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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Enemy is Already Here


  1. They come out from under the rocks they were under because political correctness gone wild has emboldened them. They know no shame, no morality at all.

    As I have been saying, the line is being dramatically drawn now in the world between two camps.
    One good, one evil. These photos show the face of the camp of evil.
    As time goes by this line will become stronger and stronger til there is no middle ground anymore.
    And those who continue to eat from the tree of good/bad mixtures will find they have to choose finally whose camp they reside in..
    Good or evil.
    As it was said, "who is on the Lord's side, let him come over to me" and again...
    "Choose you this day who you serve.. Hashem or baal"

  2. they're becoming shameless as they never were before and now hizbullah flags and nasrallah's portrait waves against the background of the city hall of a major american city

    how much will it take before people wake up to the evil around them

  3. We could think of it this way. No nation that has ever been evil to Israel has ever avoided Hashem blasting them off the planet. America has given Israel's enemies weapons to kill Jews, trained pee-lo-uhO at The Farm in PA, demanded Israel give away her Land, given two billion to the support of terroristic acts against Jews. Bush has already stated Jerusalem will go to the air-ubs for their capital. America is due to pay and due to pay big time. I'm guessing the US stays blind until she's destroyed.

  4. It's hard to tell if these are a bunch of Rachel Corrie clones or the real deal/real terrorists. Either way, it is omnious. Public support by either the politically correct, the ignorant, or rachel corrie clones will attract genuine terrorists. These idiots protesting against Israel (and in support of Hezbollah and Hamas) are playing right into their hands.

    It's dangerous.

    Lemon is right. With time there will be no middle ground. Strictly good and evil. Hashem or Baal.

    I choose Hashem!

  5. Will it be long before the arab immigrants (many of whom catholic parishes in the US are sponsoring)become so politically involved with these terror groups that our government resembles European liberalism?



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