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And Two Cases Were Heard in Israel

While major portions of the Olmert government have been entangled in large scale corruption cases, they continue to enjoy immunity from prosecution. Meanwhile it is the true Zionists, the people who have opposed the destruction the corrupt Kadima Mafia have wrought in Israel who are facing the legal fury of the courts and regularly experience numerous abuses by a judicial and law enforcement system dominated by a left wing judiciary and a police apparatus beholden to the government.

Here are only two cases.

August 10th 2005, -- Before the expulsion of the Jews of Gush Katif, -- Miriam and Yaron Adler arrived at the house of Miriam's father, Rabbi Ze'ev Mishkoff. Between 2 and 3 in the morning, Yasam police dressed in civilian clothing burst into rabbi mishkoff's house and presented them with an order to leave sa'nur, their home. The order was a fax copy and not the original document and thus had no legal validity. Miriam and Yaron had been one of the first families in Sa'Nur and stated that their home was here and that they were not going to leave it.

The following is described in Miriam's own words. "Two weeks before the deportation we were arrested in the middle of the night in my parents' home, where we were visiting: Six policemen burst into the house, without uniforms, identification tags, or police IDs. They shoved us and hit us and my father and my mother, who has a heart condition. They smashed my father's spectacles, pushed my mother with such force that she suffered from hemorrhages beneath the skin, and confiscated all weapons they found (though all were licensed). I was dragged and beaten down three flights of stairs, without shoes and without the head covering which is mandatory for Orthodox Jews. These thuggish policemen cursed me in a way that I don't wish to repeat. Humiliation continued in the police station. No-one removed my hand-cuffs. I was not permitted to cover my head, and I was not examined by a doctor even though I complained of pains and demanded it. As I stood there I saw the thugs who had attacked me writing an arrest report, coordinating their testimony all the while."

Miriam is barely over 5 feet tall. She was charged with assaulting five police officers. Miriam sued the police but the case was closed within two days on the grounds of "A Lack of Public Interest."

Miriam Adler, a mother of 6, has refused a lawyer and refused to recognize the legitimacy of the court. On June 6th at the Russian Compound at 8:30 AM, the case will be heard by Judge Ron Alexander. As in typical, her case has already been postponed many times. Those who can are encouraged to attend and show their support. For further information contact Anat Livni 05-77-394-736 in Hebrew. Her husband can be contacted at yakov_livni@bezeqint.net

Jeffrey Seath is a United States citizen from North Carolina, the son of a Jewish father and a Cherokee mother, a hunter with a number of legal weapons. His father's dying wish was that he become a Jew. A year ago Jeffrey Seath arrived in Israel to study Hebrew and convert, taking the name Shmuel Zatam. He brought one of his rifles that he intended to present as a gift to the army. Because he had developed friendships with some Jewish nationalists, he was accused of being part of some Jewish underground and charged with planning to use the rifle to murder Arabs. No actual proof was ever presented for this. Increasingly spurious claims were made by the prosecution including digging up a cartoon about Olmert on a computer owned by the owner of the house he was living in.

He has been held in prison for nearly a year and has yet to receive a verdict. Jeffrey does not understand Hebrew and has not been regularly provided with an English translator and is unable to comprehend the court proceedings. Judge Bracha Bar Ziv has missed multiple court dates further prolonging the case. The prosecutor has been replaced more than once.

He has not been able to receive clothing including changes of socks and underwear until very recently and has lost over 30 pounds. He has begun experiences chest pains and migraines. At 40 years old, his hair has already whitened. Though several judges have stated that there is no evidence that he ever intended to cause harm to anyone, the new prosecutor has demanded that he be sentenced to several years in jail.

His case will next be heard June 20th, 7:30 in Haifa. Letters can be written to him at Shmuel Zetham #1230524
Kele Shikma
Ezor Ta'asiya Tsfoni (northern industrial zone)
P.O. Box 17
Ashkelon, Israel


  1. Too bad his intent wasn't to kill as many arabs as possible before arrest. Or at least pick off evil ehud, and the entire police force. Not that I believe in assasinating evil mamsers whose sole intent is to destroy our people. (Now what did I do with my M1?)

  2. Israel has gone over to the dark side.
    Sorry, but it has.

  3. well it's the corrupt government in power which has 3 percent public support

  4. "ain chadash" nothing's new

    all that c--p brought to you by the same philosophy which handed Jews to the British during the sezon and shot Jews on the Altalena

  5. Anonymous30/5/07

    I weep for Israel, that it has a government like this. This is truly the Erev Rav in power - just where they want to be, exercising control and oppressing decent Jews at every opportunity.

    I have a brother who lives in Israel, a very observant BT, and I wonder what will happen to him if he ever runs afoul of the Erev Rav government.

    PW, southern USA

  6. What the both cases have in common, aside from the gross police/government abuse of power, prisoner abuse/maltreatment, and shoddy police work is the possession of weapons.

    Someone in government is terrified that the Israeli people will revolt, so they're hammering anyone with a weapon-legal or illegal--and intimidating others from making any kind of political protest or even asserting their legal and human rights.

    In the first case, while it would be common for police to arrive in the early morning hours to make arrests, the lack of ID and definitely the faxed warrant is highly suspcious.

    The whole thing seems so very much like the USSR years ago, snatching and abusing people in the night.

    I can't believe the police abuse trial was dismissed because of a lack of public interest. More likely, it was dismissed because it WOULD create public interest!

    In the second case, the man is clearly being abused and not receiving proper medical care, if he's lost so much weight. Most prisons and county jails have clinics. This man should be on either anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication to reduce his emotional distress.

    Sheesh. Even one of the American humanitarian aide workers arrested by the Taliban a few years ago (Heather Mercer) received anti-anxiety meds.

    Medical treatment isn't a luxury.

    I will write him. I hope they are at least allowing him to receive mail. I learned from the Alef Institute and from personally participating in their pen pal program that in the US prisons mail is often withheld as punishment, even though the social isolation can be a form mental torture for the prisoners.

  7. The evil government in Israel hopes to destroy religion from their midst also.
    They are afraid of religion and rightly so as one day it will break them in pieces and scatter them to the four winds forever.

  8. for now they seem to be allowing him to receive mail

    weapons are at issue but a large part of it is that they need to create a domestic threat from the right

    there's a long history of left wing governments manufacturing supposed terrorist threats from settlers and nationalists

    it's analogous to what clinton tried to do during his term

    it's an attempt to distract from th e real arab and muslim threat by creating a threat from 'right wing extremists'

    it's also part of why some of the abuses happen, they want someone to snap and do something that they can then use to wage a larger crackdown and then posture as fighting against "Jewish Terrorism"

  9. The government and media are doing so much (and succeeding) in demonizing the religious Jews in Israel.

    It's important to speak the truth. Personally, I think Hashem looks for those who are speaking the truth in the world today, especially when it comes to his holy people.

  10. I am involved in Jeff Seath's case, in that I have been raising funds for his jail canteen and defense, publicizing his case, arranging visits for him and he calls me at least twice a day from jail. I feel I must correct a few inaccuracies in Sultan Knish's blog (for which I'm very appreciative, as I'm sure Jeff will be when I tell him about it!).

    First, the matter of letters to him: Please note that the mail system at the prison is truly bad. Mail can lay on the desk of the one responsible for delivering it for days or even weeks before the prisoner gets it. Mail is also routinely opened for inspection (so please do not write anything incriminating!). And the address given is a little off. It should read:

    Shmuel Zetham #1230524
    Kele Shikma
    Ezor Ta'asiya Tsfoni (northern industrial zone)
    P.O. Box 17
    Ashkelon, Israel

    (Note that his real last name is Zetham but the Israelis pronounce it "Zatam").

    Secondly, Jeff has already been convicted of smuggling the weapon and ammo, but the judge determined that the prosecution did not prove that he did it with intent to harm. So what we're waiting for as of this writing, is the sentencing, not the verdict. This is what is scheduled to take place on June 20 at 9:30 a.m. (not 7:30) at the Haifa District Court.

    Again, I thank Sultan Knish for publicizing Jeff's case in a new venue.

    Kol Tuv,

  11. thank you for stopping by and the address is corrected now


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