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Home Liberal Christians Record Hateful Rap Songs

Liberal Christians Record Hateful Rap Songs

Four members of of an organization called Christian Peacemaker Teams have been taken hostage in Iraq with their videotape on Al Jazeera. They had ironically come to aid the very terrorists who captured them by collecting 'evidence on detainee abuses.'

The Christian Peacemaking Team claims to be a pacifistic organization. Their motto is, "What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and self-sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war?" Interesting question, though the Christian Peacemaker Teams has as much chance of answering it as did the Spanish Inquisition since CPT is very much about violence and hate.

CPT has become notorious for confrontations with the US border patrol in Arizona and IDF soldiers at checkpoints, including inciting physical confrontations and then blaming the soldiers for the incidents. A sample of Christian Peacemaker Team's hatefulness can be garnered from the rap lyrics of one of their people (an ex-ISM'r) hosted and distributed on the CPT website.

And to the army of Israel, the IDF
Exhaling death, with each breath
till there's nothing left
They kill, catch and cripple women, children, and men
Who's only crime is that they're Palestinian

Now putting aside that CPT and Joe Carr think 'men' rhymes with 'Palestinian' we have something that could as easily come off one of the White Power neo-nazi heavy metal groups. And for all the talk about peace, the songs openly celebrate violence and terrorism.

So its disgusting all this fussing over blowing up buses
Without even discussing who's funding injustice
And that's us
Capitol U.S. us

Yes why 'fuss' over blowing up buses killing entire families. Why fuss over children perforated with nails and both Jews and Arabs killed for nothing more than being on the wrong bus at the wrong time. And then there's this non-violent anthem.

What's the Point of a Check Point? Machsum (checkpoint), F___ You!

Cause Palestine, you can't hold her
She'll shake off the closures
And bulldoze the soldiers
And roll to freedom's shoulder like bouncing boulder

F__ You
I wanna clock the f_____g Machsum

Cock zoom
Shock boom
We're gonna chuck f_____g Machsum
My rocks zoom
At the Machsum
We'll unblock and walk through Machsum

Combine this with descriptions of terrorists as Shahids or martyrs as suicide bombers are described. There's a touch of good old fashioned Christian 'Jesus Killers' anti-semitism when rapping that under Israeli checkpoints, "Mary never would have made it to have the son of man." What ultimately flows beyond the utterly bad and absurd writing, Carr considering himself heroic for making puppets and theater pieces is the privileged upper class bigot who finds sanction in his hate and adoration of violence and terrorism because it is directed through the sanction of socially acceptable pro-Palestinian activism.

This is the logical result of a hypocritical state of affairs which renders 'bigotry from above' as practiced by upper classes and conventional authority unacceptable but views 'bigotry from below' as practiced by those supposedly oppressed as kosher. This has lead to anti-semites repackaging their bigotry as bigotry from below and thus a white man can spew obscene hate at Jews and pretend to be a rap star by repackaging himself as a Palestinian activist.

It is worth remember the next time someone calls one of these groups 'pacifistic' or 'non-violent' or 'seeking a peaceful solution,' what they really stand for. 'Anti-Semites From Above' trying to pass themselves off as 'Anti-Semites From Below.'


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