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Home Tech Digging the Good Fight on Digg and YouTube

Digging the Good Fight on Digg and YouTube

The new media like the old tends to be liberal dominated. While conservatives have created solid alternative communities like Free Republic and Little Green Footballs, the overall internet landscape is tilted toward the left. Certainly the corporate side of it is.

Google News, for example, routinely features content from pro-terrorist and anti-semitic sites in its news filter, while barring Little Green Footballs and a number of other conservative sites. (Probably the height of Google News' unprofessionalism is running satire items in its news feed.)

Old liberal media favors and promotes new liberal media. That's why when the press talks blogs, they talk Huffington Post, DailyKos or Wonkette and ignore or outright dismiss conservative blogs when they can. All that adds up to a continuation of the left's monopoly on ideas being perpetuated through the mass media. Like favors like.

LGF's current Digg fracas is reminiscent of Michelle Malkin's YouTube dustup. In both cases prominent figures in War on Terror blogs (Charles Johnson can't really be called a conservative) with their own communities were rebuffed by new media darlings, like YouTube and Digg, and launched attempts to fight it.

Malkin ultimately found that running Hotair was a better solution and in the end Pajamas Media may well launch a conservative Digg alternative, if there isn't one already.

That said, these types of battles are worth fighting, if only because the new media, unlike the old, can be shifted by individual action. The Digg and YouTube were essentially between entrenched communities of Muslims\Lefties and Neo-Nazis against Conservative\Zionist bloggers and vloggers.

I personally waded into Youtube, I've put up dozens of videos, some I produced myself, engaged in comment wars, had my videos taken down as "inappropriate content" when enough of the Muslims\Neo-Nazis voted them as objectionable content. That's the same thing that happened to Malkin and it's similar to what's happening to Little Green Footballs now on Digg.

Despite all the troubles though, my videos on Youtube and Google Video have topped 200,000 views. That's more than double my blog views over a significantly shorter period. More to the point the videos made a difference and an impact, as people have written to tell me. They've been reposted on other sites and passed around. One was played in a shul during a Tisha Ba'av service.

Yesterday I used Feedburner to put in Digg labels under every post, along with Technocrati and Del.icio.us bookmarks, Blogger's and Yahoo 360 BlogThis. The Digg's so far have resulted in Sunday's post getting over 25 Diggs and traffic. More to the point it provided a small dose of counter-opposition to the left wing propaganda that dominates Digg. And that's what it comes down to. Participating means having a voice.

The hysteria at Digg over LGF's participation is all too similar to the media hysteria over Fox News. Despite all the rage that's still going on, Fox News quickly became a top media outlet, unseating CNN. Progressives believe in their sovereign right to a monopoly on ideas and opinions. But that can be fought and resisted when we voice our own views and opinions, despite and perhaps even because of the blowback we inevitably receive.

My dugg posts received several hateful comments. My YouTube videos have attracted thousands of negative comments, threats and takedown notices. It doesn't worry me any. Backlashes of those kinds are a panicked reaction by people who cannot handle anything that clashes with their worldview. It's the intolerance of the weak.

LGF would do well to keep Digging, the moonbats burying their posts will sooner or later run out of energy, when they realize that they aren't stopping anything. If a YouTube video gets taken down, multiple copies of it should be put up the next day. That's what I did with the "Children Murdered by Palestinian Terrorists", which has been duplicated in three copies across YouTube. They can't win, except when we give up. And staying in the fight means maintaining a voice for truth and an opposition to the monopoly of ideas.


  1. Anyone that would find a memorial to murdered children objectionable is truly a reprobate. Then again, they don't get it.

    Even IF they are pro-Palestinian, removing a memorial to murdered children, including infants, is sick. Innocent children are innocent children.

    Frightening how any voice not towing the liberal party line is removed. You have to wonder how much further it will go. Bloggers getting arrested? I've read that it's happening already in China.

  2. well muslims hate it and hated it, I all but had to disable comments on it, on both youtube and google

    bloggers have indeed been arrested in china, an egyptian blogger just got 4 years in jail and bloggers are endangered even under european laws

    there are pushes to have political bloggers in the us, be considered parts of political campaigns and thus regulated, but so far that hasn't come to pass

  3. A couple of years ago, everytime someone would type the word "Jew" into a Google search engine they'd get links to a particularly anti-semitic website. Google insisted at the time that it was coincidental and some other mumbo jumbo.

    Now I don't believe them. Not one bit.

  4. "And staying in the fight means maintaining a voice for truth and an opposition to the monopoly of ideas."

    Keep up the good fight!

  5. Google is run by teenyboppers who work on "campuses" with "all the lunch you can eat".
    What do you want?

  6. It is no longer "liberalism".
    That was a good thing long ago as it meant a middle ground between extremes and an expansive attitude toward people.
    Today it is a cover word for Communism and even fascism.
    For all his nuttiness, McCarthy was correct in seeing that Communists had infiltrated the government of the US. They have never left and they are the ones who drive the liberal left.
    Communism cannot allow free speech or freedom of thought. It requires that people be part of the "collective" meaning a hive mentality.
    Communism = The Borg

    Its why there are no original thinkers among the politicians today.

  7. Hmmm...communism removed everything that could possibly be in opposition to their goal. Nazis did the same thing. Isn't amazing how liberals have that same tendency? And yet liberals see themselves as being broadminded. Can you say "oxymoron"?


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