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Home The Media's Pro-Terrorist Biased Reporting Moves on to Ethiopia

The Media's Pro-Terrorist Biased Reporting Moves on to Ethiopia

With headlines like "Ethiopian Forces Press Offensive Into Somalia" and "US Urges End To Fighting" and this bizarre entry from the Los Angeles Times, "Ethiopian offensive in Somalia Could Mirror Iraq War", it's clear the media has gotten bored with supporting the terrorists in Iraq and is busy supporting the terrorists in Somalia.

Ethiopian forces were already in Somalia in order to support the Somali government and were responding to an attack on them by Islamic militia, but the media's headlines continue to imply that Ethiopia invaded Somalia and is acting aggressively, which is the typical way the media reports any conflict between Muslim terrorists and anyone else. The terrorists are always the victims and those defending against them always the aggressors, regardless of the real facts of the case.

Barely does a war begin which the Al Queda affiliated Islamic thugs began then the media desperately carries water for them comparing the fighting to the War in Iraq which they compared to the War in Vietnam, because if there's one thing the media thrives on it's simplistic analogies. The fighting in an African country is somehow just like the fighting in the middle east which is just like the fighting in Asia which is just like the fighting on Mars which is just like Conan's quest for Tamerlane's Gold. Liberals begin by conflating all wars between a Western and Non-Western country as imperialistic conflicts. The absurdity then reaches the point where Ethiopia fighting off a Muslim invasion in Africa becomes treated as the imperialistic conquerer. Talk about liberal ignorance and arrogance.

Then we have the Bush Administration doing the usual State Department thing and ordering a halt to the conflict, which when involving Muslim terrorists means a halt to defending yourself while the terrorists go on doing exactly what they were doing all along.

"The State Department says the United States is concerned by the deteriorating security situation in Somalia, and by the humanitarian impact of the fighting."

Yes, as opposed to the humanitarian situation that occurred when Islamofascist thugs took over major portions of the country and began executing people for watching televised soccer matches. Compared to that the fighting can only improve the humanitarian situation by driving the terrorists out. The reality that diplomats can't seem to grasp anymore is that in some situations it takes fighting to improve the humanitarian situation.

But instead the media is happy to let the Islamists play their usual game reporting the supposed case of a woman wounded at the airport during the Ethiopian bombing raid. How many women were murdered by the Islamic militias is a matter left unasked of course.

Meanwhile this is what it's really about.

"Militia leaders have expressed a desire to form a greater eastern African Islamist state, incorporating Islamic communities from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya."

An Islamic African superstate that will serve as a base for terrorism and conquest of African nations. That's what the real stakes are and what the media isn't reporting on.


  1. Isn't it ironic how in the days and months after 9/11 most Americans felt justified in fighting terrorists and now we're all supposed to do is get all warm and fuzzy, talk and write of peace and click out heels three times and wish for it? Viola! Easy!

    The media, in a cowardly and pathetic attempt to appear "neutral" wish to assign responsibility to both sides for not rising above their lower natures and just shake hands and making peace (except for Israel, which the media portrays as the villian no matter how justified the self-defense is).

    And G-d forbid they should appear anti-Muslim! Oh no, Muslism are already subjected to racial discrimination because of 9/11 (actually, I read a report and it indicated that Jews are discriminated much more than Muslims post 9/11.)

    In trying to be all things to all people, the media forgets that there is something called right and wrong. Even in at a small newspaper I experienced this. A Charter school opened on the Buffalo/suburban border. A student needed to be taken home and there was confusion as to which police agency should do it. Buffalo Police were in the wrong and refused to pick the kid up and take him home.

    Ah, but my editor insisted that we shouldn't blame on side or the other. Newspaper came out and I received a call from a suburban police chief who said the town supervisor was upset because "it never happened." Of course it never happened. They took the kid home, but the instinct among most newspaper people is to appear so fair and balanced that the facts get in the way.

    The facts should speak for themselves. The "show don't tell" journalism of old is becoming (has become) extinct.

    I hate these Mr. Switzerland type journalists and editors.

  2. The religion of the worship of Mohammed has murdered over 4 million people in Africa to date in just the last 4 or 5 years, if that long.
    No one cares much about Africa where people are being sold into slavery, murdered and destroyed by Mohammeds worshippers.

  3. Anonymous26/12/06

    I've gotten to a point where I feel like the only thing to do is light the candles and say the bracha maybe that will help,
    say the Shma maybe that will help,
    at this point the world is obviously insane and it's like yep...read more Torah say more tehilim maybe that'll help

    I'm no longer shocked-they hate Jews and it will take the form of feminists arguing FOR the hijaab-peace activists arguing FOR Iran having nukes, civil rights activists arguing FOR Islam enslaving Africa-so what else is new?
    G-d runs the world so the ONLY thing a Jew should ask in my opinion is "what can I do better HaSh-m?"

  4. Isn't it Cush together with Gog and Magog that will attack Israel in the endtimes?

  5. No Andy, Cush or Ethiopia will be attacked by Edom amd the evil king Armilus who will lead nations into worshipping him as a god.
    Armilus is a product of Rome/Edom.
    He is known as Armilus ben satan and the he is described as the son of the satan and a womans statue. This is of course a picturesque way to show his nature and his total wickedenss.
    The statue of the woman is held by some to be "Europa" the woman who rides on the bull, but this is a simile to show what he is like and why he is produced upon the world.
    Gog and Magog happen after the arrival of Moshiach.
    It is gog and magog who attack Moshiach and who melt as they stand on their feet.
    It is more widely held that Gog and magog attack Israel earlier but this is not correct and there are proofs to back this up.
    Gog and Magog attack Edom(led by this wicked King who is called by some Armilus ben satan) also
    and it is Edom(Esav) who attackes Israel before Moshiach comes.
    Gog and magog then attack Edom and all will attack Moshiach and his people but they are all destroyed completely without firing a shot!

    We recognize Gog and Magog as Russian hordes from Moscow to China! It will include all of India and much of southeast Asia too.
    Gog and Magog will be and almost impossibly huge fighting force of millions upon millions of men.


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