Home videos AMONA POLICE BRUTALITY - Video, Photos and Text - Sticky Topic
Home videos AMONA POLICE BRUTALITY - Video, Photos and Text - Sticky Topic

AMONA POLICE BRUTALITY - Video, Photos and Text - Sticky Topic

Videos, Photos and Interviews from the Police Pogrom at Amona : this is a sticky topic and will remain on top, scroll down to see the latest posts

Amona YouTube Channel

Pictures of Amona brutality

Assault on the Protesters

2. The Day the Black Riders came to Amona

The Brutality of Olmert's Criminal Government Unleashed

4. Blood and Tears at Amona

5. Assault and Battery by the Law - New

Video #3: Video interview with wounded in hospital -

A smiling policeman lying about his injuries is confronted by a battered protester

More video footage of Amona assaults

Police Assault Teenage Girls on Roof

Mounted Horseback Charge into Crowd

Assaults at Amona

Pogrom at Amona

Israel Reporter's Photostory - Amona: From Dawn Through Demolition

Additional Photos by Eyal Dor-Ofer - BauBau Photos

For Those Who Want to Understand What's Happening Here and Why - Click Here

- Interviews with Children and Teenagers beaten at Amona #1

- Interviews with Children and Teenagers beaten at Amona #2

Sexual Assaults and Police attacks on MDA Medics -

Interview with former IDF Brigadier General and Chief of the Medical Corps, current Knesset Member and head of the Ethics Committee, Aryeh Eldad on his beating

Letter to an IDF member by a beaten boy


  1. Anonymous2/2/06

    Extreme disobediance requires a harsh repsonse. Parent who let their kids put themselves in such danger should be hung.

  2. No disrespect but this was way, way beyond harsh. After viewing the still and video images it's obvious that this was a human rights violation.

    It's impossible to accept that an organized army could not have dragged these teenagers away without resorting to such an atrocious level of violence. The could have used the harmless though painful rubber bullets that SWAT teams in the US use or other less extreme tactics, and negotiators.

    I don't care about the parents; these where children as young as 13-years old.

  3. Forget human rights violations, they stormed buildings shouted "get out" and immediately started beating people with their clubs, with murderous looks. This reminds me of the Nazis. They also only followed orders, that's not an excuse for Jewish soldiers or police to beat other Jews.

  4. You all understand that at some point the UN "will" get involved .
    when Israel uses this kind of force on its own citizens.. well you can see where the next thought leads.
    Israel is inviting outside intervention and you can bet they are going to get it and more than they bargained for.

  5. Is this a coincidence?

    (the connection is not as clear as last time, but the timing is even more clear than last time)

    Things that make you go hmmm...

    (via this)

  6. Lemon Lime is right, the implications of the Amona Pogrom are horrific and the manner in which this is all happening is so very twisted and strange.

    I agree with you as well 3Pillars, and didn't mean to downplay what happened in the least by calling it a human rights violation.

    It doesn't seem that the police or soldiers made any effort to use less violent means to handle the situation. There are few other assumptions that can be made other than they did not care if they caused serious injuries or death.

  7. I think it was Stalin who said ;'You have to crack a few eggs to make an omlet'
    What everyone seems to be ignoring is that this is all done to birth President Bush's terrorist Palestinian State on land ethnically cleasned of all Jews.
    What we are seeing is implementation of the Road Map.
    I don't know how so many miss the big picture that Olmert is just like Sharon was, just another useful idiot ,another puppet in the master's evil hands to carve up Israel and reward it to his fellow travelers.
    How obediently and how religiously these unJews obey their Master George.
    Here in the U.S. ,the story was buried so that we could not connect the dots to George's Palestinian state agenda whose aim is to destroy Israel.
    Get rid of Olmert and another who bows to Washington waits in the wings. Bibi prays facing towards Washington.

  8. Anonymous3/2/06

    Olmert............Hamas? Whats the difference?

  9. first comment said extreme disobedience.
    People standing outside in front of their own homes?
    People who *think* wrong thoughts that an illegal Israeli government doenst like?
    Family members who hope beyond hope that the evil Israeli gov. won't throw them out of their own homes to make way for terrorist organizations, Canaani, Amalek,Plishtim etc to come in and live in Israel?
    An Erev Rav who run Israel need to be removed not so called settlers.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE for a Jew to be a settler in his own G-d given land.

  10. I justed finished watching the video of the lying police officer. He doesn't bat an eye when confronted by one of the still bloodied protestors.

    The policeman was not seriously injured. That would imply a threat to life. He has an arm injury.

    Also, I viewed the other photos that you posted and was struck by the number of head wounds many of the protestors sustained. Too many to be justified as a last resort attempt to subdue a suspect.

    The photos and videos are extremely important. I was watching a PBS program last night on the Nuremberg trials. Though there was abundant evidence it seems one of of the prosecutors worried that people would lose sight of what happened by going through files and files of information for hours on end.

    The prosecutor showed a newsreel of the liberation of the death camps, and the horrendous conditions there. The prosecutor also displayed something I had never heard or read about--a shrunken head of a Jew that a Nazi had used as a paper weight.

    Yes, facts are important, but it's critically important to maintain photographic documentation.

  11. Anonymous6/2/06

    I haven't even tried to write about the matter, I've just kept providing photos and videos when I can find them and a few interviews in the hopes that the simple reality of what happened will get through to some people

    arguments, words, rhetoric, reason only go so far but maybe the actual unjustifiable sight of what happened will break through to some people

    I still see comments and blogs along the lines of 'they had it coming' or 'good' and the mentality of such people to my mind are outside human norms

    maybe seeing things like the smug lying face of that officer, neat and clean except for a prop cast contrasted with the bloodied face of the man his thugs beat may get it through to someone

    maybe the bloodied girl, maybe the man trampled by a horse

    I don't know, all I can do is try

  12. Sultan, you will always see comments like that.
    You see it still today from the holocaust and there are filth and offscouring who believe this.
    You cant convince them otherwise since they are from the sitra achra.
    The erev Rav the erev katan are a very real thing.
    They must be around til moshiachs time.
    But, like Egypt they will be totally destroyed and the world will see them no more.
    This is their only time , this is their only life, and its wasted and ruined on hate and foolishness.
    Israel, true Jews, Torah Jews, have a holy future that goes on throughout eternity.
    They cannot stop Hashem, they cannot stop truth, they cannot destroy what Hashem has set in motion and decreed.
    May their end come speedily and in our days.

  13. Amen Lemon Lime. Amen.

    I have also seen exceedingly cruel remarks about the victims of police brutality on blogs and message boards. Their hearts are so hardened.

  14. Anonymous19/6/06

    its just wrong how people can kill other people its just not right

  15. Anonymous14/7/15

    This is how far the west is pushed by Islam and why Obama bought 1.4 billion bullets. Better to attack your fellow westerner who seeks the justice that the state refuses to give than to attack the real enemy. There is no excuse for doing it to your own people but plenty of reason to return the violence to those who practise the ideology of violence, repression and slavery.

  16. Anonymous9/1/19


    It sounds like the police men where on some drugs???
    Or are they also eating human meat to behave like that?


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