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Every Murderer a Poet

The Russian writer Vladimir Voinovich told the story of a dissident exiled during Czarist times to Siberia. There while walking alone through the forest he encountered two Aleuts who murdered him hoping to rob him. Upon searching his body they discovered that all he had with him was a crust of bread.

But as Voinovich tells it, every murderer is also a poet. In his own eyes the murderer of the innocent is a hero. He does not feel guilt, he feels that he has accomplished a great deed. A deed he must relate and mythologize. The two men who had killed an unarmed innocent man were no exception to this rule. They returned to their settlements and drank and composed a ballad telling of the time they encountered a huge Russian giant in the woods who attempted to murder them and how they bravely defended themselves and slew him.

They went from settlement to settlement telling the story, singing the ballad and drinking. Eventually the story came to the ears of a Russian police officer who ordered them arrested and interrogating them obtained the true story of how the two of them ambushed an unarmed man in the woods and killed him for the money he didn't have.

Gaza and the Arab world today too is filled with poets. Samir Kuntar who murdered a little girl is a national hero in Lebanon and Gaza. The suicide bombers who murder people eating in pizza stores and cafes are martyrs. The terrorists who drive by shooting at cars filled with families are great warriors of Palestine. Every atrocity is a virtue. Every crime an achievement. Every horror a celebration. Every murderer is a poet.


  1. Remarkable how in the 21st century these people are still dumb enough to accept heinous crimes when told in this manner. Murderers often do delude themselves and others. In ignorant societies they often get away with it.

    If the people in Gaza weren't so blinded by raw hatred perhaps they'd open their eyes to what is really going on.

  2. Anonymous10/1/07

    The people in Gaza are no better than their leaders.
    Worse in fact since it is their fault they have such leaders.
    The world that worships the man mohammed is without excuse of any sort. They are not deluded but evil.
    Birds of a feather flock together

  3. But I do believe there is mass delusion of the evil perpetrated by so many in Palestine, including the women in Nazareth who accepted that their two young sons, murdered during the Lebanon invasion. They had to be deluded to accept that the boys (both under 10) were martyrs. Same too with mothers who offer their older children up as martyrs for Islam and the Palestinian cause, and even groom toddlers to die as martyrs/murderers.

    G-d help them. I can't imagine the great anguish and torment they'll experience in their souls when they wake up from this delusion, lie or whatever you want to call it.

    Normal grief is tough enough. Normal but unjustified guilt is horrible. But knowing that you played a role in a loved one's murder and the slaughter of innocent people? I can't even fathom that.

    One day they'll know the truth and the conviction they'll experience has got to be hellish. The guilt of knowing that in their hatred towards Jews they not only condemned the innocent but their own children.

    One day they will have to answer G-d, and I believe part of that answering is feeling the full brunt of what they set into motion. They must see the blood on their own hands.

    I would certainly not want such anguish of soul as they will experience.


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