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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Disgrace Continues

While Israeli hostages continue to be held by Hezbollah, UN officals report that Israel released 5 Hezbollah terrorists seized in a raid that cost the lives of Israeli soldiers. Even while Israeli soldiers are in enemy hands, Israel is freeing enemy terrorists without getting anything in return. Olmert's Kadima led government has disastrously mismanaged the situation. Hundreds of reservists are already protesting over shortages of food and supplies for soldiers , of weak and incoherent leadership and a lack of proper training and still Olmert's government continues its reign of disaster.

Time for Olmert and Kadima to go.


  1. Agree. Bring the old school leaders.

  2. Why on earth did they do that?!

  3. insanity,... international pressure...cowardice

    some combination of the above



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