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Home Disengagement Made Us Safer

Disengagement Made Us Safer

Gaza's Greenhouses In Jewish Hands

Gaza's Greenhouses One Year Later

In this picture released by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), an Israeli soldier stands guard next to a tunnel during an operation near Rafah, southern Gaza strip, October 18, 2006. Israeli troops killed four Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and widened a four-month-old offensive by sending tanks to take up positions around the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. REUTERS/IDF/Handout

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  1. Anonymous21/10/06

    Its because they do not have God's blessing on them.
    Nothing will go right for them ever.
    They are Caananites who live under a curse.

  2. yes and what was green in their hands once again becomes dirt

  3. Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt....

  4. They're a lot like white-trash rednecks. I'm surpised we don't see pictures of them with camels up on concrete blocks in their front yards. :]

  5. Without Hashem the land becomes barren, incapable of life. Barren--that sounds like such a biblical word.

  6. A picture speaks a thousand words.

    In this case, two pictures, two thousand.

    lemon is right.

    ashes to ashes. They reap what they sow.

  7. Anonymous22/10/06

    sometimes a little orange bracelet isn't enough...i don't know what i hate more...seeing the absolute detruction of gush katiff or how i would feel if the mamzers were enjoying the fruits of the settler's hard work...stay safe


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