Home Hollywood Liberalism The Oscars Celebrate Mass Murder, Rape, Cannibalism and Ethnic Cleansing
Home Hollywood Liberalism The Oscars Celebrate Mass Murder, Rape, Cannibalism and Ethnic Cleansing

The Oscars Celebrate Mass Murder, Rape, Cannibalism and Ethnic Cleansing

The Clint Eastwood directed companion piece to his flop Flags of Our Fathers; Letters From Iwo Jima has been nominated for a best picture Oscar. This is a movie that treats the mass murderers of the Japanese military that were responsible for atrocities that stagger the mind and ethnic cleansing, as noble men and heroes.

Here's how the LA Times described it:

"Eastwood had planned to focus solely on the American story and its aftermath, but as he was developing his film version of the bestselling book by James Bradley and Ron Powers, he became intrigued with the plight of the 20,000 Japanese soldiers who had burrowed into the island's volcanic rock to await their fate at the hands of the invading Marines. That group, left on the island in hopes that they could forestall an invasion of Japan, was subject to some of the most savage fighting of the war. When the 39-day battle was finally over, fewer than 1,500 are thought to have survived."

The LA Times and Eastwood practically drip tears for their "plight" as they "await their fate" and are "subject to savage fighting" (as if they were passive actors) and tragically those evil "invading marines" won leaving only 1,500 of them alive.

While these 20,000 Japanese soldiers awaited their plight they massacred and tortured captured Marines. Some were eaten alive so their fellow Marines could hear them screaming. The meat from the butchered soldiers was put into tins as rations for the Japanese troops.

Love Letters from Iwo Jima is basically a love letter to General Tadamichi Kuribayashi. As the movie's scriptwriter Iris Yamashita tells it,

"The first document I looked at was a compilation of letters from Gen. Kuribayashi to his family during the time he had been a military envoy in the United States. Most of them were addressed to his son when he was a toddler. As I read them, I was hit with the same impression that Clint must have had when those letters had inspired him to make the movie. It was hard to believe that this soft-hearted, loving father was the commanding general of the Japanese forces on Iwo Jima. The letters were filled with doodles and caricatures and humorous sentiment. You could tell that he adored and missed his son."

Funny thing yesterday I was reading the paper and it described how a cop killer's sister took the stand to offer testimony on what a loving and caring human being he was... this was before he shot two cops who were begging for their lives.

Now we have some lovely letters from General Kuribayashi to his son and wife, which shows he loved his family. I'm sure you can find plenty of letters like that among the Nazi high command as well. There are no shortage of lovely letters written by murderers, rapists and child molesters in America's jails to their loved ones. Evil people are perfectly capable of being sentimental and loving. They're not some sort of creatures apart from human feelings and emotion. If they were we couldn't hold them accountable for what they do.

Hitler really loved his dog. He went into mourning when it got sick, even as he was murdering millions. General Kuribayashi wrote lovely letters to his son, even as his men tortured and brutally murdered captured American prisoners. Before Iwo Jima, General Kuribayashi commanded a regiment in Manchuria and a brigade in northern China. He served as chief of staff of the Twenty-third Army during the capture of Hong Kong.

To put that into perspective, some of the worst Japanese atrocities took place in Manchuria and the capture of Chinese cities occasioned some of the worst of the Japanese wartime savagery. Soldiers held competitions for how many Chinese they could shoot. Mass rapes of women, from little girls to old women, took place everywhere. When the soldiers were done the victims were mutilated and finished off in a way I don't even want to describe. The lucky ones were forced into prostitution for the Japanese Army. There are photographs of the unlucky ones lying in ditches.

One Japanese soldier described smashing a baby's head against a wall and feeling proud that he did it for the Emperor. That was the reality of the Japanese military, true allies of the Nazi Third Reich. These were not the random acts of individuals. These were orders passed down from the Japanese military to soldiers. The murders and rapes did not happen at random, they were mandatory. That is not a reality you will see in this repulsive movie that poses the monsters responsible for these acts as tragic heroic figures.

Here is a brief excerpt from the testimony of a British soldier of what happened during the capture of Hong Kong. General Kuribayashi was the Chief of Staff for the Twenty Third Army during the capture of Hong Kong.

"Early in the morning of Christmas day the Japanese captured St Stephen's Coll-ege outside the walls of Fort Stanley. On their arrival at the Ed Cross hospital, and without one word of peace-parlay, they immediately shot and bayoneted the two Medical Officers, Dr George Black and Captain Whitney of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Captain Whitney had been walking towards the Japanese Officer in charge and was carrying a white flag plus a Red Cross flag, they were still wearing their white hospital clothing and Red Cross armbands. The Japanese entered the hospital, and amid the screaming, they ripped off bandages and field dressings from the wounded. They then proceeded to bayonet 60 of the 90 severely wounded laying helpless in their beds, one young Chinese nurse was bayoneted along with her patient when she tried to protect him.

Later, four Chinese and seven British nurses were put in one room, about one hundred orderlies, doctors and stretcher bearers were herded into another room. During the afternoon the male captives were taken out, two or three at a time, and were dismembered limb from limb. They chopped off fingers, sliced off ears, cut out tongues, and stabbed out eyes before they killed them, some were allowed to escape in order to tell the Fort Stanley defenders what was happening. In the other room the nurses were screaming, they were tied down on beds of corpses on which they were raped.

At some time in the evening the four Chinese nurses and then the three youngest of the English nurses were put to death by bayoneting. About then negotiations with the defenders at Fort Stanley began to progress, the last four of the elder British nurses were locked in a room and left alone. During the night Fort Stanley surrendered, and in the morning British prisoners were brought into the hospital to clean up. It was then that they released the four surviving, gibbering nurses. The people cleaning up waded in blood as they gathered the corpses from the execution room to prepare them for burial. They carried away an hysterical British Lieutenant who was the husband of one of the three British nurses who had been abused and then killed. For the first of the Allied war captives, the years of imprisonment had begun, and for some of the surviving nurses, years of brothel duty for Japanese soldiers began.

Sadly this is not the end of the horror Christmas Story, there were other hospitals, and a Convent, involved in similar atrocities by the Japanese invaders. i.e. Silerian Mission: The Ridge at Wong Nei Chong Gap: Eucliffe Castle: Repulse Bay and the Jockey Club at Happy Valley."

This was the brutal horrific reality of fighting the Japanese in WW2. While Japan has spent the decades since WW2 wrapped up in revisionist history treating the war as an atrocity against them committed by the Americans and endlessly commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the average Chinese and Korean thinks two atom bombs weren't enough. But liberal filmmakers like Clint Eastwood are happy to portray any enemies of America as noble heroes all the while portraying the American commanders in Flags of Our Fathers as cynical and exploitative.

To achieve this goal of smearing America they will whitewash any atrocities no matter how unimaginably horrific. That's what Eastwood has done here. That's what Hollywood political film making is all about. Whether it's the Communists who are routinely treated as heroes in Hollywood particularly if they ever had to *gasp* testify before Congress on whether they were actually Communists or not. Whether it's Arab terrorists who turn out to just be protesting injustice. Whether it's the Japanese in WW2 or the Indians in the 19th century; any enemy of America is welcome.

The movie I'd like to make would be Science Fiction. It would show Clint Eastwood slipping through a hole in time back to Iwo Jima where he's captured by the Japanese and they can find out if there's any good eating on liberal Hollywood directors after all.


  1. Ghastly. Absolutely ghastly.

    Yet Hollywood will continue to whitewash such atrocities. Every director wants to the the "bad boy" of Hollywood. The one to take risks, be controversial, buck the system.

    But only so far...none of them want the backlash the Dixie Chicks have gotten.

    They won't (figuratively) attack America directly, but do so by a backdoor of sorts. Glossing over if not blotting out the crimes of terrorists and truly evil people.

    We can expect more soap box, over the top speaches on Oscar night.

    And still, these oh so tolerant people treat director Elia Kazan as a piriah over his testimony at the House UnAmerican Committee and refuse to give him a lifetime achievement award.

    BTW, I watched a program on Australia's involvement in WW II on PBS last week. Their prisoners of war in Japanese prisons suffered terribly. The few survivors looked as though they had come from a concentration. Extremely emaciated, near death.

  2. The survivors of the Baatan Death March would tell a very different story as would any of the people of the Philippines and south pacific.
    The nurses ,American, English, Aussie female soldiers and other women in the pacific were brutalized to a horrific degree by the Japanese who, because they are a very racist people, felt no compassion on others.

    This is forgotten today by the pampered generations who were born after the war.
    Racism in Japan is extreme but largely ignored by the west today.

  3. liberal morality is a void filled by hatred for the father figure of their own country and vileness like this proves it time and time again

  4. when they have to whitewash and turn into heroes fascists and allies of Nazi Germany... because they happen to be members of a minority group (in America anyway) they've really dredged up a new moral abyss

  5. I remember being taught in Western Civilisation that the fall of a society is first revealed in their arts.

    I'm not surprised by this years choices. Last year they celebrated gay cowboys over a decent movie like Pride and Prejudice. I wonder what they'll celebrate next year?

  6. Yup. These Hollywood liberals making millions see themselves as progressive, more enlightened than the rest of us when the truth is they live in a very dark world where good is evil and evil is good.

    Sadly, much of society tends to follow their lead, equating money, wealth and celebrity with morality, ethics, common sense and goodness.

  7. Anonymous25/1/07

    I remember someone talking to me about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and they way they told it you'd think the USA went in and bombed those people because their skin was a different color!

    And I felt really strange "justifying" a nuclear attack- I wasn't belittling the horror of it, it's just that there was a context. The Japanese attacked the usa, they wanted to achieve world domination, and debatably they were worse than the nazis, they perpetrated horrors and committed unspeakable atrocities.
    That doesn't take away from the horror of families being nuked or a child's skin falling off their bones from radiation poison. I've seen films of the aftermath-it brings tears to my eyes.
    I think it's hard to feel two diametrically opposed emotions-so people tend to focus on one OR the other -your either a good guy OR a bad guy. Right wing people focus on the atrocities the Japanese committed and left wing people focus on the horror of families being nuked i.e the usa's atrocity.
    And it IS an atrocity-there is no way I can say that the US nuking Japan was GOOD. It wasn't. And no matter how monsterouse and bent on world domination the Japanese were-no nukes are ever good. But there's a context to consider.
    While america has racism aplenty-to act as if we just nuked people of color for the heck of it because we're a bunch of racists is just plain obscene.
    AND it's reverse racism -to refuse to see that people of color can be monsters just like whites-that other cultures can be just as greedy and evil as the bad ole USA. IF liberals truly believed that "we are all human" then they would see everybody's humanity as well as inhumanity.

    In this culture we don't hear much about Japanese atrocities-and we need to- in order to counteract liberal demonization of the USA. But in recounting the crimes of the Japanese it's good not to lose our humanity and sympathy for those who were nuked.

    It's like a balance is being achieved. For years in the USA, Indians were portrayed as "savages" - and the "good guys" were the cowboys. Then liberal thought responded with the OPPOSITE-they romanticized Indians and demonized the whites. They made the cowboys the bad guys and Indians the good guys.
    Really it's both and neither, some whites were good some bad, same with the Indians and other people of color.

    But there IS a context to consider. The fact is the "whites" greedily robbed the Indians of their land, breaking treaties left and right. White people STOLE the land. Entire tribes of Indian peoples were obliterated either by outright murder or by forced deprivation and marches such as the Trail of Tears. AND the fact is this nation was founded on slavery; brutal, cruel, inhumane, slavery-NOT indentured servitude, NOT kind and gentle enslavement-merciless enslavement.

    Yet there are still people who actually have the gall to say that this nation was founded on xtian principles! What the hell is that? Stinking lies and hypocrisy ? Using G-d to justify enslavement theft and murder of the "infidels"?

    Right wing people ignore or downplay the evil in america's past and see no evil in the present.
    Left wing people focus so much on the evil of the usa's past they see no good in the present.

    I think the leftwing people are right-we need to stop the "cycle of violence". But the left wing doesn't actually do that! It's just the opposite end of the cycle.

    If the leftwing is condoning or supporting muslim violence, well then you have no place to think yourselves superior to any other "supporters" of murder and oppression.
    And if liberals think that "nonviolence" is the answer and proceed to translate that into requiring Jews or anyone else to offer their throats to those who would kill them-then you are STILL supporting the murderers.

    And if the rightwing really truly wants to defeat the "axis of evil"-it needs to start by waking up and eradicating it's own evil. Right wingers think it's only the "moonbats" who are blind. But your every bit as blind as the bats. You just don't see it....yet.

  8. the reality is we had no choice but to fight and defeat Japan

    Japan made that decision for us not we

    nuclear weapons look ugly but they were probably the only way to do it that meant the least casualties for both the japanese and for us

    conventional bombings such as the tokyo fire raids cost far more lives than an atom bomb and it would have taken massive and extensive bombing to occupy and subdue Japan

    factoring the loss of American and Japanese lives, civilian and military, in taking Okinawa... the death toll for the entire Japanese islands would have been truly horrific

    this is not even taking into accounts more horrific plans by the japanese high command to use their entire population as effective suicide troops or to eliminate the elderly, women and children as a drain on national resources

    the atom bombs prevented all that from coming around and they were ugly but a prolonged war would have been a lot uglier and taken ten times the lives on both sides

  9. Anonymous30/7/09

    There is an element of the human condition that has existed since the fall. All men are capable of the most tenderest mercy or the most hideous evil. Our Founding Fathers knew somewhat of this and gave us the constitution because they knew that a man without a moral compass was anathema to a peacefull existence. I have often wondered why GOD favors one group of people over another across time. There is an entity that exists that exploits the human condition in regards to evil and delights in the carnage.The Liberal political dogma that exists in Washington apparently is unaware of this or sadly make themselves available for it's use. I feel sad for the poor souls who buy into the madness. And so it continues, the war between flesh and spirit. "Radio Holy Spirit, brought to you by GOD", reveals the truth in so many areas of life and the World if you can get that frequency. Many confess religion but don't have a relationship. Isn't it interesting that the World is caught up in a battle of ideologies that are traced to two of Abraham's sons. I'm just sayin.

    Thanks for the Forum
    Greg RN

  10. Daniel, it's a bit late (this being September 2013), but thanks for the low-down on Eastwood and the scale of Japanese savagery. By the way, in the course of researching a detective novel set in 1930, I learned that the Japanese, who had about 20,000 troops in Northern Russia during the Civil War to help fight the Bolsheviks, followed the same brutal policies there as they did anywhere else they occupied. They and the Cossack gangs were the most feared "coalition" element there at the time.


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