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Home Why Muslims are so Enraged over the Mohammed Cartoons

Why Muslims are so Enraged over the Mohammed Cartoons

This is a subject which both the left which defends Muslim outrage and the right which condemns it have generally gotten wrong by missing the most important point.

When the left compares the Muslim response to that of a persecuted minority what they fail to realize is that Muslims do not see themselves as a persecuted minority whose religion is insulted. Muslims do not believe that there are other religions, only Muslims and heretics since Muslims believe that Islam is the only natural religion of mankind. Muslims do not describe non-Muslims who convert to Islam as converts but more commonly as 'reverts,' returnees to Islam.

Therefore it stands to reason that Muslims cannot comprehend the notion of 'tolerating' differences of opinion. As far as they are concerned, there are no differences. There are only examples of heretical behavior by heretical Muslims, namely us. In this worldview Islam is the only religion of mankind and the world is properly ruled by Islam and it is only a matter of time until each and every country falls under the Dar-Al-Islam, the Islamic sphere. Muslims in those countries have every right to insist on Islamic law because that in their view is the destiny of each nation of the world.

When the right demands that Muslims tolerate other people's beliefs, they fail to realize that Islam can no more co-exist with alternative beliefs than Communism could. Islam, unlike Jews or Americans, lacks ethnic or national ties. It is a fiction wholly held together by belief. What Muslims perceive as mockery or heresy becomes an attack on the entire structure that holds them together. Muslims are not outraged because they are dealing from a position of strength but a position of weakness. Islam is a brutal un-modernized medieval ideology clumsily binding together disparate peoples fighting for survival in the modern world by exploiting ignorance, bigotry and ultimately violence.

Skepticism to Islam is what antibiotics are to bacteria. Unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam has not survived through centuries of debate and heresy but only existed through conquest and totalitarian rule. It cannot perceive itself surviving any other way. Without Islam a thousand peoples suddenly disintegrate back to their individual identities like Mongolian raiders falling apart into warring groups. With Islam, Islamic fundamentalists dream of rebuilding a Mohammedan Empire stretching across the world. Whether or not they succeed depends on whether or not the nations they have targeted have the resolve to resist them.


  1. You're 100 % right Sultan. All you have to do is read "The LIfe and Religion of Mohammed - Prophet of Arabia" by this Menzelez guy who was a former Muslim who converted to Catholicism and became a priest. He was Indian and it was published the first time in 1911/12.

    The left uses the persecuted theme to defend acts of fundamental Muslims and the right does not understand it and thinks it can democratize an Islamic country so they could maybe become like us. Who are they kidding?
    Gertrude Bell between 1920 and 21 tried to do the same thing with Iraq when it was Mesopotamia with Lloyd George as PM of the UK and people told her back then that her attempts fly in the face of history if she thinks that these people are willing to be governed by any body besides their tribal clans. Islam conquered lands ever before and since the death of Mohammed and the only thing that stopped them was the west's resolve. Then the petro dollar started to flow and they gained access to arms and technology they never had before and now the West stands weak in the approach of Islam which is only a revival from it's dormant hood that followed the crusades.

    Well spoken


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