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Home The Kadima Mafia Isn't Even Bothering to Pretend Anymore

The Kadima Mafia Isn't Even Bothering to Pretend Anymore

As Shimon Peres has 'officially' announced that he is running for President-- the smear campaign has accordingly begun targeting Rabbi Lau-- his likely opponent in the race.

Labor MK Shelly Yachimovich, who had been heavily involved in framing President Moshe Katzav, warned Rabbi Lau not to run for the presidency stating, "He shouldn’t consider running." If he does run, she said, “incidents from the past” would come to light. Yachimovich did not explain what she was referring to, saying only that “things it’s better not to have revealed.”

Unsurprisingly the "revelations" involved charges of sexual harassment-- the very same thing that had been leveled to bring down President Katsav. The corrupt ruling coalition of Kadima and Labor are now acting as little better than organized crime. Determined to plant Peres in the President's chair-- they are using every ruthless and dirty trick to get him there.

Olmert and the rest of the Kadima Mafia attempted to force the Presidential vote to no longer be secret, so that MK's could be properly intimidated into voting for Peres. That means demonstrating that they can smear and destroy anyone who gets in their way. Yachimovich's threat is another demonstrating that the ruling coalition has stopped even bothering to pretend that they're anything more than mobsters.

Haaretz-- the organ of Labor, Israel's left-- ran an editorial titled "Rabbi Lau is unworthy", oily threatening; "One might have thought it sufficient for two presidents - Ezer Weizman and Moshe Katsav - to have ended their tenures in shame to convince Rabbi Israel Meir Lau to avoid proposing himself as a candidate for the position." One might have thought that the unnamed Haaretz editorial page editor was auditioning for The Godfather in this scene.

But Haaretz outdoes itself even further as its conclusion bemoaning the use of a secret ballot ,flatly warns, "The president will be elected by secret ballot in a few weeks, but the secrecy should not facilitate the selection of an unworthy candidate. If the country's MKs once again choose a president whose shortcomings are known to them, it could spell the end of the institution of the presidency. Rabbi Lau should refrain from presenting himself as a candidate, in order to avoid the ignominy. Each of the other candidates is better and more worthy than he."

Yes the 'ignominy." If the MK's don't fall in line this time and put Peres in office, we'll just absolish the entire institution of the Presidency and bring Rabbi Lau down anyway. We framed the President and brought him down because he beat Peres last time. This time if we don't get our way, we'll just dispose of the entire office. That is how gangsters talk and think.

The opening of the Haarez editorial nobly states, "it is appropriate for the head of state to express in his character and his record the values to which the state aspires..." And of course who better expresses the character of the state with his record than Shimon Peres who never once won an election and who narrowly escaped prison and who was despised by every single of his own political allies from Ben Gurion to Rabin.

No doubt once Rabbi Lau has chosen to "avoid the ignominy" of being framed by the gangsters currently running the country-- it'll be discovered that the other worthy candidates besides Peres have between them raped half of Tel Aviv and Shelly Yachimovich will step forward to claim that they all told her their stories. Just as when Moshe Katzav's brother stepped forward to defend him-- it was suddenly discovered that he had sexually harassed women too.

With Olmert and Kadima's exit demanded by the vast majority of the country, this gang of criminals continues to hang on to office by their fingernails, while ruthlessly threatening anyone who would remove them and restore the law of order. Allowing them to place Peres on the President's chair would create a severe obstacle for any future Israeli government. It would be the equivalent of making Jimmy Carter the permanent United States ambassador to the UN-- it would give Peres an enduring forum to use to support Arab terrorists and undermine Israel's efforts to fight them.

But they aren't even bothering to disguise what they are anymore. Consider the latest unreported scandal in which the police released a videotape, claiming that these were the instructions given to the police to use restraint during the forced evacuation of Amona.

As can be seen on this screenshot however-- the date on the video shows that it took place over a month after the events at Amona. In response to the revelation, did the police withdraw the videotape or issue an apology or state that there was a misunderstanding? Like I said, they're not bothering to pretend anymore.

Instead the Press Secretary for the Police in Yehuda and Shomron warned Dr. Itzhak Klein, who had pointed out the date discrepancy, that "his complaint bears a frankly provocative nature and slanders the good name of the police" and warned that legal action could be taken against him.

Like I said, they're not even bothering to pretend anymore. The only place left for the Kadima \ Labor leadership and its allies in the police force and bureaucracy is a prison cell.


  1. Wow. Either Israel's politicians are all a bunch of letches (unlikely) or they're being framed and blackmailed by Kadima (most likely).

    Isn't there any organization comparable to the FBI to investigate?

  2. israel's domestic law enforcement and judicial system are the source of a large amount of the corruption

    imagine the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover in cahoots with a thoroughly corrupt administration and you begin to get the idea

  3. Yep. I see your point.

  4. Anonymous10/5/07

    Israel's FBI and Police=russian thugs.
    Its leader=John Gotti

  5. If they don't pretend why should anyone else?
    Now its out in the open for all to see.

  6. It's out in the open for all to see and no one will care. No one will try to stop them. No one will put them in jail.

    The only thing left to do is wait until Hashem drops their testosterone level down so low that the next thing they know they've become transvestites - and then we can all laugh.

    Hey Peres! I have a lovely skirt you can have!

    (yeah, i know! i need to stay away from the cats catnip.)

  7. oy...sigh...krechts...vey...welcome to my world...and the enemy is laughing and getting stronger...sigh...shabbat shalom sultan...great post tx

  8. I hope Rivlin gets it. Rav Lau is far too good a man for a joke office like the Israeli presidency.

    When he was chief rabbi, not only did the leftist press come out with junk to keep him in line (he was very much an activist and too popular and admired for the lefties' comfort), but they manipulated pics of him so as to make him look like a venomous, hook nosed caricature of a frum Jew, straight out of Der Steurmer.

    Rav Lau does a lot of good in Tel Aviv where he is now the rav. I don't think he will accomplish much as President, especially because the left will never let him.

    As for Peres, do not worry. He is a perennial loser and he'll lose this time too.

  9. The liberal elitist pyschos who control the country do just about anything to stay in power and damage Israel. Peres and his cronies are responsible for a long list of crimes against Israel, including the murder of Rabin and possibly the death of Sharon, as Sharon was last with Peres having a glass of wine. The Israeli public must wake up and take to the streets and demand justice and demand that Olmert be removed from office. The silent majority needs to wake up and stand up for themselves before the pschos completely destroy Israel.


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