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One Old Soldier's Protest

What can one man do?

A Colonel in the reserves David Tatarsky, who served in the Yom Kippur War and the Lebanon War in a tank, otherwise apolitical, is holding a one man protest in front of Prime Minister Olmert's office.

David recalls the time that Motti Ashkenazi went out and stood alone after the Yom Kippur War demanding the resignation of Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan. In time out of that one man came a mass movement. Though apolitical Colonel Tatarsky is demanding the resignation of Olmert and Halutz. He stood there all day and spent the night at the home of one of his students. He is considering putting up a tent and asking others to join him. People come, he says, but leave soon after.

He does not want merely the 'orange' protesters but people from all walks of life to unite everyone together and bring a new government in the name of elementary decency. He who has failed must resign, especially when on his actions hinge lives, this the blood of the dead demands by the fault of the criminal and incompetent leaders, Colonel Tatarsky says.

There he stands in Yerushalayim by the office of the Prime Minister at the gate of the rose garden waiting for others to join him, to stand besides him, to bring banners, a hat, a chair, a tent if you intend to stay the night.

"A lost war, a hundred and fifty senseless deaths are creating a revolutionary situation. The government that is squandering lives without achieving the crucial goals cannot long remain in power. By the fault of those in power, we may lose the country," David warns, "and then there will not remain any domestic or family concerns."

Colonel Tatarsky asks anyone who can to write about him even if it's on a blog or a livejournal. Press or organizational inquiries in hebrew are welcome to contact him at 05-05-7833-53 or for english inquiries at his lawyer's, Itzik Bam 054-7546-790.


  1. Here is one man who still loves Israel.

    I am not sure of the rest of Jews anymore. Too many are apathetic now and simply seem to not care.

  2. It is shameful that he's the only one standing there.

  3. I hope others join him soon. Israel is teetering on the edge and people need to get involved before it is too late.

  4. people are apathetic when they're not given anything to put their hope in for a better change

    shamefull yes, I've heard reports of protests from members of the unit of the two kidnapped soldiers also protesting...not sure though

  5. Wow! That's cool! There's actually a man in Israel!

  6. Anonymous15/8/06

    Time and tide wait for no man. If Israel doenst get off its fat butt and fight it will not exist much longer.
    The kollel community needs to begin to think about other Jews besides themselves for once also and where is chabad's mouth in all this?
    They have a lot to say on inane things what about this? Silence from them too. Goes to show what they really are.

  7. Too Little Too Late.
    The tipping point has been reached.
    Israels throat is more exposed by
    the Shabbatians who claim "leadership".
    The only time left is if Hizballahs
    bosses in Iran choose to consolidate
    their deathgrip on the reigns of
    power thruout Lebanon.
    This may be their next move while
    their ally Syria rattles its small
    sword about the effectiveness of
    'resistence' as a way forward to
    restore 'arab rights'.
    Hopefully there will be a respite
    that will awaken the remaining
    loyal west to regroup and we wont face August 21, 2006 as the
    LAST NORMAL DAY on planet earth.


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