Home Israel videos Sanhedrin Rabbis Arrested by Police as Olmert's War against Religious Jews Heats Up
Home Israel videos Sanhedrin Rabbis Arrested by Police as Olmert's War against Religious Jews Heats Up

Sanhedrin Rabbis Arrested by Police as Olmert's War against Religious Jews Heats Up

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, one of the top Rabbanim in the Sanhedrin who had served in the paratroopers unit that liberated the Kotel, was arrested for conducting an independent investigation into the infamous detention orders evicting men from their homes and arresting those who return to them. After Rabbi Ariel issued a Psak saying that an officer who gives such an order may not be called to Aliyah, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel began to be hounded by the police and was finally arrested and brought to the Russian Compound and then warned not to discuss what he had been questioned about.

The charge levered against him by the tools of Olmert's corrupt government was the usual one used to silence and intimidate and imprison political opponents of the Kadima Regime, "Suspicion of Incitement."

Sanhedrin spokesman Rabbi Hillel Weiss who had also been questioned stated, "It is part of a war on religion that is being waged by the government to expel faithful Jews and destroy their homes."

The video shows Rabbi Yisrael Ariel at Amona. In the beginning he is protected by an Israeli soldier from Border Police thugs, later by a medic. The cries you hear throughout are, "Al Tigu Ba'Rav', 'Don't Touch the Rav.' Later he finds himself in the way of the advancing police line.

The campaign against religious Jews began with Sharon's attack on the Religious Ministry, slashing social services and the Disengagement and assault on the National Religious.

Olmert is continuing that campaign aided by much of the press which is happy enough to bombard the public with phony sex scandals involving the President and Defense Minister, a phony sex maniac on the loose, even as Olmert is now moving to comply with Saudi directives delivered by way of Baker's new Hamilton Commission and planning massive withdrawals... withdrawals that will require breaking the settlers, religious Jews and any remaining population that is still Zionist and Nationalist, rather than being willing to sell out their country and themselves in hopes of hanging on to the good life.

The war goes on and it's only one of many.


  1. Olmert and his tribe are men who value money over morals and it would be interesting to see their bank accounts in foreign nations.
    I would bet they are packed with payoffs from those who want Israel out of the way.
    No thinking Jew, no real Jew, could imagine that the term "Jew" is anything other than a religious term.
    Yes I know it is a "nation" but, that nation was G-d ordained and instituted, not man made. Jews are propped up by Torah, otherwise we would not be Jews.
    It makes me wonder then about men like Olmert and those who follow him, what are they? Who are they that they have no possible fear of G-d at all.
    I remember a shiur by Rabbi Avigdor Miller where he stressed that those who have no fear of Hashem are like Amalek who also had none.
    But where are Jews in EY pouring into the streets in protest of this stuff?
    Where are they???

  2. May Hashem come down HARD on the heads of those men who dragged him off like that.
    May he come down hard on Olmert and all who complied with this vile thing.

  3. I think in all countries and situations you find those who are willing to corrupt themselves at the expense of their countrymen and innocents.

    Arresting rabbis...a new low for Olmert. I can't begin to imagine how he raised that he'd treat a member of the clergy in such a manner.

  4. Anonymous8/12/06

    And we wonder why we are about to lose Israel again.


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