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Friday, August 25, 2006

We don't want food, we don't want water, we want accountability

Parents of dead soldiers and IDF reservists protesting for Olmert's resignation at Golda Meir's grave. The sign reads 'We don't want food, we don't want water, we want accountability." (Hebrew language petition)


  1. Interesting mistranslation! "Ahriut" really means "Responsibility". I suppose that you could argue that "responsibility" in a politician equals "accountability" ..

    Why do I say "interesting", cause I have been "braying" for over a decade that until there is a structural reformation of Israel's political system which makes elected officals accountable to the electorate (not the party hacks nor those invisible gray personalities that "arrange" to finance the parties), nothing is going to change. Israel will be managed (not lead) by a increasingly corrupt group of self-selecting cronies beholden to the monied elites (18 families contril 85% of Israel's capital).

  2. in this case it would actually mean accountability which is an implementation of responsibility



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