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Ehud Olmert and the Witch of Endor

As King Shaul fearing imminent defeat went off to consult the Witch of Endor, reports are now appearing in the Israeli media that prominent Kadima members have gone to consult astrologers only to have the astrologers tell them that the stars don't look good. This follows a surge of worried behavior by Kadima members from the top down.

Ehud Olmert suddenly retreated from his arrogant statement that any member of his coalition would have to pledge to support retreat from the West Bank to making a sudden statement at 7 in the morning that there were no more requirements from coalition members. Tzipi Livni stated that she was worried that Kadima would have too many coalition members and have to fight over portfoilios. And nervous ripples have been spreading in the Kadima camp.

The official polls peg Kadima at 33 mandates, down more than 10 seats, but still doing well. This behavior suggests several possibilities.

1. Kadima members have access to internal reports that unlike the meaningless polls show their results will actually be quite poor.

2. Kadima members believe that some event may occur prior to elections, such as a criminal indictment or announcement of an investigation that would severely derail Kadima's chances.

3. The strong belief that there is a large body of the Kadima list that on winning the election will split away leaving Kadima a non-party.

Which it is or if it is any of these is hard to say. Yet Kadima's new surge of desperation is curious. The party's late attempt to bring in religious voters with various turncoats and advertisements. The voices out of Kadima becoming increasingly frantic and confused even as the media give glowing reports of high poll results for Kadima. Of course these same polls also continued to show Peres winning against Netanyahu and the flip side of polls is that while they might threaten the opposition, they also make Kadima voters feel that their votes are redundant only lowering Kadima's results further.

As we said at the end of this week 's parsha, Chazak Ve'Ematz.


  1. Kadima's Fate lies with every other Center party to rise up in this country.
    No one like the parve party - but kadima is worse they came from the right and think Left - if you calculate it that way they are in the center - in fact they are closer to Labor than they are to Likud.

    But I still say (on my blog at least) that Yisrael Beitanu will be the big suprise of these Elections.


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