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Home Yeditot Aharanot Sinks to a New Level With Rabbi Paul Arberman

Yeditot Aharanot Sinks to a New Level With Rabbi Paul Arberman

Yediot Aharonot via its Ynet website just never seems to learn. Why a tabloid with all the moral values of a diseased bum searching through the gutter for a used crack vial would want to do Divrei Torah in the first place is incomprehensible, but what they manage to do instead is find people to write Anti-Divrei Torah in the classic Abraham Cahan style.

Let's call them Anti-Rabbis. (Note, persons is this article will be referred to as Rabbis purely for purposes of identification rather not because they are legitimately Rabbis or have any authentic religious values or affiliations. They are not legitimate Rabbis or members of any authentic clergy)

Their usual formula seems to be to find a young liberal 'Anti-Rabbi.' Their previous catch was 'Rabbi' Mordechai Gafni who was into sexual acts with minors. Many of the same liberal bloggers who rant endlessly about cases in the Orthodox community worked hard to defend Gafni until they just ran out of steam.

So Ynet replaced Rabbi Mordechai Gafni with (drum roll) Rabbi Paul Arberman. Rabbi Paul Arberman hasn't been convicted of molesting anyone yet, but he's already readying his defense apparently. This week's Anti-Dvar Torah compares Yosef with rapist Benny Sela. "The unfair treatment of Joseph in prison seems to mirror the allegations of police mistreatment of accused rapist Benny Sela."

Of course Rabbi Paul Arberman is likely to end up in court for a different reason as he is a member of Rabbis for Human Rights, what amounts to the Rabbinical branch of the International Solidarity Movement whose main causes are slandering Israel in every forum and working with Arabs to launch attacks on Israeli farmers.

Lest anyone think this Anti-Dvar Torah was awful, they can scroll back two years ago when Rabbi Paul Arberman's deep thoughts on the same parsha were entitled, 'Joseph the Gay Tzaddik.'

For a sample of the deep thoughts in the article he believes Joseph is gay because he wore a colorful coat, talks about dreams and refuses to sleep with Potiphar's wife.

"The guy is second in command of Egypt, and women are throwing themselves at him. There's no reason to refuse because they are single and he is ALLOWED to marry as many as he wants. So Solomon married a thousand, but Joseph doesn't even take a peek!" says Rabbi Paul Arberman.

Is it really any surprise that liberals like this are on the side of the Arab terrorists and the rapists? It makes perfect sense in his mind, doesn't it. No one can possibly be moral. Anyone who appears to be moral is really hiding some dark and dirty secret. Joseph couldn't possibly be a moral man who stuck to his principles, this is only proof that he didn't sleep with a thousand women because he was gay.

The flip side of denying morality is of course affirming the immoral. We can't possibly hold it against Benny Sela that he did rape women, because after all liberal Rabbis like Rabbi Paul Arberman don't really believe that anyone out there doesn't want to rape women. Some like Benny Sela or Rabbi Mordechai Gafni just make the mistake of actually acting on it...something which demands our sympathy, not so much for the victims as the perpetrators.

This has been the ideology behind their support of Arab terrorists all along. In their minds it is a given that Israel cannot be moral because it attempts to be moral, which as with Joseph, only further establishes its immorality. The Arab terrorists by contrast who act in flagrantly evil ways must be sympathized with because their very evil makes them human.

In the warped moral universe of liberals, evil humanizes, good dehumanizes. A rapist, a murderer is someone they can relate to. A Joseph or a Begin is someone they cannot, until they pull him down to their own filthy level. Heroism is an indictment, criminality a redemption. Yosef the Tzaddik becomes a filter through which their own vileness seeps through.

A final entertaining note for anyone who may be misled into taking the titles of people like Rabbi Arik Ascherman or Rabbi Paul Arberman seriously, these people are not Rabbis, they are not legitimately part of Judaism and they are thoroughly and utterly ignorant. I will quote one last time from the sewer that is Rabbi Paul Arberman's article.

"I put on my detective kippah. I just wanted the facts. My first question: Did Joseph have a wife? As I quickly opened my pocket TaNaCh to check, I remembered that he did have two children -- Ephrayim and Menasseh."

Yup, the phony Rabbi couldn't even remember that Yosef was married or even had kids without looking it up.


  1. This rabbi has smicha from Cost Cutters.

  2. I was hoping this was satire, but I think not. Comparing Yosef to a rapist? Gay? Having to look up a basic fact? Depraved. Ignorant. I'll leave the adjectives at that.

  3. Another thought occurred to me. Perhaps they were trying (miserably) to speak in the vernacular to appeal to the uneducated common man.

    On second though--Nah, that wouldn't explain the content though. Who in the world is ordaining these anti-rabbis? Don't they have to go before a beit din like converts do, to demostrate a modicum of knowledge, intelligence, and sincerity?

  4. Anonymous19/12/06

    Benny Sela raped 12 women. He is in the can where he belongs. The left is raping Eretz Yisroel 24/7 (they work on Shabbos) and they continue to have free rein over its government, media and culture.

  5. These men identify with evil, but not with tzadekim like Yosef etc.
    The thought that anyone would choose to do the moral thing over the wrong thing is foreign to them because they live by their appetites and feed them without thought.

  6. yes, they thrive on evil, they are drawn to it and so they defend it and tear down everything else to pretend that evil is the norm

  7. Anonymous20/12/06

    I repent of all my evil doings as the goy from ipanema that I am.
    These rabbis are just pure mushyheads.

  8. Rarely content to wallow in their own crepulence they are constantly looking for ways to bring others into their own realm of evil.

    Evil is seductive, addictive. Once the downward spiral starts it's tough to stop.

  9. Hashfanatic reformed looks like a Creedmoorer multiple personality to me - and I am the expert!

  10. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...

  11. Anonymous26/12/06

    I have to say that you have completely taken my words out of context. I completely condemn Benny Sela and am happy to see him lawfully punished and locked away. My point was that he did commit heinous crimes and he ruined the lives of many people with his evil – but convicted criminals still have a right to a lawyer and to not be beaten by the police. All I was saying about Joseph in the Torah was that he ALSO had his rights abused – and of course, in his case he was totally innocent.

    Furthermore, your personal attack on me is entirely not fair – even libelous and lashon hara. You cross the line in comparing me to disgusting offenders and describing the imaginary charges from which I am preparing to defend myself.

    To be clear, I am not in any way questioning your right to say that my views are wrong, bad, ignorant or poorly written. You don't have to consider me a real rabbi. However to sling serious accusations is not okay. I ask that you voluntarily take down this article.

    Paul Arberman.

  12. I will quote your own words again back to you

    "The unfair treatment of Joseph in prison seems to mirror the allegations of police mistreatment of accused rapist Benny Sela."

    It's nice that you condemn Sela but campaigning on behalf of him while comparing him to Yosef is nothing short of obscene.

    Considering that you work for an organization that aids terrorists, slanders Israelis and has contrived to set up people and have them imprisoned... your going on about prisoner's rights and libel are also nothing short of obscene.

    I will put up anything I wrote against the article 'Settlers, hands off the olive trees' located on your organization's website.

    All told Benny Sela has harmed far less people than your terrorist friends.

  13. and feel free to point out any statements in my post you feel are libelous

    you can either challenge my statements about Rabbis for Human Rights or complain because I said you were never convicted of molesting anybody (if you have been convicted of molesting anyone feel free to correct me)


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