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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tzom Rabin - Reform Judaism Adds New Fast Day to Not Observe - Urge Violence and Sedition

(Ynet) - "To commemorate Yitzhak Rabin's death, the Reform Movement has initiated The Fast of Rabin, similar to The Fast of Gedaliah.

Ahead of the memorial day commemorating Rabin's murder, the reform movement's rabbinical council issued a public statement confirming that the memorial day will be deemed a public fast day. It is set to be added to other days of fast in the Jewish calendar.

Similar to other public fast days, the movement's rabbis will not conduct weddings and other joyful events on this particular day. The reform community is set to conduct special prayer sessions to mark the day of Rabin's murder."

There's no mention of you know actually not eating on Tzom Rabin, since that's apparently a lost cause already. Now since the Reform Movement holds weddings and all sorts of joyful occasions on every Jewish fast day including Tisha Ba'av, it's unclear what the point of adding another fast day to not fast on is.

I might propose that Reform Judaism have a single fast day for the thousands of victims of their peace policies towards the Arabs. A day of contemplating their responsibility for enabling terrorists in Israel and America. A day for remembering the massive death toll perpetrated by Arafat's legions, by the Hamas terrorists their own Rabbis sent petitions on behalf of to the White House and the Al-Queda terrorists their Religious Action Center is working frantically to dislodge from Guantanamo Bay. They don't even have to fast on that day, they can have their bloody lobster and ham sandwich, if they can at least recognize what they've done or at the very least stop doing it.

Yeah right.

But helpfully the Religious Action Center, which is essentially Reform Judaism's branch of the ACLU has the following to say on Tzom Rabin. I'm putting it up as a screenshot. Clicking on it will get you the whole page.

There's the boilerplate about "recognizing the dangers inherent in political and religious extremism, which is spreading in our communities" which of course means continuing to ignore the religious extremism and dangers spreading through the Arab and Muslim communities. It doesn't of course mean recognizing the political extremism and dangers in their own communities of the Peace Now movement or the Anarchists Against the Wall.

No, instead it means recognizing the inherent dangers of the political extremists of the right. What's the self-reckoning about then exactly, when the whole point of it is to blame the people you disagree with and Orthodox Jews for everything while taking responsibility for absolutely nothing. Thus the Reform Un-Fast Day, a day where you don't actually fast and go on blaming those you disagree with for everything that's wrong. Isn't that just 'Passive Aggressive Day' masquerading as a phony Jewish fast day?

Luckily, the RAC or the Union of Progressive Somethings or Others has a solution, "awaking all of us from indifference and apathy to violence and sedition." Now the Israeli left has been engaging in violence and sedition for some time now, but it's understandable if the Reform movement feels their standards of violence and sedition continue to go unmet with the movement sunk into apathy and indifference.

We wish them luck in their Un-Fast of Violence and Sedition and look forward to discovering how they plan to incorporate Gay Lifestyle Awareness, Buddhism, the works of Jonathan Safran Foer and a PETA Teaching Event into their Un-Fast along with the Violence and Sedition.

I recommend 'Tzom Rabin: How Yitzchak's Legacy of Peace Informs the Gay Vegan Buddhist Lifebud Within' with a special emphasis on 'Awaking to Violence and Sedition the Easy Way.'


  1. What did they reform from and what are they progressing toward.
    They used to have "reform schools" in America for juvenile delinquents.

    Well this is another saint added to the hierarchy of heavenly beings worshipped by the world.
    Long may they rave.

  2. I don't know the correct terminology but I always thought it was a sin to create and observe a new holiday outside of the holidays we're commanded to observe (Yom Kippur, Pesach etc).

    I do recall someone telling me it isn't permitted.

  3. Anonymous7/11/06

    Guess they'd really hate me. I was furious that the guy was punished for assassinating him. I wanted him offered a reward for picking off a villan who despised the Land, loved arabs and hated Jews.

  4. I clicked on the screenshot thingy. Ironically the Union of Progressive Rabbis claims it should be a day of "reckoning" and point out that a Jew killed Rabin.

    What hypocrites that these "progressive" rabbis are. They condemn one Jew for killing another but condone policies that can and have resulted in the murders of hundreds of Israeli Jews.

    Someone should point that out to them, and perhaps maybe THEY should fast and repent from their faulty beliefs and policies. I can't see how they can be oblivious to liberal Jews creating an atmosphere and politic climate that results in Jewish misery and death and almost cannonize Rabin.

    Doesn't make sense.

    I don't care much for the term progressive rabbis either, they're implying that Orthodox rabbis live in the dark ages.

  5. In my pipe and cigar smoking days, I would always light one up on Rabin's English yahrtzeit (unfortunately his Hebrew yahrtzeit corresponds with that of Rachel Imenu), as I had a minhag NOT to light up on the yahrtzeit of tzaddikim.

    I also suggested (idea taken from Howard Stern) that when a human chain was formed in Rabin's memory the first yahrtzeit, that someone connect the first person in the chain to a positive high voltage AC electrode and the last person in the chain to a negative AC lead.

  6. "I also suggested (idea taken from Howard Stern) that when a human chain was formed in Rabin's memory the first yahrtzeit, that someone connect the first person in the chain to a positive high voltage AC electrode and the last person in the chain to a negative AC lead."

    ROFL!!!! I love it! Perhaps we should do that to the state of Mini-soda for electing a muslim! :]

  7. They elected a muslim? what? huh?

  8. not just any Muslim but a CAIR backed Farrakhanite

  9. lots on him here


  10. Lost the post but thank you very much maralynn for your kind words



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