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So It's Been Two Years

Two years ago I first began this blog. I'd like to say that I had a grand plan, but the reality was I simply thought it would be a good place to write. It's been a long and turbulent journey. The blog has gone through multiple templates, been designed and redesigned within an inch of its life. I've been linked to, delinked, made enemies and friends in the blogsphere.

Posts from this blog have become op-ed pieces in newspapers, gone around the world and back. I've also offended public relations personnel, political parties, the UN and various liberal Rabbis. I've been a factor in a libel suit, have been threatened with several more and accused of being a Vietnamese virus sending Communist.

As this blog has become more political, the personal photos I take have been spun off into the New York Minute blog. Videos from this blog have been spun off into J-Channel.

Two years have passed and life goes on. To all my readers thank you for sticking around. To all my fellow bloggers, may success and happiness be yours. Now begins the month of April, spring and the renewal of things as we move from the cold of winter into the warmth of a new season. Now also begins Pesach (Passover) the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, moving from the old into the new, from darkness to light and slavery to freedom. May the world that seems to steadily sink into darkness rise into light again.

I'm including below links to ten of my posts over the lifetime of this blog that I in my egotistical arrogance consider important. Pursue them or not at your will over the Passover break which will begin tonight, April 2nd and end on the evening of April 4th.

The Betrayers of the Flame

"The story of Israel, the story of the Jewish people, is the story of the struggle between those who fought and died to keep that flame burning and the betrayers of the flame. It is the same battle we have been fighting for thousands of years.

The dream is dying. The dream a hundred thousand matches kindled into a great flame is in danger of going out. The men and women who struggled and sacrificed to build Israel left behind comfortable lives for the hardships of Israel. The men and women who have taken over now shovel their accomplishments into the rubbish heap while proclaiming with their actions and attitudes that the only worthwhile goal is a comfortable life.

They lead the way in selling out their country, in selling out their friends and colleagues, selling out their parties and government positions; and encourage the rest of the country to follow their example leading the people into the lowest imaginable depths. They go to each man and say to him that the match that burns must be put out, the flame dampened and replaced with the dark abyss of complete unbelief in anything at all."

Whatever You Do, Don't Fight Back

"The common denominator between crime and terrorism is that both are cultural threats to our society. They originate from cultures existing abroad and in the fringes of our own society. A criminal culture and a terrorist culture. They cannot be defeated purely through military means, they must be defeated at the cultural level, and that will only happen when a society of committed individuals resist them, rather than comply with them.

All attempts to transfer individual responsibilities to the government however, are doomed to failure. A government educational system can never replace parents. Government policing can never take the place of individual deterrence and self-defense. Governments can defeat armed forces, but they cannot defeat a culture. Only one culture can defeat another culture and only one civilization can defeat another civilization."

The Muslim Mind is the Mind of a Rapist

"Muslims see women the same way they see America and Europe, dirty, disgusting, satanic but desirable. They do not integrate into American or European society because they do not love their new countries, they despise them but desire them for their material and physical abundance. Their relation to these countries is not love but lust fused with hatred into a desire to rape.

They cannot become Americans or Europeans for the very same reason they cannot love a woman. Love or citizenship in a democratic nation with values demands virtues of them they do not have. So they turn rapist instead."

The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

"For anyone who finds it hard to imagine Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels' fate, need only look at Constantinople, now Istanbul, once the center of a Christian Empire. Anyone who wishes to envision how the Vatican will look in a century, need only glance at the Hagia Sophia, now a mosque. Take a look around Istanbul or Alexandria, your favorite European capitals will look just like them too.

Yet this will be less a Muslim conquest than Europe's suicide by defeatism, apathy and selfishness, a process that began after WW2. After all it wasn't the Muslims who forced Europe to abandon its colonies and then export millions of Algerians, Pakistanis and Turks as the cheap labor propping up the charade of socialism. It wasn't the Muslims who convinced Europeans that their own personal happiness took priority over everything else, that badgered them into having fewer children and waiting till they were in their late 30's to do it. It certainly wasn't the Muslims who made the average European provincially xenophobic and yet hopelessly defeatist at home and abroad.

The Muslims are indeed reaping the fruits of a conquest but it isn't their conquest but the conquest of Europeans over themselves."

Recognize the Islamic Enemy or Lose the War

"The illusion that Islam can be housebroken so that Muslims stop blowing up inside the house is just that, an illusion cultivated by the same refusal to confront the problem that motivated Bush' statement. For the moment Europe and America are frantically spreading newspapers everywhere while pretending they're spreading out them out for everyone, as if it's a problem for everyone, rather than for the nasty stray they've insisted on adopting and remaining loyal to, no matter how often it bites their children.

We can't win against that enemy when we're not even allowed to speak its name. We can't win against that enemy when we're instead trying half-assed schemes to appeal to its better nature and reform it, before we've even won the war. There are indeed over a billion Muslims and their numbers are growing but the global population is several times that. But as long as the rest of the world lacks unity in confronting Islam, Muslims can take it over country by country."

Alfred Must Die so Mahmood Can Live: Why Socialized Medicine Makes Euthanasia Inevitable

"An acquittance some years back found that her uncle had been disconnected from life support without her authorization leading to his death. When she demanded answers, she was told, "He lived his life."

He lived his life, is the epitaph of a lot of elderly men and women dying under socialized medicine or perhaps being outright murdered. Eugenics today is a dirty word, but the distinction between eugenics as practiced by the Germans or practiced under socialism today, is the definition of "Life Unworthy of Life." The Germans applied it to the mentally ill, the disabled and a variety of categories including the Jews. Today it's often applied to the disabled, babies and the elderly, whose "Quality of Life", a euphemism that could proudly be translated into the German, is measured, found wanting and disposed of."

The Democracy Fallacy

"The myth of democracy as a near-religious icon has been what has blinded Americans time and time again when democracy was offered to other nations and peoples and those peoples shrugged and said "Who needs it" and went on killing anyway.

Democracy only works in a culture where different sides can agree to vote it out, instead of fight it out. Democracy only works in a culture that values human life enough to pull back from the brink and settle things by slandering each other in the press. Democracy only works in a culture where each other side believes the other side is wrong, but not so wrong they have to be wiped out and kept from any role in the country's future."

The Speech to the Nation on the War Bush Should Have Made - But Didn't

"Many people, particularly my political opponents in congress, expect me to call for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq and I will not disappoint them. The majority of our troops will indeed be leaving Iraq but they will not be going far. Withdrawal is another word for surrender and when you surrender you must pay the price of defeat. This country will not be defeated. We are not withdrawing, we are advancing to take on the real enemy. To take on the people behind the terrorists, behind the bombings and behind the kidnappings and murders."

Potential People: A Life in Our Hands

"We all became who we are because no one stepped in at a crucial moment and prevented us from coming to be. We are all potential people. We exist because no one stopped us from existing. Looked at from a purely 'Here and Now' standpoint a fetus is nothing more than a collection of cells. Abortion is a rejection of the future, a rejection of the person who will come to be.

A person's journey through life can be expressed as a three dimensional path. The continuity of that journey is the totality of that life. The path extends behind us and ahead of us. There are no easy answers, only the choices we make and there are times in our life when we hold another person's life in our hands."

Free Power - Republicans and Democrats and the Economic Survival of America

"Socialism creates serf states, sometimes with populations taxed worse than serfs were, where people are earning a little but making very little. Two income families become the norm. Women marry later and have less children. The birthrate drops, which worsens the problem of finding a tax base for the growing bureaucracy, which pushes taxes higher.

Immigrant populations are brought in to replace the worker shortages which further strain and expand the government bureaucracies. The government programs have by now come to resemble a Ponzi scheme and the whole thing teeters on an imminent collapse. Take a look at just about any country in Europe if you want to see a living example of once great nations facing extinction by becoming devoured by their own bureaucracies."

Persistence of Evil Vision: Why Liberals Justify Murder

"Behind a lot of the sympathy we see directed at criminals and terrorists is the underlying false premise that equates their motives and morality with ours. We assume that they are people just like ourselves, that their humanity and innate morality is equivalent to our own. It is only 'circumstances' which have forced them to steal, to kill, to molest children, to blow themselves up in crowded streets. It is not they who are to blame but the 'circumstances.'

When morality is independent of circumstances then it does not matter the conditions, we must nevertheless do what is right. When morality is purely circumstantial, situational, purely dependent on social circumstances then the privileged upper middle class white boy or girl can look into the heart of darkness and justify its tug on him or her by joining it in spirit, by waving a red or green banner, by defending and exculpating terrorists and killers. By joining the 'revolution.'"

Ending Citizenship in the Country of Victimhood

"9/11 is a break from the shifting maze of victimhood's identities, black, latino, white, asian, gay, cancer survivor, abuse survivor, drug survivor; for a chance to unite as Americans and understand that we had a chance to stop being survivors and to become fighters. To stop being the hyphenated victims of pet causes and to rise to the occasions as citizens of a great nation, a waking giant towering over the world.

A war is not merely a struggle, we have assigned Wars on Poverty, Wars on Disease, Wars on Hunger. We've become isolated enough from the reality of war that we've come to use it as a metaphor for any social problem. But war at its most basic is a struggle for the very existence of a people and a nation. That is what we face now and today and that is the test of our nation, whether we can rise above our citizenships in the multitude of countries of victimization and become Americans standing together or perish as victims apart."

Revolutions of Faith

"The character of a nation is born out of strife and struggle. It can be seen more clearly in its darker hours than its times of prosperity. As adversity brings out the true nature of a man through seeing how he copes with his trials, so too adversity brings out the nature of a nation as the men who compose it rise preserve their homeland.

We as Jews represent the world's oldest nation and the world's oldest kingdom. America represents the greatest young nation on earth. Both our existences are the product of faith. The existence of both is revolutionary. Out of nothingness came forth nations and out of a song and a dream a land was settled."

Happy holidays to all that celebrate them and to those who do not, may you have personal holidays of your own to rejoice in.


  1. MAzel tov on your anniversary.

  2. todah :) thank you for commenting and your congratulations

  3. Thanks for thanking me for mazel toving you and commenting.

  4. thank you for thanks too!

  5. Anonymous3/4/07

    Congrats on all your success. Frustratingly enough, though I usually can't disagree more with your arguments, I keep coming back. If nothing else, I think that's a testament to the quality of your writing and your sense of fair play.

    Thanks for keeping things interesting and in helping me to challenge some of my own biases and assumptions.

  6. thanks, there's little point in preaching purely to a choir and it's good to have intelligent opposition to sharpen both viewpoints and arguments against and you've provided that

  7. Congratulation on your two year anniversary:) well as getting threatened with libel suits. Sounds odd, I know, but as I was once told you're not really a reporter until someone threatens to sue you.

    You're making people uncomfortable, and that's a good thing.

    So let me raise a glass of wine and say


  8. well then I'm a reporter lol

    thanks for the good wishes k.a.


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