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Home Terrorism Denial: The Bloody Handshake Between the Far Right and the Far Left

Terrorism Denial: The Bloody Handshake Between the Far Right and the Far Left

When the human waste products peddling the Loose Change documentary got caught stealing their footage from the two French brothers who had been doing a documentary on the FDNY when the planes hit, the always classy 9/11 conspiracy crowd or as they like to be called "The 9/11 Truth Movement" (much as Holocaust deniers like to be called The Holocaust Truth Movement since it sounds better than Evil Nazi Sympathizers) began accusing the brothers of being part of the conspiracy, posted personal information and photos of women from the law firm that sent the letter and began barraging them with threats.

On the food chain of vile and disgusting behavior, 9/11 Conspiracists are one step above the Westboro Baptist Church. They comprise a collection of loons, who are the meeting place where the far-right and the far-left meet. As Dustin Hoffman said about the Weatherman in the aftermath of a bombing at his home "At a certain point the radical right and the radical left merged. They shook hands." 9/11 conspiracies are where the far- right and the far-left have shaken hands over their joint hatred of America, the American government and their endorsement of any means that would overthrow it.

The far right and the far left have both extensive experience in historical revisionism. The far right has dedicated enormous efforts to Holocaust denial. The far left has created a blanket of silence over the crimes of Communism and the murder of uncounted millions by Stalin and the USSR. At 9/11 for the first time they joined bloody hands for a project of historical revisionism that fuses their common belief that the American government is a force of evil and any problem must be laid at its door with the not so subtle corollary that terrorists are ultimately our allies in overthrowing the force of evil that is the US government. Like the Neo-Nazis who secretly think the Holocaust was a good idea that didn't go far enough and the Left-Wingers who think that Stalin's brutalities would be a fitting answer to Haliburton and the Bush Administration, their modern heirs approve of 9/11 and the murder of thousands of Jew Yorkers and the Apostles of Globalization and Capitalism. They however can't admit it. And that's where 9/11 denial comes from.

9/11 denial is not a reasoned process. I live in Lower Manhattan and I saw the first posters blaming the US government and claiming Muslim terrorists weren't at fault mere days after the attacks when downtown itself had been shut down. Their first reaction even while the rescue efforts went on was to defend their ideological allies in Afghanistan. They held phony memorials for the victims of September 11th and of "American atrocities around the world." They could never permit themselves to admit that thousands of innocent people died at the hands of Islamic terrorists, because they cannot admit to the existence of any evil beyond America. Denial was a reflex.

The milder forms of 9/11 denial involved describing the attacks as "blowback" for CIA operations or calling it "payback" for supporting Israel. By now these forms of 9/11 denial have gone mainstream as the rhetoric of Noam Chomsky gives way to Newsweek editorials and the stump speeches of Ron Paul. These though were just the gateway for the hard core conspiracists who would go on to argue that the CIA and the Mossad were actually behind the attacks. Here Arab conspiracy theories finally fused with Western radical conspiracy theories. Arab conspiracy theories originally fed by Western works like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Nazi literature came full circle to be embraced in Russia, France, Germany and Berkeley. The Far-Right and the Far-Left shook hands with each other and then shook hands with Muslim terrorists for a grand alliance that had David Duke delivering lectures in Arab countries, Noam Chomsky writing the introduction to a Holocaust denier's book and radical Muslim organizations participating in Neo-Trotskyist Anti-War rallies.

The one thing that unites this evil alliance is their burning desire to bring down Western civilization onto a burning pyre out of whose ashes they plan to build their perfect societies. But for that to happen, America must fall. The American Far-Right and Far-Left have long indulged in fantasies of leading a revolutionary campaign to overthrow the US government. The Far-Right has The Turner Diaries, a novel of the overthrow of America accompanied by the classical Nazi program of genocide and dropping nuclear weapons on Israel. The Far-Left has endless revolutionary texts predicting the fall of capitalism, the onset of a fascist tyranny followed by a bloody revolution and purges as a socialist utopia emerges out of the flames.

Both seek to resurrect their glory days under Stalin and Hitler, yet at the same time both recognize that they are incapable of actually leading and fighting that revolution. Islam's bloody jihad represents their answer. In their propaganda Islam is the force of the oppressed coming to bring down the American government and to do the bloody work the David Duke's and Noam Chomsky's are too cowardly to take on themselves. Islamic terrorist attacks forces governments to adopt security measures that radical movements can then use as ammunition to argue that we are living under a tyranny and radicalize their more moderate cousins. To the Far-Right and the Far-Left, Islamic terrorists are the cannon-fodder with which to secure their revolution and their Utopian society. 9/11 was exactly what they had dreamed of for a long time, the glorious act of wholesale destruction to which the Oklahoma City bombing or the ALF's bouts of environmentalist vandalism could only aspire to.

With Bin Laden and his cohorts providing the wholesale destruction, the Far-Right and the Far-Left maintain their side of the partnership by providing the propaganda that stigmatizes every action America takes and redirects the blame for even the actions of the terrorists back onto America. While the terrorists stab us from the front, they stab us in the back. 9/11 denial serves as a key tool in undermining the War on Terror by not only arguing that there is no actual terrorism but that it was carried out by the US government itself.

This is a common practice by the allies of Muslim terrorism. In Russia apologists for Muslim Chechen terrorists claim the KGB is actually behind many of the attacks attributed to the the Chechens. In Israel some left-wingers and Pro-Islamic conspiracy theorists like Barry Chamish have claimed that Israel was behind many of the attacks attributed to Hamas. In the US Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney inspired an outpouring of anger from the Indian-American community when she claimed that Islamic terrorist attacks in India had actually been carried out by the Indian government. Time and time again the patterns recurs across the world. When Muslim terrorists blow up a building or open fire on a crowded bus, their apologists quickly come out claiming that the government was behind it. The so-called 9/11 Truth Movement is only a piece of that larger movement which seeks to shift the blame from Muslim terrorists for their attacks to the government of that country. The conspiracy theories and shoddy collections of absurd evidence, the painfully amateurish documentaries and pasted flyers are just the propaganda tools for the world's largest form of historical revisionism, Terrorism Denial.

The milder form of Terrorism Denial is pervasive within the Democratic party and among Liberals where the usual approach to terrorism is to ignore its existence or to argue that global warming and the extinction of the penguins are far graver threats. On the political fringes though terrorism denial is widespread and well-organized, backed up by rhetoric and arguments, by phony claims and phonier documentaries of government involvement and shadow worlds of conspiracies and secret insurgencies. Terrorism Denial victimizes Jews as much of the world deliberately pretends that Palestinian terrorism consists of a few rock throwing little boys. Terrorism Denial victimizes much of the world from Australia to America to Europe as Islamic attacks are ignored and Islam itself is praised as a religion of peace.

Terrorism Denial, of which 9/11 Denial is only a subset, is the blindfold wrapped across the eyes of civilization, that in turn becomes its strangling cord.


  1. Hatred fuels so much in the world. Very sad.

  2. In the early hours after 9/11 I lot of people I knew were going back and forth on whether the attacks were perpetrated by Arabs or a home-grown terrorist.

    As much as 9/11 conspiracy fanatics want to give the impression that it was a witchhunt against Muslims, the majority of people in Buffalo early on didn't want to jump to conclusions, especially after the Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh (a Western New York native). For a few hours we actually gave the Arabs the benefit of the doubt.

    Isn't it strange how Right-wingers who normally express hatred against blacks, Jews and Catholics are all of a sudden pretending to be so tolerant of Muslims? But it's not really tolerance at all.

    The Left and the Right--a synthesis of opposites with a united agenda shaking hands.

    Excellent article, SK.

  3. yes, people didn't know what it was at first

    the first impression on seeing the first plane hit was that it was that it was an accident, the second plane made it obvious that it was terrorism

    news drifted out piece by piece

  4. Anonymous29/1/08

    As it was happening, Lynden LaRouche was live on air and made the accusation that Israel was behind it. Freaking Nazi laRouche and the far left picked up that bit of fascist nonsense almost immediately.

    Yes, the red-brown alliance is alive and well and winning the discourse in lots of places.


  5. When I heard of the first attack, my mind immediately said arab. Maybe it's because I'm a paranoid Jew. Maybe it's because every time I saw an arab in Brooklyn I wondered what they were up to and wanted an Uzi so I could mow them down.

    Or maybe! It's because any time there is devastation and murder beyond all rhyme and reason - an arab is behind it.

    That's the part that blows my tiny mind - how the world closes it's eyes at the thousands and thousands of people who have died (and die daily) at the hands of muzlims all over the ENTIRE world, not just one place.

    The blindness is intentional and sick.

  6. Anonymous30/1/08

    First-rate article, very powerful, excellent points. Thank you very much.

  7. Anonymous30/1/08

    You go too far in your dismissal of what these people have to say. I agree with you that they'e mistaken in concluding that the Bush-Cheney Administration was directly responsible for the attacks. But too much evidence points to a well-coordinated operation that must have had help from people inside the military and government. And then there's the anthrax, which was military grade that can only have been produced in a U.S. lab. Where the 9-11 "Truth" folks go off the tracks is in refusing to accept that a high-level group inside the Saudi "Royal" family pulled off the attacks. And this same group is now continuing their legal and financial attack on the American system. Annapolis was a formal surrender ceremony. It will be of more help to the fight against Islam if you will be more objective. We need to have a serious investigation regarding the Islamic converts and other cooperating individuals inside the government who helped pull off the assault.

  8. SK..I worked down at the "Pit" for months in the aftermath..dont even get me started on Troofers!...excellent work my fellow NYer!

  9. thank you, angel


    terrorists can coordinate attacks pretty decently, plenty of them have a higher education and training. Al Queda in particular has coordinated devastatingly timed attacks in Spain and England.

    That said 9/11 was imperfectly coordinated, the terrorists did not account for what would happen once the passengers began talking and the time gap was too long. Had the US been ready, only one of the planes would have struck. As it is half the operation fell through and the towers only collapsed because of design flaws.

    the whole anthrax issue might have been more relevant if it actually accomplished anything. Instead it looked like the kind of botched amateurish terrorist attack we saw in the Tokyo subway, potentially horrifying but in practice, incompetent.

    the anthrax likely did not originate from any muslim terrorist group, but either a lone scientist or a small group on the far right or far left, that made a botched effort to take advantage of the situation. I would suspect the far left myself.


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