocking him for six (a British expression) with facts and eloquent arguments. Unable to debate with me on facts and logical reasoning, he kept coming back with rudeness and puerile (but ineffective) sarcasm. In the end he had to resort to censoring me because I had demolished all his feeble arguments.


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