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Out of Death and Devastation

In the aftermath of the buildings' collapse I noticed that the support girders looked like parts of a cathedral standing alone and straight in the midst of devastation all around.

The tears of the people who remained were a sermon in that cathedral about the humanity and greatness of the spirit and love of the American soul that is not found in any other people on this earth.

It was the worst time, and yet we were shown what our people are made of deep in the soul where one cannot normally see. Out of the dust and the ashes rose a people of faith and hope whose love for one another transcended the hate of those miserable things who have no concern for life in any fashion.

The comparison of American to "them" was so loud, so incredibly loud. It did indeed rise above audible hearing all the way to the throne of God as a sweet music of brotherly love.

Out of all that death and devastation rose the power of their love which convicted and condemned the enemy by its very comparison. The heroism, the faith, the love for their fellows which manifested itself in all of the horror was the loudest thing I heard that day. That sound still lives and will too until all those who destroy are dust and ashes under the feet of the righteous.

(from a comment by Lemon Lime Moon)


  1. That was beautifully written!

  2. it's the work of my co-blogger lemon lime moon

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Lemon's words, Barber's Adagio...beautiful!

    Thank you :)

  4. Anonymous16/6/07

    Was this out of Stanley Kubrick's movie "2001 Odysee in Space"? Kind of reminds me of it, even the music. I have to agree with you half heartedly. Yes, initially it seemed to cause a change for the better of the American people. However, it was very short lived. I just finished reading two books by Peter Marshall and Dave Manuel, "The Light and The Glory", "From Sea to Shining Sea" God's purpose for America. It covers everything from Columbus till Andrew Jackson. Fascinating reading. It took me no more than two months to cover over almost 800 pages. All the information was researched at Yale's Trinity library and it took them years till they published the book. What is intriging is that whenever God has another chosen leader put into action, specially if it was a preacher, revival did spread and it united Christians across all dominational differences. And usually this kind of revival readied the nation for another major turn in events. I haven't seen this happening after 9-11. True revival was always followed by repentance and a reaching out in brotherly love. I'm afraid that America has to suffer more before this can happen but if it does, we will see what the American spirit is made out of and see some of the fabric of the Pilgrims and the Puritans which have been so much ousted as the stiff necked witch hunters in the 20th century. Nothing could be further from the truth even so witches are real.


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