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Home Democrats Mainstreaming Historical Revisionism

Democrats Mainstreaming Historical Revisionism

Historical revisionism goes mainstream among the liberal camp as the Presbyterian Church of the United States is putting out a 9/11 conspiracy book. The PCUSA which had formerly innovated a boycott of Israel seems to be the leading edge of the increasing radicalization of formerly mainstream liberal organizations going into areas that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.

The link between historical revisionism and a boycott of Israel is of course obvious. Historical revisionism about the Holocaust is practiced not because the 'people' in question really believe the Holocaust didn't happen but because the Holocaust represents an obstacle to reviving Anti-Semitism. The memory and knowledge of the atrocity makes it much too difficult to convince people to walk along a path that will results in its repetition. To revive Anti-Semitism it was necessary to undermine the reality of the Holocaust and turn it into yet another conspiracy theory about the Jews, thus making even the murder of Jews into a tool for anti-Semitism.

9/11 Revisionism has the same goal. The liberals and left-wingers who shrugged off 9/11 originally, tried to argue that it was no big deal because far more people die of cancer every year and claimed that America deserved it anyway quickly realized that what happened that day could not be so easily discarded. That left them with two paths, the first was the Ward Churchill approach of showing open contempt for the dead which is doomed to be unpopular and the other to redirect the blame at America and twist the murder of 3000 Americans into still more propaganda for the terrorists.

This the 911 conspiracy theorists or as they liked to be called the '9/11 Truth Movement' has done following in the footsteps of their intellectual ancestors, the Holocaust revisionists. Like them they are no more than propagandists providing cover for the murderers while damning the victims. Like them they are no more researchers than Goebbels was a journalist. Their science is spurious, their lies copious and all of it irrelevant because under all that rotten edifice lies their real motive, to absolve the terrorists and enable them to continue their work.

The extremists on the far right and the far left who form the central audience for 9/11 conspiracy theories want to see America overthrown but unlike the Weathermen or Timothy McVeigh are too attached to their tenured positions at universities and their lucrative speaker's fees to go out and put their lives on the line to kill in the name of of the utopia they want to create. Instead they count on the terrorists to do their work for them and use the government's attempts to fight terrorism as proof that a totalitarian state is on the way.

The extent though to which these same views have penetrated into the mainstream is troubling but not surprising. Political frustration usually elevates the extremists. Eight years of Clinton elevated a lot of the more deranged elements on the Republican side ranting about UN black helicopters, FEMA's plans for genocide and a coming civil war. It's no surprise that eight years of Bush has had a similar effect on the Democrats. But such views never went as mainstream in the Republican party as they now have among the Democrats. Howard Dean's DNC chairmanship is the equivalent of Pat Buchanan becoming the chairman of the Republican party.

Historical revisionism is usually an early warning that blood is to come because the real history has to be blotted out so the murders can continue. Holocaust revisionism by the right had precisely that goal but it's since been superseded by the left's Holocaust revisionism which is to argue that the Holocaust did happen then and now the Jews are perpetrating the Holocaust again, against the Arabs. With that cover the left is now free to engage in unmitigated anti-Semitism and to indulge its most psychotic hostilities and biases towards Israel and the Jews.

That's why the left doesn't practice Holocaust revisionism, not out of some philosemitism, but mainly because it doesn't need to. It doesn't need to deny the truth of the Holocaust when it can just twist the Holocaust itself into a weapon against the Jews. Similarly the historical revisionism aimed at Zionism was meant to transform a real history in which an ancient people reclaimed their land fighting off their neighbor's attempts at genocide, into a false history in which the Jews were invaders who murdered their neighbors and stole their land.

On 9/11 revisionism the left and the right have joined forces promoting a lie intended to force an end to America's War on Terror and to give the terrorists more breathing room to kill yet more Americans. All their rantings about government conspiracies, about secret reports, cover-ups, commissions have one single driving purpose; to shutter the eyes of Americans to the real threat of Islam. To blind the public so the Mohammedan butchers can swing their axes in safety and security while the conspiracy theorists peddle their books and videos and point to D.C. crying, "It's all a conspiracy!"

It is indeed a conspiracy. Not a conspiracy of secret rooms, of freemasons and Illuminati, of knights and shadows or powerful men in cloaked rooms. But like all real conspiracies it is an open book of a conspiracy, one whose plots are not co-ordinated but inspired feeding off each other through the same collective instinct that draws scavengers to a fresh corpse. It's practiced by those for whom September 11th was a taste of blood they'd like to see more of. It's a collection of filth spewed by human vermin who have nothing but contempt for the victims of Al-Queda and nothing but lies to smear those who died on that day.


  1. Today it was announced that 36 major counties in the US are now almost completely hispanic due to illegal invasion.
    This is also going to go hand in hand with revisionism and in part is due to revisionism.
    Mohammedan terrorist cells are playing the part of Hispanics and joining hispanic drug gangs to use this as a vehicle to bring down the USA.
    The multicultural revisionism that is destroying the fabric of America will soon see a virulent anti semitism as part of its package.
    Things are about to take a wild turn about in this nation if people do not wake up and hold on to what was.
    As a friend of mine is wont to say.. hoping for this is like peeing up a rope, however.
    People are too asleep and too in love with their toys to care.

  2. Anonymous9/8/07

    Shalom, to all. Lemon, excellent comment and very accurate term: "illegal invasion." The U.S. Constitution's preamble includes the promise to "provide for the common defense." The U.S. government (through the IRS) is, as such, operating in an illegal capacity of taxation without proper representation: the borders aren't sealed although each citizen's tax dollars are first allocated toward defense. Once again, as it was six years ago, the U.S. will probably learn the hard way, after the bad occurs.

    We Jews are not immune to such procrastination and downplaying seriousness. We, of all people, should have learned: the antisemitism (and a pogrom) is always a hair's distance away. Kahane wrote, "Six million Jewish deaths did not slake the world's thirst for Jewish blood."

    He also wrote of Jabotinsky and the warnings he gave in his travels throughout Europe: how Jabotinsky was attacked and labeled a troublemaker.

    Those who have much to lose (materially) could usually care less for those who do not. Fat and happy, they shake their head as if sorrowed with the news and then turn the channel.

    We have to do something about it.
    Yesha Galluzzo

  3. Another insightful, well-written and very powerful article, Sultan. It's only been six years since 9/11. Six years since we saw Arab Muslim men board planes; men with Arab Muslim surnames. People knew the truth then when the terror was fresh, the threat still very real.

    People can't deny 9/11 happened because we all saw it. So they change tactics and all but say we deserved it for our "foreign policy" euphamism for the US support of Israel.

    How quickly and easily people are being duped into believing lies rather than what our own eyes told us was true.

    Your comment on Holocaust Revisionists really hit home for me... "the Holocaust represents an obstacle to reviving Anti-Semitism."

    Few people would deny the Holocaust happened but they gradually chip away at the truth. A local politican last year offered to let me read a book of his, indicating that the actual number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was only 5 million versus 6 million. When I asked to see the book he nervously refused, saying he didn't want me to read something that "extreme."

    Needless to say, this politician who also works as a part time college history teacher never got around to letting me borrow one of his books on the Holocaust.

    I got the sense that the book was a Holocaust denial book. Not an outright denial mind you, but in my opinion denying that 1 million of the 6 million were thrown into ovens, shot, hanged or starved to death is denying the Holocaust but without the hateful remarks that would land him out of office if he were to outright deny it. To him it might be revision but to me it's denial all the same.

    He also frequently says the true targets of the Nazis were the Poles, Catholic Poles, simply because one of the first death camp was built in Poland.

    As for the church...every generation has to deal with anti-semitism. To take a stand against or in support of. They must explore their consciences (what little is left of them) and ask if they are doing the right thing in light of past atrocities that must never happen again.

    The Presbyterian Church is allowing it to happen again.

    My personal feeling is that Hashem will not forgive another Holocaust against the Jewish people. There are no places to hide, to claim "we never knew" it was happening again because they do.

    They know. They just don't care. Their hatred and evilness toward what is good and holy is evident.

    And Hashem will not forgive anyone who lets this happen again. With ever word of condemnation against Israel as kassam fall upon it as these people praise Hamas and Fatah...well, they are writing their own confessions and verdicts.

  4. Read this article. It says that in one of ten counties in the US whites are the minorities:


  5. 10, 36.. there should not be ONE

  6. I have to disagree this time Sultan. I believe 911 is a conspiracy. I do not want to see America fall. I live here. I love my family, country and freedom, but I can't ignore the truth of my eyes. I just do not believe that those buildings came down from fires from the airplane strikes. The infamous "Building 7" had no plane hit it and it fell, just like a building demolition that I have seen many times. An orange is not an apple.

  7. What is Odd is that people who believe in a Conspiracy Theory.. HAVE TO BELIEVE IT WAS THE US.

    It has to be America for these doofus ignormus morons. Just has to be.
    It can't be our enemies. It has to be America.
    Why can it not be Arabs who did this? Why not?
    Why can't all evidence point to Arabs?
    They point out "explosions".
    Yes so? arabs cant plant bombs?
    They did in the earlier bombing of the WTC why not now?
    No, it simply HAS to be America.
    Their feeble minds cannot point to anyone else.

  8. When massive fires and explosions occur on this scale adjacent buildings are also going to be affected

    The Deutsche Bank building that was significantly further from the towers than Building 7 was so damaged it eventually had to be demolished

    if you have massive explosions nearby and flying debris nearby buildings will be affected

    I'm a New Yorker and I lived near the towers, even the minor first WTC bombing rattled windows over here

  9. lemon, they think it has to be america because they hate america more than the Muslim enemies of america

  10. The heat of two planes in such close proximity not to mention all of the debris from the towers caused them to collapse.

    It takes a temperature of 2000 degrees to incinerate a human body, and many of those killed on 9/11 were incinerated. Clearly that temperature would be enough to cause the support beams of the smaller tower to buckle and collapse.

    I don't see a US conspiracy in this at all. Could the US have done more to prevent 9/11? Absolutely. But that's not saying they played an actual role in the attacks. That's quite a stretch, if you ask me.

    Yusuf Ramzi and the others responsible for the first WTC attack in 1993 mortgaged their emotions and hatred until they could bring both planes down. They had their eyes set on bringing down the symbol of American capitalism (not to mention people of every race and religion).

    They wanted the towers down, plotted to bring them down and brought them down on that awful day.

  11. Just to add another point--the explosions of 9/11 were explosions, not controlled implosions.

  12. Anonymous10/8/07

    I would like to remind people of a very thoughtful article written by a professor at Haifa University. I think his name is Dr Plunt. In 2002 he wrote a paper, "Stupid Leftist, Satanic Leftist." This was printed in The Jewish Press. I think every Jew should read this article.

  13. Americans do not need to find excuses as to why the buildings came down. Popular Mechanics did that. Whether they are right or wrong is of no issue. Whether jet fuel can sustain a burn long enough to bring down massive steel is not the issue. Whether implosion, explosion, none of this is the issue.

    The issue is this.. get it through your heads people:
    Whatever happened in those buildings was done by Muslims.
    End of story.
    The real issue now is that there are those whose hatred of their own nation is so virulent, so rotten, the EREV RAV of America .. who just HAVE TO BLAME IT ON AMERICA.
    The fact that NO ONE seems to get THIS POINT is amazing.
    Everyone defending HOW the buildings came down.
    Why pander to wickedness?
    We have the confessions of the Muslim people themselves.
    All over the muslim world they clapped, they raved they were happy, and we KNOW that the muslim religion did this.
    Its time for Americans who love Israel and America to SOBER UP
    Come out of this stupor that is making people apologize for the truth.

    Hold the feet of these deniers to the fire.
    Ask them flat out:
    Why do you deny the Arabs and Muslims did this??
    Why do YOU Identify with evil more than with good?
    What evil is there inside of YOU that makes you have to find fault with America a nation that fed the world and protect the muslims who hate mankind?
    Come on folks..how hard is this

  14. America's not going to wake up, because no nation has ever gone without severe punishment for being evil to Israel and the US has played a key role in destroying Israel. Including, threatening to do to Israel as was done to iraq, if Israel refused to cooperate with the US objectives.

    As the shrunken head said in Harry Potter 3, "It's going to be a bumpy ride."

  15. Anonymous10/8/07

    I started listening to conservative talk radio a couple years ago, and I've noticed a very scary trend. Almost every time someone calling themself a liberal calls in to argue with the host the liberal manages to go off on an anti-Israel/anti-semitic rant to defend terrorism.

  16. I will agree to disagree. I still think that there were inside forces involved. Conspiracy? I think so. America involved? No, PEOPLE were involved. I see your point and appreciate the fact that we should be at war with Islam. When they are found to be trying to kill from within they should be kicked out or shot. I think, though, that HaShem desires repentance and does not desire the death of the wicked, but seeing as they have cast their lot against us, if we do go to war, we should halt this half-assed way we are going about it and just start killing until they scream and cry to stop, then go some more. I tell you now, though, if it is discovered that there was an inside collaboration within our own government, those people should not be treated leniently.

  17. "My personal feeling is that Hashem will not forgive another Holocaust against the Jewish people. There are no places to hide, to claim "we never knew" it was happening again because they do.

    They know. They just don't care. Their hatred and evilness toward what is good and holy is evident.

    And Hashem will not forgive anyone who lets this happen again. With ever word of condemnation against Israel as kassam fall upon it as these people praise Hamas and Fatah...well, they are writing their own confessions and verdicts."

    I agree totally. The argument--the cavil--that the American government was complicit in the destruction of the World Trade Centre is yet another shameless attempt by Islam's apologists to equivocate from the disturbing reality that all those involved in the destruction of the Twin Towers were Muslims. And what do Muslims do when they are found guilty of any crime? Blame the West and Israel. Blame the Jews. Have not the Jews already been accused of committing this crime? Did not the Arab Muslim world also blame the Jews for the Tsunami disaster? Israel detonated a nuclear bomb under the ocean causing the tidal wave that killed so many Muslims. Yeah.

    Once an anti-Semite, always an anti-Semite. And who made the point here, about why does it have to be Americans (which really means, if you're paying close attention to Islam's apologists, non-Muslim Americans)? Why? Because the crimes of these followers of Islam are a blatent contradistinction from the shortcomings and failures of Western, non-Muslim humanity.

    It's common knowledge for those who study Islam (or it should be) that Islam and its followers hate Jews enmasse. It's a situation similar to that of the German population before, during and after the Holocaust: there is latent anti-Jewish hatred that will always exist just below the surface of the German people. The same rule applies to Muslims. This is why I could never understand how Daniel Goldhagen could write that the entire German population was complicit to varying degrees in the Holocaust (and I agree with him), but yet he exculpates a large segment of Islam as being "moderate" and therefore not guilty of the crimes committed by those of "political Islam." I wrote him an email about this manifest contradiction,yet he refuses to answer me. Goldhagen is also trying to avoid the uncomfortable and insurmountable (not the fault of the West) reality that violence and bloodshed is indigenous to Islam, not tangential of Islam, as so many fools of the academia have purported.

    "Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run." --Mark Twain

  18. "I think, though, that HaShem desires repentance and does not desire the death of the wicked, but seeing as they have cast their lot against us..."

    King David wrote that, "With the utmost hatred, I hate them; they have become enemies unto me." I once asked a Rabbi about this passage. Why would King David hate like this? The Rabbi answered that those whom King David hated were impenitent and impervious to moral persuasion. Is not such cultural obduracy characteristic of Islam? I mean, after all, the brutal culture habits of the Muslim Middle East is, essentially, an efficacy of Islam--a religion which prides itself on frightening its women folk, killing non-Muslims and terrorizing its enemies. In my opinion, it is imprudent NOT to hate these people "with the utmost hatred."

  19. "The multicultural revisionism that is destroying the fabric of America will soon see a virulent anti semitism as part of its package.
    Things are about to take a wild turn about in this nation if people do not wake up and hold on to what was."

    There it is. It's as Ajai Sahni predicted, that Islam's barbaric culture of hatred is not compatible with our Western culture of accommodation.

    "People are too asleep and too in love with their toys to care."

    Or still bowled over by Samuel P. Huntington's supercilious and defeatist theories. Samuel P. Huntington can kiss my Irish-Canadian ass.


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