Home Islam politics War on Terror Is Wajid Khan Running Canada's Foreign Policy?
Home Islam politics War on Terror Is Wajid Khan Running Canada's Foreign Policy?

Is Wajid Khan Running Canada's Foreign Policy?

Wajid Khan is going on a second fact finding mission to Muslim countries after returning from his previous fact finding trip to the middle east. Referring to Wajid Khan's report on his trip, which no one has seen despite it costing the Canadian taxpayers thousands of dollars, a Canadian government official stated, "there was some good advice in there and you are likely to see some of that advice be reflected in what the government will be doing in the future."

So who is Wajid Khan? Wajid Khan is a former Pakistani military officer who moved to Canada and opened a top automotive dealership and through some dubious financial machinations got into politics and got himself elected a member of parliament. After fallout in the Muslim community from the arrests of terrorists and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's support for Israel during the Lebanon campaign, he was offered a position as special advisor to the Prime Minister on the Middle East and Afghanistan crossing over from the Liberals to the Tories.

What does Wajid Khan's advice consist of? Well his report is being kept under wraps but not long ago Wajid Khan assailed the Canadian government for "unqualified support for Israel's military actions" and criticized the extension of the Canadian military force in Afghanistan. He argued for
building diplomatic relationships with Iran and Syria.

Now Wajid Khan will be working to shape Canadian foreign policy.


  1. Anonymous21/1/07

    He looks like a black mooses
    lim with that bowtie strung up around his big fat neck.
    He looks like Jabba the Hut too and the Canadian prime minister always looks like Carrie Fisher in a bikini no matter who he is.

    The problem in Canada is too much alcohol. They are a nation of drunks. That's a well known fact.
    So they don't know that Wajid is a big fat black moose-slim.
    And anyway, in Canada anything with Moose in it rocks da house.
    So Moose slims are ok wit dem!
    You can't trust a guy with 90 chins. Food rots in there.

  2. Shape Canadian foreign policy. Translation being, Khan will strongly encourage the government to pull out of Afghanistan, condemn Israel and foster ties with Iran and Syria.

    Doesn't really surprise me, though, since several months ago the Canadian government was considering implementing shira law in some parts of Canada.

  3. LOL Rocko, just don't clump all Canadians together. The French are too refined to spend their days swigging beer while watching curling on CBC LOL.

  4. By the way.. Wajid Ali Khan is the farthest person to the right on the photo in the article..lest anyone think its the guy in the bowtie.
    It is the man in the glasses on the far right.

    Also Khan has dual citizenship!!
    Imagine a man being an official in the government of one nation, while being a citizen of another?
    Khan is a Pakistani citizen.
    Amazing stupidity of governments seen yet again.

  5. Anonymous22/1/07

    Khan is also thinking of running for prime minister of Canada.
    So America will have an ever worsening enemy to the north if he wins.

  6. Anonymous23/1/07

    They're coming.


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