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Home Muslim Fake Deaths, Burials a Common Practice

Muslim Fake Deaths, Burials a Common Practice

(Reuters) "Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered an inquiry into the case of a man who spent three years in jail for a murder that never happened, a court official said Tuesday. The woman Malik Taj Mohammad was convicted of kidnapping and killing was arrested for theft two years ago and is serving a jail sentence in the eastern city of Gujarat.

The woman, Malkani Bibi, was said to have been murdered during a property dispute between relatives, although Taj had maintained that his accusers had performed a mock burial."

Something to keep in mind when more Lebanese or Palestinian 'casualties' come in, some of whom wind up walking off during their own funerals like the last time....



    Doctoring the number of deaths is one thing, but this???

    Truly sick.

  2. arabs can walk? dang!!! that's the last time i place a bet that they slither like snakes. i just lost $50!

    by the way, did you know the blabbering serpent in gan eden was the first arab? i have a $50 bet on that one!

  3. On second thought, it's pure propoganda. Wouldn't be surprised if they staged a lot more of the funerals just for the cameras.


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