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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - Rabin and the Altalena, Shas and Herzl

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Rabin and the Altalena, Shas and Herzl

- With the anniversary of the Altalena now here, it's appropriate to remember the Labor Socialist massacre of Etzel men, the attempted murder of future Prime Minister Menachem Begin and the destruction of a ship full of arms that might have allowed Israel to hold on to all of Yerushalayim in 1948. The same destructive viciousness behind the attack on the Altalena can be seen in the brutality of Yassam thugs and the destructive sellout by Rabin himself, Peres, Barak, Sharon and Olmert; all products of the same socialist school.

One can only see Rabin himself, a man who is responsible for every Arab terrorist murder since 1992 but who had begun his career of treachery long before then. (Footage courtesy of Judea Voice)

- Haaretz clamors, the Israeli Supreme Court orders and the Olmert government continues to aid in the transfer and evacuation of Fatah Gaza terrorists to Israel. The madness is beyond belief because these terrorists were the same ones responsible for the murders of Israeli civilians and soldiers.

The growing US pressure to transfer money and weapons to Fatah is nothing short of suicidal insanity. Whoever holds the West Bank and Gaza, whether it is Fatah or Hamas, will continue conducting a war against Israel. It does not matter which one wins. Either way the shelling and the suicide bombing will continue. The pretense that Fatah is moderate is a lie and has always been a lie. The split between Fatah and Hamas is not a split between moderates and extremists but between Marxists and Islamists, their ultimate plan remains the destruction of Israel, they only differ on what level of negotiations they're willing to engage in before and while they destroy Israel.

- Rabbi Avraham Yosef, son of Rabbi Ovadya Yosef, has announced that parents should not name their children Herzl out of opposition to Theodore Herzl. Had the gaonim who run Shas studied something besides the exchange rate in the Swiss markets, they might know that Herzl is actually a longstanding Jewish name.

A better question might be if you can name your son Shimon Megadef or Ovadya Yosef. One is reminded of Esav asking about taking Maaser on salt while engaging in wholesale theft, bloodshed and adultery.

But I propose a useful list of alternative names for any Shas voter who wishes to trade in the name of one of the figures who helped build the State of Israel, as off the Derech as he might have been, for a more Shas approved name from the party that has done a lot to destroy the State of Israel.

Oslo and Yasir, for the Oslo process which would not have happened without Shas. Peres, for Shas's rotten godfather. Kesef, for the only thing that Shas' leadership has shown itself to care about. Kayin, for when an accounting is demanded for the blood that has been spilled because of Shas' greed, like Kayin they fold their hands and claim not to know what all this is about.

- Over at Daled Amos, Abbas admits the Palestinian Arabs are not indigenous

"[Indeed,] even the churches were not spared. One of the oldest churches in Palestine, which stood long before our arrival [in the region], was looted and set on fire. There are Christians among us, and they are our brothers, and now we discover that [according to Hamas] they are enemies and must leave [Palestine]?!... This is a mark of shame on the Palestinian people, on those who perpetrated these [crimes], on the putschists and murderers. [They attacked] the homes of hundreds of Palestinian Authority civil servants, [who are] peaceful citizens as well as symbols of our national sovereignty like the presidential headquarters, which was taken over by hooligans who destroyed and looted it..."

Years of propaganda that the Palestinians are the original indigenous population of the region down the toilet.

Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, in a moment of anger, admits that the Arabs
now known as "Palestinians" came to the region with the Arab invasion."

- Lemon Lime Moon writes on the perversion of extremism in society and resulting religious fanaticism.

"Nature abhors a vacuum and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Think it through. When normalcy is banned,private perversion will take over.

- Debbie at Right Truth reports that The Greatest Threat to America is From Inside Our Borders.

"The Muslim American Association is requiring members to give up to 30% of their income to the MAS for transmission to terror groups in the Middle East, specifically Pakistan, according to Fox News Channel. A member of MAS was interviewed, maintaining his anonymity by hiding his face, on Fox. He said he was instructed to pay increasing amounts of his take-home pay to the MAS, and was required to show them his check stub. Fox's Catherine Herridge said the money was delivered to Pakistan in amounts small enough not to trigger investigations."

- Over at Maggie's Notebook is Fred Thompson Vs CAIR and the domestic Islamic threat.

"For years, CAIR has claimed to represent millions of American Muslims. In fact, they claim to represent more Muslim in American than ... there are in America. This has alarmed Americans in general as the group often seems to be more aligned with our enemies than us -- which isn't surprising as it spun off from a group funded by Hamas. As you know, Hamas has been waging a terrorist war against Israel and calls for its total destruction. It also promises to see America destroyed. Nowadays, Hamas is busy murdering its Palestinian political rivals."

-- And over at IsraPundit is the National Jewish Democratic Council's Daily Lie

"Q: How do you know a National Jewish Democratic Council blogger is lying?
A: His fingers are moving over a keyboard.

This is certainly the case in today’s lie (or more precisely, half-truth) du jour from the National “Jewish” “Democratic” Council, which accuses Republicans of “opposing $2.4 billion in aid to Israel.”

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the weekend everyone. May the coming week bring us better news.


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