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Muslims Aren't Afraid to Die-- Except They Are

One of the biggest scams perpetrated on America, Israel and the West by Islam, right up there with that "Religion of Peace" business, is the idea that Muslims are so fanatically devoted that they aren't afraid to die. As proof of that they've thrown suicide bombers at us who will deliberately go out and kill themselves, just to take some of us with them.

Suicide attacks are not a new tactic. Muslims themselves have used variations of it for centuries going back to John Paul Jones' experience in the Russian fleet and encountered Turkish fireboats that tried to ram Russian ships while still manned by crews. But the Muslim suicide bomber itself is a sham.

The most prolific area of suicide bomber activity is in Israel where the Palestinian Arabs have built up a cult of the Suicide Bomber that begins with indoctrinating children at a very young age of the glories of killing oneself for Allah and Palestine, that rewards families for the loss of a productive adult male with generous cash incentives and that celebrates him as a hero after death. A suicide bomber after death becomes the equivalent of a pop star among Palestinian Arabs. A romantic hero depicted in wall murals, paintings and songs-- depending on how many he managed to kill. But what is significant about these suicide bombers isn't so much what they are, as what they aren't. They're rarely professional terrorists.

Israeli suicide bombers aren't the equivalent of the Al Queda nineteen. They're often in their late teens to early twenties. They may sometimes be the relative of a professional terrorist (this is more common in the case of women) but very rarely actual ranking members of any terrorist organization themselves. They are never the children of prominent terrorist leaders themselves. They are generally nobodies. A better word for them is cannon fodder.

The ambitious venture of an ideology that believes everyone should be willing to die is finding people who actually are. In WW2 the Japanese Kamikaze threw waves of suicide planes at American ships to create the impression of a Japanese nation prepared to die to the last man fighting the Americans. The impression worked well enough to convince the United States to use atom bombs to end the war.

The reality though is that the larger waves of Kamikazes were generally ineffective and rather than being military pilots, tended to be students at around the same age as your average suicide bomber, talked into believing of the glory of dying for the emperor. Most did a poor job of it. The suicide runs had limited impact and the students themselves often went half-mad, some repeatedly returned claiming they could not find a ship to hit, others killed themselves before the flight or flew into the ocean.

They were cannon fodder but unlike Muslim terrorists, high ranking Japanese military officers did show a willingness to turn Kamikaze. By contrast Sheikh Nasrallah spent the Second Lebanon War hiding in the Iranian embassy basement. Hamas and Fatah leaders live in posh mansions while sending off teenage and twenty something students to blow themselves up for them. They want us to believe that Muslims aren't afraid to die-- but they are. If in Japan of WW2, the leaders had more faith sometimes than their followers, in Islam of 2007, the followers have more faith than their leaders who cultivate a cult of death but privately sneer at the fools who go to blow themselves up, as Osama Bin Laden demonstrated.

Muslims like everyone else fear death. Their entire cult of death is geared to convincing us and their own people otherwise. Yet time and time again serious crackdowns by Israel and America have created periods of quiet. It's when the crackdown loosens, that the death toll rises again. For all the whining about the American and Israeli occupations, terrorism in Gaza and the West Bank and Iraq didn't really begin until Muslims understood that Israeli and American troops meant them no harm. That they would behave in a civilized manner toward them. That it was safe to be terrorists.

There are indeed men who aren't afraid to die. Those men can be found in the military cemeteries of nations and bearing posthumous medals. These were not men who rushed into suicide but advanced over the next hill knowing a bullet might be waiting for them on the other side. They didn't need promises of virgins in paradise to do it or assurances that they would be turned into gruesome pop stars of murder after their deaths. They did it because they knew their country needed them. These are also the men who continued manning machine gun turrets in the face of an enemy advance and charged, armed with only hand grenades, at a fortified enemy position. Sometimes they survived. Because while they weren't afraid to die, they also wanted to live.

There is a difference between wanting to die and not being afraid of death. That is a fundamental difference Muslims have never grasped and it's why they confuse suicide with heroism and throwing away your life with bravery. Because in the end Muslims fear death so much that they can only triumph over it in grand gestures that show contempt for life. "We Don't Care If We Live," Muslim terrorists proclaim, "We Love Death." And that is the way of it.

Muslims can only truly overcome their fear of death by loving death instead and by killing themselves and others. By contrast the professional dedicated soldier loves life but is willing to risk it for a higher cause. The families of American and Israeli soldiers who die in battle mourn at their funerals. Arab terrorist families ricochet hysterically between celebration and rage. They fear death and try to live it at the same time and it breeds the same insanity in them that it did in the Kamikazes. And the cycle of death in their society continues.

Genuinely religious people value life, both that of their own and others. They don't 'triumph' over life through acts of suicide or embrace death, but view both life and death as part of G-d's plan.

Pagans by contrast live in fear of death and can only defeat that fear by showing contempt for life. From this comes a cult of death, human sacrifice, cutting the flesh with knives to draw blood (as Muslims still do), degrading and mortifying the body and the murder of children. All these represent the rejection of life that permits pagans to triumph over their fear of death.

Had the Al Queda hijackers of September 11 been truly religious, they wouldn't have been drinking and hanging out at strip clubs. But the Muslim idea of heaven taught to suicide terrorists is essentially a heavenly strip club, a paradise of fleshy indulgence with Allah's sanction. Were the Muslim world truly religious, it would not be overflowing with pornography, sexual exploitation of women, homosexuality and drugs. But Islam is not a religion. It is a pagan cult propped up by fear. Fear of life.

The ancient pagan traditions venerated death and worshiped those who had died. The Muslim world worships the dead terrorists, the "martyrs", hanging paintings of them and viewing videos of them and creating makeshift shrines of them. By triumphing over life through murder and triumphing over death through suicide, the suicide bomber becomes a miniature god to Muslims. By killing himself and taking others with him, the Muslim suicide bomber performs a ritual atrocity similar to that of the Virginia Tech shooter, but with the support of his entire society and culture.

True belief in G-d guides us to an understanding of what our lives mean and what comes after our deaths. Pagan cults lack this and instead rely only on channeling the fear of their followers about this life and the afterlife into explosions of violence and brutality. Each bloody act cultivates a contempt for life and death. Murder teaches pagans that life is "in their hands".

Muslims claim to kill for Allah but they kill only for themselves. By desensitizing themselves to death, they lose their fear of death. Killing themselves in the final step in their triumph over life and death. Not knowing G-d, Muslims suicide bombers nerve themselves up for one final act of rejecting life and demonstrating their mastery of death. They claim to do this for Allah, but by taking their life and death in their own hands, they demonstrate a fundamental atheism, a need to become gods themselves.


  1. Yes, its a cult of fear really but it is, like most organized religions just a man made cult in the end.

  2. Great insight into the psychopathology of terrorists.

    Most are young, scared, and seeking immortality and fame through whatever means possible. It gives them and their families some purpose to their miserable existence.

    I wish I could send this article to Bill Maher. Remember his on air comments about how "brave" the 9/11 hijackers were for flying into a building?

    I'd also like to send a copy to Rosie O'Donnell for her recent remarks calling our US troops terrorists. It figures she'll soon be playing the sleaziest character in Les Miserables.

  3. thank you, but i don't think either of them are interested in any viewpoints other than their own

    if anyone is to appreciate it, it's people who understand the real situation already

  4. Knowing Rosie's love of picking a fight with everything coming and going, she'd probably attack Sultan's article screaming a series of expletives and attempt to sue him for it. LOL She really needs therapy.

  5. She sure does, Yo. Ever since she's come out of the closet, she's been on a downward spiral.

    Pathetic that she'd harbor such attitudes about September 11 and the US troops especially since she's a NYer.

    I just can't fathom anyone from New York feeling that way.


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